Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year everyone! its gonna be two thousand and nine tonight.
What are you gonna do today? watch the fireworks , be with ur family
or even see the ball drop at time square in new york!
Make sure to let us know! I hope you all had a Terrific 2008
and will have an even better 2009! Also what are your new years resolutions?
Mine is to get better grades enjoy the new year and spend more time with my friends.
To do all of that i have to spend less time doing other things such as Club Penguin.
You already know i posted that i would quit before 2009 and now its finally time to do so.
I wish you all the best on Club Penguin have the best time ever and a Very Happy New year!

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~ by fanocp on December 31, 2008.

88 Responses to “Happy New Year!!!!!”

  1. and im keeping my penguins so dont ask for it or u get blocked.

  2. Ah man u have to leave man. :(Fano can i take over though?

    fano: take over what?

  3. oh fano, i cant believe your leaving forever, im really going to miss seeing you on club penguin, but i wish you a happy new year!

    fano: Happy New Year you too!

  4. sucks to see ya leave, Good luck with ur resolutions 😀
    ~Bo Lil Cenas

    fano: thanks!

  5. bye bye fano i love ur site and i wish u wuznt quitting

  6. Heyy Fano! Its Florida5! Awesome site dude! But anyway…can you add me to your blogroll? You are on mine, and i would realy appreciate it! thanks

    fano: sorry i cant add anything to my site.

  7. When wll you be back?
    Soulja fan2

    fano: not any time soon.

  8. oh well everyone has to quit one day lol my radio is gunna be nothing now.

    fano: ur radio is still the same u dont need me on it lol.

  9. Happy New Year Fano! Have a great 2009 it sure sucks to be on cp without ya! Cya dude

  10. dont quit atleast pass on your penguin to someone else.

    fano: im keeping them inactive.


  12. if u keep them inactive hey will get deleted 😥 WAAA

    fano: no il prolly login once a month to keep em active.

  13. fano i will miss you your were my best friend and always will be.well go luck with ur new years resuiltouion

  14. Goood Luck On Getting Better Grades! 😆 I Have All A’s. Rock On Fano! 😉

  15. Good bye Fano I hope you have a good new year and I will miss you

  16. will you still get the free items on club penguin

  17. Well Fano. So that means you can’t participate in my parties? Darn. Well maybe, could I take over the site? Not like changing it. Just posting what’s new. I’m not going to change anything. Just post updates.

    fano: im keeping the site non updated.

  18. ah this is really upseting…
    especially cuz ur so famous and all lol

  19. Look at the Youtube message I sent you, Fano.
    And will you be able to participate in my parties?

    fano: i cant go on cp sorry.

  20. Well message me back on my message on Youtube.

  21. hey fano will you give away this site?

    fano: no.

  22. Fano you will miss me . Your are the best ever penguin and i wanted you to be my buddy because i was going to give you the code that i bought but there is no meaning so i will keep my code .
    I am curious … Why you are leaving cp ?

    fano: its in my post.

  23. Awesome site

  24. ill miss you


  25. Bye fano! we will miss u

  26. Bye dude! I’ll miss you!

  27. Great times. We sure are gonna miss you. Happy New Year


  28. 😥 we had great times playing Card Jitsu Lol i am going miss you 😥

    fano: good games!

  29. happy new year man, wish ya tha best xD

  30. happy new year man, wish ya tha best xD

    fano: Happy New year u too!

  31. hey,im back! sorry but my dad told me the wrong date and happy new years to you too! im gunna miss ya ALOT!

  32. Bye fano 😦

  33. Thanks Fano for being the Best beta There Was! U didnt even act stuck up or anything like others do when there famouse! Hope to talk later!

  34. One last time, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. Your friend Sarge Dudles

  35. Oh yeah, and how was your holidays what did you get and what did you do to celabrate them? I got that ipod touch i wanted and GH world tour, a cell phone, some snowboard gear, and some other things.

    fano: sweet! thats alot of stuff i got money myself.

  36. Man 😦 Why are You quiting? Please Stay with us 😦 Bye forever! :((((( 😦 😦 :S

    Happy New Years 😦

  37. Have you ever snowboarded? Over New Years me and my family drove to Wisconson and snowboarded It was awesome!

  38. oh yeah and i got some legos!

  39. sorry for all the comments. but what are you gonna do with all your money?

    fano: yea snowboarding is cool im gonna save it i think.

  40. Oh Well Thanks But I wish you didnt quit!
    Also My Beta got Banned Forever… Also IM banned forever now too I didn’t do anything but oh well good luck in School Too!


  41. I hope you had a great time on Club Penguin! There goes one of the best and nicest penguins 😦 Goob-bye fano, Take care 😦

  42. lol looks like im going snowboarding again with my friend at afton alps in minnesota! From iowa 3 states in eight days lol wow! I wish you luck in school! What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be an NHL goalie lol, but you should see how good i am.(sorry not trying to brag)

    fano: cool thanks man! enjoy snowboarding.

  43. hey! i keep meeting you on xat!

  44. O, sorry I forgot to ask. “Will YOU Delete this blog”

    fano: no it will stay inactive.

  45. He fano im from belgium and you??

    fano: im a secret.

  46. I’ll miss you Fano!!! Even though I don’t visit this site that often, I knew you were really great!!! I just have a question: Why are you quitting CP?

    fano: i explained it in the post.

  47. fano can you add me in your blogroll?

    fano: no sorry.

  48. Bye, It’s sad seeing u leave good luck with your new years resolutions! 😀

  49. I’ll miss you… You were the greatest beta tester EVER!! I met you like 5 days before you published this post. You was on frozen at the Dock. Bye…


    I’ll miss you… Bye.

  50. Why u have to quit? cp has a lot of fun and i want to be a friend with u!

  51. fano we have like a foot of snow here in northern iowa!

    fano: snow is awesome!

  52. Has it snowed where you live?

    fano: not alot.

  53. where I live it snowed alot!

  54. hi fano i won ur ebook do i get it and be ur buddy

    fano: if u won it on lux’s site then u should ask him for it.

  55. hey ya fano. Um i won one of your Ebooks from Lux1200’s contest, and he said that if u win you can be fanos buddy. IS this true?

    fano: yes if lux confirms to me that u won it then i will add u.

  56. Fano 4 ever!

  57. 😥 You Quit CP!

  58. Hey has lux told you about me? if he has we can be budies. I am sleet if your on

  59. Wow , you got guts to quit your hobbies. So are you coming back in the summer?

    fano: no.

  60. are you ever gonno come back?

    fano: no.

  61. so you might as well delete the blog then?

    fano: no why should i?

  62. you should delete it if you arent going to be updateing. It takes up space

    fano: whos space does it take? also i paid for the domain so i own this website.

  63. You should atleast give your betas away to someone who loves cp

    fano: as said earlier i am keeping my penguins incase i come back some day.

  64. Hey fano im glad to meet you in cp i understand your decisons and i agree im glad you did not gave nobody your penguins i know there cool but they might get bann so Enjoy everything Fano you will be missed lol even if your a 17 year old tennager bye 😉

  65. fano can someone get your account like me because i really want to play on a beta tester

    fano: i can give u a block from my site since u cant read the rules.

  66. andrewfmtx Fano is keeping his penguin so dont ask him

  67. Ya so NO

  68. hi fano
    i am a really big fan-o of yours!! lol!! please add me on cp, i really want to be ur buddy! thanx so much!

    fano: hi thanks for the compliments! i quitted cp tho so i cant add you but i can add you on utube.

  69. bye fano im gonna miss ya can u add me on youtube

  70. err fano i really dont understand this but today on frozen dock somone logged on fano buton my buddy list fano wusnt online if u get wut i mean and u werent on any chats or msn i filmed a bit of it http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=9qab0p&s=5 there is the link please chek it :S

    fano: prolly a glitch such as the tm names.

  71. NOOOOOOOOOOOO everyone is quitting!!! soo sad well see ya man

  72. i did not get to see anything cuase i fell asleep at 11:30

  73. i saw u on frozen today:smile:

  74. Sorry im not logged in but im going to send you a friend request on youtube! My name is ccmoorman30

  75. Cool FANO I SEE U

    fano: cool.

  76. :d Im glad we are frinds even Greenday

  77. Did you know… In February 2009, MORE than 100 bloggers quit. I am NOT over exagerating. Maybe not all the BEST sites. But they are now running low. (On cheats)


  78. will u ever come back?

  79. aww man 😦

  80. Hey Come On IM sometime. Its been really slow because one night I stayed up extra late and finished all my work so like Im out for the summer in April! haha

    So thats why its been slow.


  81. i loved your site im also friends with munky101 and i missed how your blog is gonna be shut down

  82. thats sad.

  83. oh man, its been a long time since the good days of cp hasn’t it?
    former cp: sarge dudles

  84. Can I have your pass fano?

  85. 2009 WAS SUCH A GREAT YEAR *sarcasum*

  86. Fano, 2011 is pretty same as 2010, NOT 2009, that would probably be the crap year, happy new year, it’s weird that you quit. 😦

  87. Im a fan of fano, please click my name!

  88. why man… why did you quit :*( i miss you alot atleast throw a party once a month 🙂 that would make us happy77 xD good luck on you new year resolutions

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