club penguin games

here are a few games to play on club penguin.

the penguin pose off

this game is all about popularity and ofcourse my favorite!
when you see a famous penguin with a group of other penguins
just go to the other side , dress your coolest and get more penguins then that person.
if you do a good job , all of his group will go to you and maybe even the famous penguin!
heres me vs jedii , wasnt much of a contest :mrgreen:

throw the highest snowball

the snowball game takes place at the dojo.
join with a group of friends and see who can throw the highest snowball.
no cheating by walking closer towards the wall.
just have fun and see whos the best thrower.
be careful tho you dont want to hit a ninja who might be located at the roof!

hide and seek!

i think everyone knows this game.
gather a group of friends or maybe just one friend and hide.
switch turns when someone found you.
good places to hide are in the corner of the lodge attic , under the snow at town.
the corner in the pizza parlor , and my favorite at the beach behind the net
no cheating by using the players list!


91 Responses to “club penguin games”

  1. i dont think the penguin pose off will work for me :mrgreen:

    fano: lol xD

  2. me either i got a site and all that but no one go’s to my site. I was going to stop making it but i just decided to keep goin. I like playin hide and seek. i play with a guy name blue salvi. its fun. Fano can i play u in find four i hear ur really good 😳

    fano: if u see me at the dock u can ask. im mostly at the ski lodge when fred is coming

  3. Fano is like one of the masters of find four. I think fano vs. Vital Viper would be a really good game.

  4. i know man i faced him and he kicked my butt.BADDLY
    hey fano.i want to face u in the snow ball throwing game

    fano: cool just ask me when u see me in cp

  5. hey fano when do you wanna sled race whith me ? your friend redflame24 🙂

    fano: multi player games dont work atm
    but u can ask me again later when u see me

  6. I veursed him but he lost conecction SADLY i got so mad cuz lol my video got messed up lol well i got over it

  7. i have this its not that for its wasting your money!make your puffles runaway if they have bad names i did there names were lol and todro and i had fun with them calling them one Clone and another fano!next time it will be mohd and jedii!then paper and gooner bla bla bla

  8. lol, I’d be really bad at the penguin pose off. I play hide and seek all the time. We hide in igloos on the map and make the other person find the igloo that we’re in. 😀

  9. can i play?

    – Bucaners74

  10. Id would be OK at the pose off. I play the snowball throwing game and hide and seek a lot.

  11. did you make up those games?

    fano: yea

  12. 😆 You didn’t make up hide and seek. That is just a game everyone likes to play. There are good hiding places in:
    1) Cove
    2) Forest behind tree etc.
    Anyway i was kindof having a pose off with Chewypup but only i was shouting “CHEWYPUP IS NOT FAMOUS!!!” and people were folowing me for that hehehehe.
    ~Scotland ~Fano guitar mwahahaha

  13. Fano i did the pose off and i won now im poplar
    thanks fano your the best penguin
    oh yer look around for Lucyharr thats me

  14. What is your favorite game of all of thoses?

    fano: i like the penguin face off

  15. Fano i like the pose off and the snow ball one do you like the snow ball one?

    fano: yes thats the first game i invented

  16. the funnest would be throw the highest snoball

  17. cool

  18. ill meet u mammoth dock saturday for penguin pose off

  19. penguin pose off is definetly my fav i beat pink mafias once.maybe you should face me some time fano

    fano: cool , maybe some day 😛

  20. Yea i know the pose off wont work for me hardly anyone even knows who i am oh and Fano i would like to play you at Find Four

    fano: yea just ask me when u see me in club penguin

  21. i am not a member but i want to join

    fano: if u wanna join club monkey then yes everyones welcome

  22. Lol!
    Funny games, I bet I would lose at Penguin Pose

  23. hi Fano

    I like the penguin pose off cuz i am famous.Which is your best game?

  24. hey fano im luv2shop and u rock. i was at ur party and i wanna come to all ur parties

    fano: cool nice to meet u.

  25. im rubbish at penguin pose off the other penguin just won me head slide only my best mate in real life stayed with me

  26. thanx 4 the ninga snowball tip i didnt no about that!

  27. I played penguin pose off with Dark Angel, i was getting killed but then Redvines32 came to my side and then left and then (lol) i started to record and got mobbed and i won!

  28. This page is really cool

  29. Thats cool i saw you fano on cp u r the coolest ever and you sent me postcard im happy im bobolina 658 and u sent postcard saying teriffic friend on it!!! u r ace

    fano: cool thanks! nice meeting u.

  30. I liked meeting you too

  31. Fano do you use Phat Fano?

    fano: i play on fano the most.

  32. FANO Can you make a YouTube video showing your Inventory PLS!!! I Want to see your items!

  33. Fano if you quit Club Penguin can you send me your account to ! I Will never ban him ( i am not new in club penguin i am 954 days old! Can you pls send me it! Thx dude you rock!

  34. Those sound like fun! I hope we can play some when I meet you!
    P.S. I will win the Pose Off, hands down (not really)

  35. phat fano can i meet you on subzero at the dock at 1:00 pst time my penguin name is penbox 5

  36. how do you get your book

  37. i want to play it sounds sooooooooooo fun i would like to join

  38. i helped u through the crowds remember me i was a ninja

    fano: cool!

  39. Fano, I need help beating the sensei.. he knows every card im gonna pull out next. how did u end up beating him?

    fano: get black belt first.

  40. hi fano its me Speliers100 on club penguin most of the time i am in Frozen if you see me could you please add me thanks i am a big fan of you

  41. hi fano its me Speliers100 on club penguin most of the time i am in Frozen if you see me could you please add me thanks i am a big fan of you hi fano its me Speliers100 on club penguin most of the time i am in Frozen if you see me could you please add me thanks i am a big fan of you i got even a postcard of you saying your a terrific friend you rock Fano

  42. Hi Fano, sweet games!
    I saw you earlier today with skater,remember me?
    cool huh.

  43. Hey Fano I see U on plz add me

  44. Hey Fano!
    One of ur Mods anned me for fun! Unban me plz.

    P.S. Im talking about ur chat.

  45. cool

  46. Does any one know how to beat the sensi ?

  47. Hey fano how about you and me at the dojo tomrrow 3 pm my username is soccer jeff be there

  48. Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

  49. yor right club munky is rel thanks

  50. i wana see you mango

  51. wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  52. fano!!!!! mohd222 was in ur picture of the popularity game! did u add him? he is famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. toshiavery is fanos number one fan

  54. u rule fano -toshiavery

  55. fano rocks fano rocks from toshiavery

  56. whens the next party fano

  57. o wait ya i know its november 1rst with fano,oreo summit and paintboy whering party hats

  58. TOSHIAVERY WILL BE FAMOUS ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  59. toshiavery i am very sorry but it seems like u r going to have alot of coments. So if ur comments r more than fifty, u may not comment until the next time fano opens up a post. Sorry, moderator

  60. HEY!



  63. bye bye fano! and bye bye toshiavery! (cough) sucker

  64. oh what ever see ya

  65. fano before novemebr 1rst, when r u going to go on club pengun

  66. u rule fano

  67. hey fano since ur so cool r u a beta

  68. bye gtg buh be fano u rule rock and r tight so bye

  69. Hi fano i know you i met you today on summit at the oreo summit party iwas islandkid99 who was next to you and kept wanting a postcard but it was full. maybe we can meet on clubpenuin sometime reply if so bye

  70. waz up i was just woundering if you can be my friend on cp NAME IS:SUPERMAN 921

  71. dear fano,
    what do i do if i dont see a famous guy but want to play pose off?

  72. WHAT IS THIS? my name is fano, and he is famous in club penguin? who is he?

  73. im reeeeeealy confused

  74. I know another hide and seek good hiding spot its at the forest at the little tree at the bottom hope I helped 🙂

  75. hey its me soccerjeff come on dude get online

  76. Hey meet me on club penguin 3 pm PST tomorrow

  77. i meat u at tea on sunday december 12,2010 for any game but i have standerd chat,sorry

  78. ANY ONE????


  80. 5 pst

  81. my name is:Fireface78

  82. gn guys

  83. fano your cool!<3 😮

  84. shut the f up modarater 😡

  85. and i mean shut the fuck up!suker!and ur just dam plain rude!

  86. now shut up

  87. hers a free penguin user:Fireface87pass:uglypo

  88. imagine knowing rockhoppers real pass and play on rockhopper:{

  89. not bad.

  90. i did the snowball 1 with my friends they all though it was really fun! thanks Fano keep up the good work

  91. what happened to phat fano?

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