club penguin radio

Do you like awesome music? How bout r&b , rock and the best pop songs.
Antonov’s very first Club Penguin Radio has it all!
And if you want you can even request your very own song!
Your song will be played on the radio and even ur name will be on it!

Rockhopper tracker live on the radio , fano parties and much more
Antonov’s radio got it all! so check it out and dont forget to post what u think!

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10 Responses to “club penguin radio”

  1. hi fano cool site im ubot333 almost a beta

  2. i cant do it anymore 😦 i need a licence

  3. not i dont xD 🙂 😀 not anymoRRReeRe

  4. Sick!
    I m 4th 2 comment!
    i no not that exiciting but hey!

  5. Wicked a radio!
    SICK! soz used ya word mate up there! glad ya fano i was disapointed when ya quit! GLAD YA BACK!

  6. I See

  7. the radio fails lol

  8. im so cool when i got the club penguin book.

  9. Play the vamps can we dance

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