ask me

hi everyone , here is where u can ask a question.
i know im not always online on meebo and i dont have aim
so this will be the place to leave a message.
couple rules though

1# dont ask for buddy request

2# read the info if u want me to add u on my blog

3# you must copy my monkey outfit and rule club penguin :mrgreen:


678 Responses to “ask me”

  1. Hey!


    Nice page Fano.

    I have a suggestion: Maybe you should add a page where everyone can chat labled “Club Penguin Chat.” I hear those are very popular =)

  2. Lol! The monkey outfit is cool!

    Can you answer these 3 questions for me?
    How old are you?
    What’s your favorite color?
    What’s your favorite music?

    fano: u can ask me a question but not interview me lol
    sorry im a secret , but l like pop xd

  3. hi I added u on my piczo advertised ur site and u didn’t put me on ur blogroll ur mean!

    fano: no one from ur site clicked on mine , so i couldnt put u on my blogroll sorry
    u can remove me if u want


    fano: it was fun , u could meet all moderators

  5. Cool! What type of other things did you test? If thats a secret dont worry!

    fano: i helped testing the game like all other betas , finding glitches and bugs

  6. Cool! man I wish I was there to be a beta!
    I hope the iceberg tipping thing gets added soon! I WANNA TIP IT!!

  7. How about if there are killer whales in the ocean! We’re doomed! πŸ˜† sorry for interviewing you. I got carried away.
    Wait one more question! What’s your favorite episode of avatar? Mine is the siege of the north part 1 and 2 or something like that

    fano: mmm thats a good one xd i like boy in the iceberg , southern air tempel , fortune teller and water bending master
    but my favorite is the dessert πŸ˜›

  8. Wait this is one I must know! How many clothing items do you have?

    fano: dunno , not so much compared to members ^^ but i got all the old items

  9. What’s your favorite item? Pick 1 member and 1 nonmember. Sorry for all the questions. Its hard to talk in club penguin properly.

    fano: well l like the party hat cuz it gets attention , and im not a member anymore but i like the pirate belt πŸ˜›

  10. I dont have the belt.But here’s my question:
    If you had to eat a raw slug or 3 worms, which 1 would you eat?

  11. (The worms were raw too.)

    fano: mmm, well a snail l wouldnt lmagen me chewing that lol
    so lma go for the worms.
    can l add penutbutter?

  12. Arent all slugs raw lol? Cuz if thye are alive then are they cooked??? IM CONFUSED!!!??? :s

    fano: lf they get cooked l dun think they still alive lol

  13. 😯 you can ask those questions too!? Fano how would you like to die

    1.Crushed by sharp spikes tipped with fire
    2.Boiled alive
    4. Slapped by the girl you like so hard that you get a concution and dun make it.

    fano : rofl bout the fat guy thats just gross
    easy one , l go for the girl nothing wrong seeing the girl u rly like πŸ˜›

  14. now i have a question for u guys.
    would u rather be locked in a cage with a tiger
    or lick peanut butter of a hobo’s foot? :mrgreen:

  15. trappeded in with a tiger lol and u might of saw me on cp i asked to be your buddy but u always say no my cp name is sweno

  16. I want to meet ya at sept. 29 1007 frozen server mine shack area
    4:00pm PST

  17. hey plz add me to your blogroll, my site is

  18. I go for the licking peanut butter off the hobos foot because i dont want (ahhem) ripped of by the tiger 😯 thats got to hurt

  19. Did you MEET the moderators? Are they your FRIENDS!?!?!?!?? Oh gosh, if they are, COOL! Also, you like Avatar:The Last Airbender TOO!?!?!?!? OMG THAT SHOW IS LIKE SO C00L!

  20. oh yeah and i would lick peanut butter cuz I DONT WANNA GET FREAKIN KILLED! GOSH!

    SJB’s got what you need!!Β©
    ~Sir Jorge Bo

    P.S. oh wait srry forgot what i was gonna say.

  21. when ur a beta tester do get money for beta testing?

    fano: no we dont get paid lol

  22. Can I be on your blogroll Fano

  23. Do you need hits to be famous or just a really good blog?

    fano: i think a good blog , cuz lf ur known but bad blog , then not many people would visit

  24. Sorry I logged off. My computer froze and now I’m on my sidekick. It doesn’t have flash player so it means no meebo 😦

    fano: thats cool , thx for the chat

  25. Hey Fano. Would you rather get eatin by a rabbid peacock or get ur head bitten off by a mongoose.

  26. Ok i realise di have a proper question now lol.
    Have you ever been a member on CP and what rare member items do you have? Will you become a member again if you have already been one?

    fano: ive been a member and the most rare ltem ls my black hoodie and superhero mask

  27. omg what kind of plonker goes on every single stpid cp name doing that thinking somebopody will beleive them. P.s please answer my question πŸ˜€

  28. Fano check the ip address of those comments. If you go to your dashboard and to comments, you can see ip address on the side. I bet you they are from the same nerdy loser. If they impersonate me give me their ip address and I’ll post it on my blog. Since my blog is mostly hackers he’ll be dead in no time πŸ˜€

    P.S nice chatting with you last night
    Showing the toxic side of life!

  29. ahhsrry i didnt read the rules at first srry i just post a lot

    fano: lts cool

  30. fano y is name not capitolized on cp?

    fano: at the beta testing u could make any name u want.
    low cased , middle cased anything xd

  31. fano what is your favourite item on CP apart from beta hat?

    fano: i like the pirate belt

  32. fano what would u do if ur computer froze and all the mods were surrounding u with machine guns?

    fano: lol well l dunno ln what bizar world that would happen
    but if so , l would change my cp name to neo and just stop the bullets of those agent mods like in the matrix :mrgreen:

  33. fano whats ur names lol

    fano: fano xd

  34. wuz up fano i have some questions.
    How old are u now?
    What was it like beta testing?
    Do u get anything special from the cp team?

  35. on the how old are u now question i ment ur penguin

  36. how old would u be if u started on the first day of cp

    fano: around 750 days i think

  37. Fano sup? Thanks for commenting my site. 😎 You rock! Please Visit my site again thanks. Everyone including u fano go to my site and comment it at thanks for your time. :mrgreen: πŸ˜†

  38. hey fano! do u know the beta tester newman.

    fano: no l dunno him

  39. fano, I don’t know HOW did you FIND cp? I found it december 2005! Almost beta… Remember ZeroReflector, we were buddies. hes now banned 4ever but I chill with marto mars. So my question is simple. If you can answer me… I’ll be glad! and what was you favourite party? Did you missed a party?

    fano: m7y friend talked bout penguin chat so thats how l know.
    i missed alot of partys , i took a year break , and then came back

  40. fano: sorry read the rules , no buddie requests.
    if i say i will be ur friend i mean in club penguin , not by adding

  41. How does it feel to be a beta tester?
    and comment it would be nice!

    fano: lts ok , the attention is nice but many people just want to add u

  42. hello fano
    can i be in one of ur vids?
    from mrjt97,
    p.s lol

    fano: yea u can. i dont make many vids tho but
    sometimes i make party vids and u ust gotta be at the right time.
    u can also just make a vid when u see me in cp

  43. Awesome site Fano! I wanna be in a vid of yours too. You wanna be in one of mine?

    fano: u can film whenever u see me xd

  44. hi im papercuter!
    hey fano cool site. Great job keep the work up. Im logged out of wordpress so yeah. My site is its new. cya round.


  45. Are ninjas real? Well, yes I know they exist in Club Penguin. But can you give me a tiny hint how? Thanks!
    Yellow Crown

    fano: back in old cp u could get them in a game

  46. how did you do the banner!?!? it is so awesome!!!!!

    fano: thx l made it in paint

  47. Oh. Well can you answer this? Have you been a member on club penguin? I always forget to ask
    Also did you draw your banner from scratch or pasted some pictures then drew some.

    fano: yea ive been a member and i drawn it from a white background

  48. How many days old is your penguin right now?

    fano: i think 711 days

  49. Sup fano its me Frazzie from CLubpenguin visit my site its
    Waddle On

    fano: howdy cool .com website πŸ˜€

  50. Is your 5,000 hits party in english time or american???

    fano: its club penguin time

  51. who is ur best friends on clubpenguin

    fano: dunno , l have man7y good friends
    but booyagrand is added on my list so maybe him

  52. Wow! Your really old! lol

  53. If you could change something about CP what would you change?

    Good quesiton eh? lol πŸ˜†

    fano: i would open a hall of fame for people who made cool edits
    that put hard work into ideas and creating.
    also i bring back the ninjas :mrgreen:

  54. Are you planning to be a member again?

    :fano maybe
    Showing the toxic side of life!

  55. i no ur a mod u wudnt have all that info and tho blog pic or the pirate iland pic if u werent but u triked me for a wile…….. but soon everyone will fiqure it out

  56. You should really be a Computer Designer when you grow up because you have really good Club Penguin Edits
    Seriously you should

    fano: thanks , but its just a hobby i like to do in free time.
    its not what i actually want to do but it would be nice if cp took some of my ideas

  57. Kool!!! I would bring back ninjas aswell. Also i would make a game/mission which takes you to rockhopper island. When you say a Hall of Fame for edits you mean a Hall of Fame for Fano edits πŸ˜†

    fano: lol so true :mrgreen:

  58. ummm hi and when is the ninja suit out
    -ninja stinja

    fano: i dont know

  59. Hey plz add me to your blogroll, when you do leave a comment saying that you have and I just might add you!
    My website is


  60. I think the ninja suit is coming back! Ninja the penguin is unbanned! There are rumors saying that ninja was made my the mods and is a ninja. He use to be banned forever but now he isnt . Even check it by typing his name and put a random password. It will say incorrect pasword rather than the ban sigh.

    ShOwInG ThE ToXiC SiDe Of LiFe!

  61. it would be cool if ninjas did come back i admit. Club penguin seems to be bringing back every rare item so far. I almost feel sorry for the rare people that had ghost costume etc. but i am glad i have them.

  62. hey fano! i have a suggestion, for us to be on out buddy lists you should make another penguin. if you make another penguin you could add me.

    fano: i can do that , but i wont be on that penguin as much as i am with fano

  63. Do ninjas exist?

    fano: yes they do

  64. fano, when beta testing did you become a moderators buddy

    fano: yes im friends with billybob

  65. Oh your friends with all the moderators!? I dont blame you for not removing people. How annoyed would billybob be if you removed him?

    fano: Lol i dont think he would care so much , hes not online alot
    i dont have all the mods added but i do know them

  66. Fano can you show us a pic of billybob onyour buddy list?
    If its not too much trouble

    fano: yea

  67. I got a question. How did you get famous fano? I also saw you today.

    fano: i think being a beta helps but also just being nice and recently have a wordpress πŸ˜›

  68. How do you become a ninja?

    fano: thats not possible yet

  69. You are a non member so when were the red sunglasses released as a non member free item. You always wear them.

    fano: October 2005

  70. So were they beta testing items? Items that were only available during the beta tester times?

    fano: no club penguin launched in october , but they were the first free items to come out

  71. question! uummmm those pics on ur header…. r they from the old cp or u just draw them?

    fano: i drawn em

  72. fano can u get me a player card of Billybob plz

  73. You should visit my site now! Ive been waiting for you to comment! lol Just click my name fano

  74. πŸ˜₯ i cant find out how to use watercolor text on photoshop cs2 πŸ˜₯

    fano: ill make a vid of it

  75. yo fano what is your favorite bender in avatar mine is fire or was it air i forgot lol sorry oh ya whats it like being a beta tester and all is it the same view as normal ordinairy penguin hope u answer u rock

    fano: airbending is my favorite. the view is just like anyone els
    u can just wear a beta hat.

  76. So whats you emal Fano.i would like to know.By the way mie is!Hope to see you around CP sometime.

    fano: u can see my email when i post on ur site.
    if u want to ask a question u can ask it here and u can chat with me on meebo or cp

  77. Hiya fano, Yeah I know what your thinking, your thinking im that really anoying guy on CP who keeps asking to be your buddy! that was my little bro, he loves this site! But I was wondering, I REALLY want to meet Billybob or one of the MODS! Can you give me some tips on finding them?

    fano: the mods dont come online alot , u just gotta be lucky

  78. when is that tonight?for hour?two hours?

    fano: yea 2-3 hours

  79. WOW, your really good at drawing fano!

    fano: thanks

  80. Fano, on Club Penguin are you Fanocp?
    Also there is another penguin i forget the name of. It was on yesterday and when it left you entered and said you ost connection πŸ˜†

    fano: thats flamster a friend of mine

  81. I have my own site, but I think only people with wordpress can visit it (I think), so fano if you want to you can visit, but its not cool at all yet so you can just leave a comment and suggest an idea to make it better! (if you want) πŸ™‚

  82. Hey can you visit my website and comment?
    It will be very nice if you always comment!

  83. Are you fano cp? because someone said they were you

    fano: no fanocp is flamster

  84. o ya i saw him on frozen and mammoth his name was fano cp and he was saying you were banned for 2 days.

  85. Fano if you could have ANY MEMBER item what would it be?

    fano: i want red sneaker shoes that u have in blue and grey but its not out yet

  86. They r makin red sneakers???

    fano: maybe in the future

  87. How long did it take u to make that cool banner thing??

    fano: the logo u mean? about an hour once figured out how eve5rything worked

  88. Yo fano i saw u today in mammoth. lol πŸ™‚

  89. hey fano how do u take pics?

    fano: press print screen next to f12 and go to paint and press control + v

  90. when did u join cp?

    fano: 2 years ago

  91. OK fano , I was wondering, Why does CP have such a fit about making teams on CP and having little wars? I heard that they report the leaders of these teams and even some of the warriors!

    fano: no thats not true , ur allowed to make armys as long as u dont break the rules

  92. OH! πŸ™‚

  93. Hey fano i was wondering if u can email this idea to cp
    Have one of the catalogs of superheros and the catalog has superpenguin instead of superman and so on so do u get the ideaplz email it

    fano: u can send ur idea urself , just go to fanart and press send

  94. Have you been playing club penguin EVER since it started? If so than how many days old is CP? (check your account manage stuff) P.S. I ve emailed Cp about red sneakers they said it was a great idea. – Mc Foohy :mrgreen:

    fano: awesome lol , they better make the red sneakers for non members :mrgreen:
    im 719 days old

  95. thnks for tellin me fano.

  96. when i tried to put a pic off of paint it didnt work on wordpress. How do u get it to work of a paint?

    fano: make sure its jpg and upload it to then use the hotlink for websites link

  97. stop lieing about the ages. like mcfoohy.

    fano: im not lieing , thats how old my penguin is…

  98. 1. Are you a CP member?
    2. Do you have any screenshots from beta testing?
    3. Do you have other beta testers on your buddy list?
    4. How many hours a week do you spend on CP?
    5. Did you join CP on it’s very first day?
    6. Do you have every pin?
    7. Do you have every nonmember item?
    8. Do you have every background?
    9. Is it difficult to have 200 penguins following you everywhere?
    Thanks a bunch! – pinkie9407 on MiniClip forums and CP

    fano: 1. im not a member
    2. i have some screenshots
    3. i dont have other beta testers on my list , i only add friends
    4. 3 whole hours becuz i have alot of free time atm
    5. pretty much when were were allowed to test for bugs
    6. no
    7. no , i took many breaks of club penguin and dont have all items etc just the cool ones
    8. no
    9. its ok , just the buddie requests are a bit annoing cuz i cant add all
    thx for asking , welcome to my wordpress πŸ˜›

  99. hi fano i want to be on ur blog but i have a blog i dont have a realy good one but i can say that i have been on a popular blog it was toxic hacks i have been on mike92s blog and penguin maniacs if u still dont want me on ur blog its fine i just wanted u to know that i have been on some popular bogs

    fano: thanks , to be on my blogroll i look at how many people from ur site clicked on it to go to my page.
    if its alot everyday i automaticly add u on my list

  100. Hey fano ur really cool
    First: Where does the name fano come from?
    Second: Have you ever met Billybob or any other mods?
    Thanks plz plz plz plz plz go to (and maybe add me to your bloggroll lol) πŸ™‚

  101. Hey fano, I was wondering, I was on the ACP offical website today and the owner of the site said that ninja costumes are coming out sometime in November! Is this true?

    fano: i dunno , mostly they are rumours

  102. Hey fano your site is so awesome. Can you add me to your blogroll?
    I added you on mine.
    I have some questions:
    1. I saw on my friends site that your igloo was open on map. Are you really a member?
    2. Can you show us some screenshots of Beta Testing?
    3. Do you have the Pink And Black Touque?

    fano: if i get many views directing from ur site everyday i add u
    1. im not a member
    2. i can but they arent unique
    3. yes

  103. What’s older? The pirate dress or the gold viking helmet

    fano: dunno

  104. fano u should put a tips on games page

  105. hey fano its ss19 i was at the dock when you were adin a few months ago and you didnt answer and can you add me to your blog roll im addin you anyway!

  106. Fano, you think you will ever get member? and if not please tell why. GO YANKEES! sorry, lol

    Sarge dudles

  107. cool you have a site and and your a beta!would you like to be a mod if you want responjd bellow

  108. srry if it is but i doubt thats billy

    fano: no hes

  109. Fano are you gunna be a mod? Or is that an imposter of billybob. ~Mc Foohy~

    fano: no thats fake billybob

  110. Ya i guess once you look at it you can tell its not billy. Billy would right neater lol.

  111. yea this is the thing billy cant spend his time going are on blogs all he does is mod and somtimes checkup on the hackers on differnt sites but cant leave a comment cause if you take cp ip [wich is illegale]you can do things and a secret to mods is they ban themselfs when they are not on and when they log on they unban themselfs

  112. fano make a Avatar page where we talk about avatar u know wat i be sayin. YO

    fano: yea thats a good idea but im scared that someone will post a big spoiler

  113. Oh, Oh! I have a question.

    People said that there was a vote to choose if you wanted either to have secret agents or ninjas in cp. Was that true?

    fano: no , ninjas left when club penguin became crowded to hide their secret identity.
    secret agents took over the job

  114. fano remember the monkey party so fun!ehhhh when will it be on utub or ur website plz tell me lol

    fano: it is on youtube alrdy , just click on clubpenguindisney above the blogroll

  115. It appears I missed all the hype on proof of tipping the iceberg through a picture on this site. Would you care to explain please?

    fano: i cant say much about that sorry u have to wait and tip the iceberg when it comes out

  116. hey fano! this is jcmann. i think ur the coolest penguin ever! u dont talk much on cp lol. anyway ill see u around bye!

  117. i cant imagine how mad you would be if they brought back the beta hat…. lol. Check out my website its not all finshed but please post something on it it is called ( Later

    Sarge Dudles.

  118. I think club penguin should make a whole new game thing called club monkey. where they have the same levels as CP its just ur a monkey. It wouuld be wicked :wicked:

  119. i saw bobfist today and is he really vital viper? Do u know?
    now me and him friends

    fano: if someone says hes vital viper and its not him
    then they probably pretending

  120. fano do u know kentpet? He’s my biddy on CP! He’s a beta too but he missed the beta party so he doesnt have the hat.

    fano: i dunno him

  121. And do u know why you have to be over 18 and live in Canada to become a mod.?

    fano: becuz being a mod is a real job

  122. coolcat u cant ask to be his buddy. He’ll block u now lol bye!

  123. check out my site again I made a cool video theres like two pictures that ill think ull like

  124. I have a question how did you become a beta tester?

    fano: we got asked to test the game and thats how

  125. You were asked? So were you randomly emailed or did you find out about it…then join and then get asked?

    fano: i found penguin chat becuz of a friend , and we got asked there

  126. are you a ninja?

    fano: sorry i cant tell u , ninjas are a secret

  127. Lol…He won’t be a ninja…or is he…eep!!!

  128. hi fano, since you say ur buddy list is full, who is on ur buddy list?

    fano: dale jr and booya is online alot

  129. Hey Fano i just want to know if you ever add enybody in club penguin ? your friend redflame24

    fano: i have a full list

  130. Hey Fano I just went ahead and added you to the tournament. Vital viper is already in it

  131. Ok…i added you to my blogroll so hopefully you might get people coming from me. If people go will you addd me then?

    fano: if many click on it everyday then i add u

  132. Yay πŸ˜€ After how long though? And does that mean lots of people come from geserts?

    fano: gesert is my friend , if i see u have many everyday for 2 weeks then u can be on my list

  133. πŸ˜€ Lol you figured out my plan…i just looked and two people from my site went to yours….oh well…i will remove you. P.s did you and Aguair fall out or something because you removed him and he removed you…

    fano: lol good try tho , bout aguair that wasnt much of a deal i just needed blogroll space

  134. hey find four tourniment person. can I join? I am pretty good. I only lost twice i think. just wondering

  135. Fano tell us about the NINJAS real or fake?????

    fano: they are real

  136. Fano how do you make that donation thing. I want to put it on my blog.

  137. Personally i think it’s un-fair to ask other people to pay things for you.

    fano: no one is asking. ur free to decide if u want to help or not

  138. I totaly agree with scotland.

  139. fano i got one question did you meet all the moderators and do the mods still go on and what servers do they go in sorry i just want to meet a mod lol and are they your buddies

    fano: i met some mods but onl billybob is my buddie.
    they dont go online much

  140. fano can rate my site please. Tell me what you think

  141. Fano this is not really a question…well it is kinda but I was wondering if you still remember me when I played sled racing a few times with. Probably not but just wandering. I was Coko99. Also can you describe one word how the Beta Party was like?

    Thanks you Awsome!

    fano: yea i remember coko we went sled on my 10.000 views party.
    the beta party was in one word: betta
    see beta – betta – better? :mrgreen:

  142. how do u get so many people to veiw ur site besides just being fano? cause no one visits my site. πŸ˜₯

    fano: post nice stuff

  143. r u doing 20000 hit party

    fano: yea i am

  144. hey fano,thanks for putting my tournament on your blog!

    fano: thanks for putting me in your tournament

  145. Hey fano, when u make a new penguin your name automaticly capatlizes it’s self. why isnt your name capitalized?

    fano: u could use small letters during beta testing

  146. Do you have any moderators on your buddy list?

  147. u dont ask him on the site icyo ok no asky

  148. when r u going to get on mammoth fano

    fano: atm not recent , my comp isnt working

  149. ur almost at 20,000 hits congrats!!! and can i come?? :mrgreen:

    fano: yea everyone’s invited

  150. Can you tell me what to work on with my blog?

  151. Were you a ninja before Club Penguin came out?

    fano: thats a secret sorry

  152. Hey fano want to come to my Halloween party?

    fano: sorry i cant my comp doesnt work

  153. fano how do u make it so people can see ur blog stats as the BLOG STATS thing and hits ??? :mrgreen:

    fano: i edit it as a picture

  154. are hits views

    fano: yea

  155. Hey… were did you come up with the name Fano??

    fano: thats for u to find out. some people think its a fan of an o
    but thats not what it means lol

  156. hey fano i have two questions.
    1. were the ninjas real?
    1 1/2. why is telling people if you were a ninja a secret?
    2. how often does Billybob go on and what server?

    fano: ninjas are real , ninja code means not to reveal ourselfs
    and billybob almost doesnt go online

  157. Question: Do you (fano) want a picture of the beta party? I have one. πŸ˜›

    fano: thanks but i dont need one πŸ˜€

  158. I saw a pic of Billybob on just yesterday. It was in Antarctic at the dock πŸ˜€
    p.s Fano your computer does work now…. i saw you on Mammoth or Frozen [i forget] and you were pretending to be a rock…

  159. Are you ever going to get member?

    fano: maybe i will

  160. um do u comment on other peoples sites or not?
    and if u do can u comment on mine cause i need more hits i only have a sad 249 total hits plz dont laugh at me!!!!

    😎 :mrgreen:


    fano: the red sunglasses were a free item , and no i dont play those games

  162. hi fano love ur site i have a question r u able to get anything u want on cp i mean like geting a ninja suit or somthing

    fano: no i have the same rules like any other penguin

  163. Salut…It was way kuul 2 c u at the dock on frozen tues. It was a random choice 2 go ther and voila- ther u wer! Wat were the chances? My good luck. Sent ya a postal …
    au revoir πŸ˜†

  164. hey fano I posted some new stuff on my blog. Can you praticpate in the high score contest.

  165. Help meee!!! I cant post the newspaper because im not a contributer what the hell happened???

  166. Hi fano!
    You’re not too bad now…
    Not exacly a question, but can you go to my blog plz?

  167. Sup fano? Iis got some questions
    1. What was your first pin? Mine wqas the Mic pin (I know Im a young penguin)
    2. Are the red and blue sunglasses member items?
    3. Do betas get extra room on there buddy lists?
    4. Which do you like more? Red or blue Sunglasses, mine is th blue!
    5. How many penguins you got? (I got ….3….10 penguins)
    6. Were at any time you a member?

    fano: 1. the plant pin
    2. they were both member and non member items
    3. betas used to have 300 buddy space
    4. the red one fits more with my outfit
    5. a couple
    6. yes the first month

  168. wow! so now betas have a normal list, or still 300?

    fano: its back to 100 but if u added 300 back then , then u still have them

  169. hey fano I saw you today. You, Spider880 and me were doing the club monkey thing. Fano can you help out with my site? Like be an admin or any other position?

    fano: sorry im really busy with my own page but thanks for asking πŸ˜›

  170. Sorry I posted a lot of comments.
    fano do yuo want to come to my 500 hits party?
    Post a comment on my blog if you want to come?

  171. fano why cant I post anything on your site?? Is it broken?

  172. aw ur not real that cool mimo and watex are get more famos then anone in club penguin news so far

  173. I google searched it and I found out “Fano” is a town in Italy.

    fano: lol it is? haha well its not what my name means :mrgreen:

  174. wat does your name mean then?

    fano: thats a secret

  175. Hey fano
    Not to be mean or anything but
    Have you added anybody? Not saying you’re really mean but…I just want to know.
    And who have you added?

    fano: i havent added since my list have been full

  176. what is your favorite clothes item in club penguin?

  177. Ok i might know what your name means but probably not:
    1) A town in Italy.
    2) An Italian guy called Gino Fano.
    3) A fano guitar.
    All i have πŸ˜€

    fano: lol ur pretty close with one of ur guesses
    fano is a shortage of something , thats the only hint im giving xd

  178. hi fano its me neo am i on your ignore list it seems like it cause you never awnser anything i say can i just know

    fano: if u are nice in club penguin then ur not on ignore

  179. Q1: If Paintboy100 & Antras walked up to u and asked to be your buddy, would u say yes or no?
    Q2: Who is your best friend on cp?
    Q3: Does your name stand for Florida Association of Nonprofit Organizations?

    fano: 1. no , i dont care if someone is famous or not , i only add real friends
    2. dale jr
    3. no lol

  180. can u add me to ur blogroll? i added u on mine. and i think a few people clicked from my site 2 get 2 urs.

    fano: sorry alot of people has to visit everyday , but thx for putting me on ur blogroll

  181. i am nice i dno y i called u a nohb sorry anyways didnt mean to hert u if i did cya on cp

  182. yea its kewl

  183. Heres what Wikepeida said about “fano”

    fano: lol my name doesnt have anything to do with roman history

  184. do u have any other penguins?

  185. fano, do you think it is fun to play rocks with me on CP everytime we play together?

  186. Hey can i be an admin on ur site, or we can make a site together someday,my cp name is Tyb99223,my other penguin name is Tyb923 but it got ban from hackers πŸ˜₯ so ill say hi if u see me.

    fano: sorry i dont need any admins atm and im rly busy with my own site.
    thanks for asking me tho , see u in cp

  187. k and one more question how do u get ur pictures looking perfect

  188. i want to get a future pin. how to bring the green puffle down than i want all the secrets

  189. fano how did you find out about cp from penguin chat 3 or did you just help beta cp?

    fano: my friend told me about penguin chat

  190. Hey fano, can you add me to your blogroll? You are on mine and I have almost 40,000 hits.

    fano: sorry i dont get any views from ur site

  191. O.k. It’s fine.

  192. Hi Fano
    Your really cool
    My guestion is where did you get that really cool srcaf?

    fano: i got it at the first christmas party

  193. hey fano can you really hit a ninja on the roof of the dojo?

  194. dude19 said that in penguin chat 3 u could be a ninja :p

    fano: yea u could

  195. Hey Fano! on your pics, do u use paint to crop pictures that arent a square or rectangle? for example, the sign that says actors wanted.

    fano: u can use paint or photoshop. what i do is fill the background with the same black color of my wordpress
    so its still a square but it looks like its not

  196. Hey Fano! I HAVE TWO QUESTIONS.

    fano: i dunno photobucket and all images are squares once u saved them.
    i use imageshack to resize em

  197. on club penguin someone said that you could still become a ninja but only in november.Is this ture?

    fano: club penguin said it isnt but u can always try

  198. weren’t you a member for 1 month when Club Penguin started?

    fano: yea i was

  199. lol cp never tells the real truth.

  200. Hey fano! Its Icy36! Is it true that u told me that you are both fano and trot along?

    fano: i dunno trot

  201. if some one took the name fano and u couldnt get it would would u name ur penguin?

    fano: thats a good question , i dunno :$

  202. Are you friends with Aguair?Its okay if you can’t answer.

    fano: i know him but hes not my buddy on cp

  203. Hey fano on CP im buddys with this person called cisco593, and they c in cisco isnt capitalized. But they dont look anything like a beta-tester.

    fano: if he has a lower cased name then he might be a beta but missed the party

  204. Hey fano i no that your list is full and everyone fellows you but can i be your friend? and when you see me plz saw hi? thanks fano your the best!

    fano: sure everyone can be my friend on club penguin

  205. hey fano r u fano, fanocp and flamster3000

    fano: no flamster3000 is fanocp , hes just someone i know

  206. Do you know helen 2k5? because she is a beta and the password is so easy lol.

    fano: i dont know her but i heard she got banned alot

  207. can u give me a pic of a player card of Billybob from ur buddy list?

  208. Hey fano, can you add me to your buddy list on cp? Just Kidding! What was your favorite item that you ever got on club penguin?

    fano: i liked the red spinning hat

  209. Red spinning hat…you mean red proppeler hat πŸ˜† Anyway you havn’t been on CP for a long time πŸ˜€ Also another beta was banned – Helen 2k5

  210. Fano I have the red proppeler hat too! πŸ˜‰

  211. Yeah helen 2k5 is banned forever ):.

  212. Hey Fano who is your best friend on club penguin?

    fano: dale jr is a good friend of mine but i rly cant tell whos my best friend

  213. Hi i was woundering how to change my sit name to instead of singrdude1mikecoool??????
    Waddle On,
    Mike Cooool

    fano: if the name is available i think u can change it at users – my profile

  214. lol fano i know your real name dont worrie i wont tell its safe with me

  215. what time do u usually go on cp (pst)?

    fano: dunno i pretty much come online at any time of the day

  216. fano can i be a part of your blog?

    fano: sorry i dont need anyone atm but thanks for asking

  217. when is ur next hit party. cause i want to come is it like 50,000 or what not. i bet u will be there pretty quick

    fano: maybe at 50.000 i dunno

  218. Hey fano! Your site ROCKS can you leave a comment on my site?

  219. fano if u could make any kind of party(like monkey party, door party) what would u make?

    fano: a monkey party would be cool cuz then everyone that has joined could party

  220. fano what backround do u always were?

    fano: i dont wear a background unless theres a party like halloween

  221. what up fano, your site is awesome. club monkey made me lol. if i could i would love to join it.

    fano: cool , u can join

  222. Fano the find four kept bugging me did it happen to everyone?

    fano: yea to everyone in frozen



  224. fano is kenboy765 your bro or is he just a friend???

    fano: actually i dunno kenboy

  225. hello fano,i am lizardpl,and i am skoczek 32 in clubpenguin,i am from Poland,

    fano: welcome to my page

  226. are ninjas real?
    I wanna be a ninja.

    fano: yes they are real

    I wanna be a beta

  227. o then that message on his site is a fake it says your name

  228. hey lizardpl im Polish too, but live in America.

  229. Have you acctualy met a mod in REAL life not on club penguin?

    fano: not in real life

  230. monkeys will rule cp

  231. Hay Fano! U pretty much gave away that ninjas were real, so do u still have the items?

    fano: thats a secret sorry

  232. Who is the most famous penguin you met?

    fano: billybob and rockhopper

  233. Do you know Lassy?are they a beta?

    fano: i dont know , if they have the beta hat then they are

  234. My membership exspired today.

  235. Hey fano are you going on today?

  236. hey fano. if “fano” was an abbreviation, what you want it to be?

    fano: B= Flavor Apes of Nice Oreos!

  237. fano club monkey has some competition there are some penguins making club bunny!!!

    fano: club bunny is weak , we will eat them for christmas dinner

  238. yay!!!!!!!!

  239. fano when you were on mammoth today you left and i went to the dojo where i found thre penguins Ninja124, Ninja 125, and Ninja 126 sitting on the dojo walls saying over and over would you like to become a ninja. Then after about two hours they turned invisible and still said it but you couldnt see it!!!

    fano: cool cough , u got a picture?

  240. ya

    fano: can u show it in ur next post?
    upload it on imageshack or something similiar

  241. Have you ever ben a ninja???? If you tell me how 2 be 1

    fano: sorry ninjas are top secret

  242. can ya add me to ur blogroll i added u to mine

    fano: if i get alot of views from ur site then i add u to mine

  243. how do you becom a ninja i’v tride evey thing but it dos not work

    fano: atm u cant

  244. Ok, I’ve added u on my blogroll. You can check my site πŸ™‚

  245. Could you sign up for CP best choice awards?

    fano: thanks but im rly scared of awards

  246. hi fano that was a good party today thanks for inviting me!
    i have pics on my blog!
    i was gonna ask if you can add me to your blogroll because i added you.

    fano: cool ur welcome. when i get alot of views from ur site i add u to my blogroll too

  247. hey fano its Blueboy123 from cp
    nice site

  248. Dear fano,
    1. how u became so popular? im a new blogger and ur blog is younger than mine and already u have tons of ppl wat advertisement did u do or wat did u do?
    2. how do u type in the text toolbar caus ive been trying to do it for weeks! plz tell me ur my last hope!

    fano: 1. im a beta tester , nice person and try to have a good blog. so people advertise it who like to visit here
    2. u need to go to presentation – widgets and put a text widget , type in there and press save

  249. Hey fano i like u very much.Did u remember the date of the beta test party and how many penguins u saw there? Thank you!

    fano: the beta test party was in august of 2005 and i saw around 70 penguins

  250. Fano, are you a monkey or a penguin? Or a penky

    fano: im wearing a penguin costume but im actually a monkey!

  251. Club penguin news , art and secrets
    header image

    fano: lol what u trying to do xD

  252. Hi fano,I am a big fan of your blog I am asking you plz put me in your blogroll
    and plz comment my blog.
    Your Big fan Rocktroper

    fano: hi mate if i get alot of views from ur site everyday then ill add u to my bloglist

  253. hey fano can u send me list of all the betas that tested wit u

    fano: i dont have all the names but if u go to miniclip forums they have all betas listed

  254. best club monkey party today

  255. I get alot of veiws on my blog and you didn’t add me πŸ˜€

  256. I saw more people walking on walls this time in the town.

  257. hey fano whats the fourm called with all the beta testers

    fano: miniclip forum

  258. hey fano,
    i was wondering how do you get on rockhopper’s island?? just wondering you dont hav to answer ok thx

    fano: u cant yet

  259. Hey fano,
    My penguin’s name is Littlecloe, I think we’ve met in Mammoth a few times. Anyways, I’m a friend of Wobbleman29. Uh, do you have msn?
    cya later

    fano: hi mate , i dont have msn but u can leave me a message on meebo or on my ask me page thx

  260. lol what else do you do in beta testing then testing items and stuff? i need to know becuase i’m gonna be a beta tester for a game like cp!

    fano: u need to find bugs

  261. i just saw an imposter on cp. he was called Fanocp. i said hello then realised it wasnt you, so i said imposter and he went. i hope that wasnt you.

    fano: that guy is flamster3000

  262. Hey fano,
    Can you tell me how to make a header plz i need one!

    fano: u can put a few pictures together with a photo editing program
    or u can draw one like i did in paint or something similar

  263. yeah i got a pic of the fanocp dude and edited the cp part and then it was fano πŸ˜†
    and do u want to play against me in FIND FOUR?!?!?!??!?

    fano: we can play find four , just ask me when u see me on club penguin

  264. Ok thanks fano

  265. What do you think the true meaning of Christmas is?

    fano: what do u think it is?

  266. you are cool

  267. fano i need help with the custom image header. it always says does not mean security deadlines

    fano: try resizing it , if not post on a forum

  268. whats up like ur site!!!!!!!!

  269. Fano lv the site by de way how dyou become a beta tester?

    fano: u cant anymore , beta tester means u helped testing the game
    before it launched and that was like 2 years ago

  270. The true meaning of Christmas is Jesus Christ birth. How about you?

    fano: presents

  271. Can you get more funny pics?
    You need more!

    fano: i just made one today

  272. i sawe u on right now and u are my buddy off the list!!!! will u meet me on sometime???My peng is Regirgitate2

    fano: cool im always at the dock in mammoth or frozen so meet me there when im on

  273. when r u usually on??

    fano: could be at any time , but when im on its always mammoth or frozen

  274. Hey, do you have a youtube account? I’ll talk to you later man!
    Cpd Sargent

    fano: yes my youtube account is above my blogroll called club penguin disney

  275. can u meet me on 7:00 Am club penguin time in mammoth at the dock?? my peng Regirgitate2

    fano: sorry i cant make it to personal requests

  276. Hey fano I saw you few days ago on Mammoth dock and instead of asking you for buddy list I added you to ignore list lol. Now I have a Beta collection on my ignore list. Are you angry? πŸ˜₯


  277. hey fano im making a find four team. and trying to get other people to make a team. and i was wondering if u would like to join. becasue u r really good and would be a good member. plz join. if u do join go to my site and go to the find four team page and sign up.

    fano: cool idea but i only play find four when im bored so i cant join ur team sorry

  278. I have lots of questions!

    1. Have you ever been banned on Club Penguin?

    2. Do you have all the non-member free items?

    3. Do you like Club Penguin now that Disney took it over?

    4. Do you have any pictures from Penguin Chat 3?

    Hope you answer!


  279. What is your email?

    fano: i dont rly give it out since i dont use any instant messenger
    but if u want to leave me a message u can do that here or on my meebo

  280. o ok thanks anyway see ya on cp maybe.
    we could play find four

    fano: cool im looking for a challange

  281. fano i just finished my igloo, could you rate it? ill be on frozen or mammoth, thanks. ps anyone else can come too.

    fano: if u post a screenshot of it ill rate it for u

  282. cool so say when u want to meet and ill try and be there. ive actaully got better since the last time i played u. and i beat mika yaw today it was cool. well still c ya.

  283. Do u like pie?
    ~Snow949 :mrgreen:
    P.S. *sigh* must follow rules… *puts on monkey suit…*

    fano: lol yea pie is good

  284. i made a post thing saying who is better at find four and i voted for u but someone voted for me too.

  285. yo fano i made a new find four site check it out!
    ps: im still in the proccess of making it but still check it out! thanks yo

  286. lol fano when you say “it’s a secret” its ovious it’s true lol.

  287. so is ur 50000 hits party on the 20 of december or when is it?

    fano: 22 december saturday

  288. hai Fano
    would you mind telling me how you became a beta tester and when/where did you get the beta tester hat. id really apreciate it, thanks.

    fano: a few penguins were selected to beta test for clubpenguin during the penguin chat 3 game
    and the beta hat was found in town

  289. When is your next party? And sorry for the last comment.

    fano: my 50.000 views and geserts birthday party is saturday
    and the next one might be a suprise

  290. Hey Fano, Does Club Penguin know about your WordPress?

    fano: yea but they wouldnt give me any pictures for it

  291. Is Aguir a boy or girl? Sorry but i just never new.

    fano: hes a guy

  292. Some people say they are ninjas. But they are just dressed in black paint. Are they ninjas on there screen but not ours? or was there ever Ninjas And did you see one?

    fano: no they just pretend to be ninjas. ive seen ninjas in penguin chat 3
    but im not allowed to talk about ninjas in cp

  293. Fano,
    Do you know when RockHoppers first visit was?
    If you do,were you there to see the Migrator?

    fano: october 14, 2006 and yes

  294. hey fano do you have a aim?

    fano: no sorry but u can leave me a message on my meebo

  295. THAT IS SO FUNNY! I can’t believe I found u on that game Planet Cazmo lol, Did u find it on the club penguin miniclip forums? Cuz I did.

    fano: whats planet cazmo?

  296. were there any decoration at the beta party(or was it a party when they released the beta hat)? And which mods did you meet?

    fano: yes there were some decorations in town , i met billybob and rsnail

  297. Hey fano what is your favorite place on cp?

    fano: i like the dock cuz its a good place to talk also the attic is cool

  298. fano how can i upload an image from imageshack to your blog for the christmas wallpaper?

  299. Wow fano! hey can you show us a pic of rsnail on your list?

  300. WHA YOU DONT PLAY PLANET CAZMO??? Someone must have taken YOUR name and played planet cazmo with it because there was someone on the game called fano and he acted like he new me from club penguin!


  301. nevermind

  302. Hey check out this new background i just made hope you like it.
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Pictures\Sample Pictures\party hats.bmp

    fano: we cant see it like that , u have to upload it on a site like imageshack

  303. Good thing u said u like pie up there ^, do u know how hard it is to find a loyal pie lover now a days? lol
    ~Snow :mrgreen:

  304. lol srry ill try again later.

  305. how about now?

    fano: cool thats alot of party hats!

  306. Which one is your favorite

  307. Do you have a mod on your buddy list?

    fano: yea just one

  308. Cool!
    Can you show me a picture of there player card and igloo?
    I always wanted to meet a mod!

    fano: i posted a picture of my buddy list here somewhere
    but its between all these posts

  309. I found the picture heres the link:

    Did you get him on your buddy list when you were beta testing?

    fano: yea that was the only time when u could see multiple mods waddling in town

  310. Hi fano, i wanted to know how did u chose ur name? its cool but y fano

    fano: thats a secret sorry but u can try to find out if u answer right ill tell u

  311. Hi, fano! I was wondering, when Club Penguin started, didn’t u have one month of free membership?
    I learned this from the What’s New page on Cp.
    also what was it like beta testing?

    fano: yes i did , it was alot of fun finding bugs and playing club penguin

  312. Do you like guitars? Fano is a guitar! I that why your name is that?

  313. How do you do paint pictures like that in paint? You’re so good!

    fano: i use the magnify glas times 6 so i can see the pixels
    but if u wanna get good u just gotta practise alot

  314. You draw very good on the computer πŸ™‚
    p.s cool blog πŸ™‚

  315. Thnx, fano!

  316. fano did u get ur name by this
    r those ur favorite numbers in order put them as letters and its fano.

    fano: no lol but good guess xD
    fano means something but i cant tell u cuz its a secret

  317. Oh, yeah, fano is a famous guys name, and a play on the word fan.

    fano: could be who knows

  318. can you make me a beta tester? i love cp and i love to help.

    fano: u cant beta test anymore , beta testing was before cp was playable.
    it was just a few selected penguins testing the game for bugs and gameplay

  319. I have two guess for what Fano means!
    Does it mean:
    A Town in Italy? (
    Is it a type of Guitars?
    There probably all wrong! LOL! xD

    fano: yea both wrong but still good try xD

  320. Heyy fano!!! ummm i wanna know why u put me on ur ignore list sry i asked to be ur friend on club penguin soooo much its just im a huge fan! Sunni 7 :o)

    fano: sorry if ur on my ignore list its prolly becuz u kept asking even when i couldnt add

  321. Hey Fano,
    Do you know Club Penguin Gang gives credit to you?
    “It says thanks to Pame and Fano for the tip”
    I posted a comment about the yellow puffle on there site and I gave them a link to your site

    fano: yea i read that a while ago , good spotting

  322. Hey Fano,
    I have a idea for your website!
    Why don’t you add a About Fano Page and/or a History Of Club Penguin Page

    fano: yea thats a good idea i might do that thx

  323. Fano Which server do you go on and wich server did you see moderators on…
    Please comment!

    fano: i go on in mammoth at frozen mostly at the dock. the mods almost never go online

  324. I have a hard question!
    Look at the map on Club Penguin, you see the Cove is above the Forest right?
    Now go to the Forest, you see the steps
    Why are they going down when they should be going up?
    I bet you don’t have an answer, so as me
    So I sent a email to Club Penguin
    (I didn’t get a reply yet I post when I get it)
    Pretty cool glitch/error/mistake (I’m not sure which) right? LOL!

    fano: good question , i think it could be connected to the cove some day
    but a snow avalange made the road dissapear. or the penguins just never
    finished working on it. becuz the rail road stops there , but good question!

  325. Are you a vegetarian?
    I am πŸ™‚

    fano: no im not , i eat penguin meat daily!

  326. that was fun last night and good game :mrgreen:

    You can go to jail if you eat that in Club Penguin!
    Wait till the media hears about this!

    fano: lol

  328. I found more flashing words say… who says we bring this plane down.
    no caps.

  329. fano are you mad at me or no anyone who is mad at me?

    fano: no im not and i dunno if someone els is , why u asking me?

  330. Hey fano, what was the beta testing like? Was anyone aloud to do it, or was it like certain age limits or something like that?
    It would be super cool to be a beta I reckon, your my fave penguin (apart from the mods)
    Rock on fano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fano: u could sign up if u wanted to beta , i dont know if everyone got picked tho
    but i think most of them did. thanks for the compliments!

  331. Hey fano,I added you to my blogroll.I have like 10,400 views.I have more views than like 75% of sites.The admins on my site are:Hippiefrog,Paintboy100,Sony Pinky,Yankateer,Jmanyc,and of course me(Yankeeez).
    P.S.We arent beta testers but 4 of us are famous!
    P.S.S.If you add me,ill show you how to get a moving background on youtube if you have an account!

    fano: cool site mate , to get on my blogroll i look at how many views i get from ur site daily
    if its alot everyday then i add u on my list.

  332. Hey Fano,
    Remember the steps on the Forest comment?
    I got a respond:
    Although the Cove is located above the Forest on the map, the Cove is actually below the Forest since it is at sea level. Both of these areas are located on the east end of the island and as you can tell, the island begins to curve just past the Plaza. It can be misleading, but I assure you that this is not a glitch. You must go through the Forest on the way to your cove, but instead of continuing east, you head south to the water.
    Sincerely, Tristan Club Penguin Support
    I don’t get it?

    fano: lol ill have to look at the map whilst reading this to understand it , ill post a comment when i do :mrgreen:

  333. Hey fano,I get around 35-45 views a day.Which means you get 4-6 more views a day.Is that enough?And if you add me to the blogroll,I get more hits which means YOU get more hits.
    P.S.Yesterday,I turned 400 on cp!.You should be almost 800 now I guess.LOL

    fano: ill keep an eye on the views for u. ps: yea i think im 800 by now ^^

  334. Hi Fano its your biggest fan

    What do u go on most Mammoth or Frozen?

  335. Cool.Thx.


  336. Was last years winter Fiesta Good?
    I’m asking because I join Club Penguin like 2 days after the party!
    And plus theres going to be one this month!

    I hope next month the party Festival of Snow!
    That was my first party!
    And it was my favorite!
    Whats your favorite party?

  337. hey fano watsup u met me im seanop anyways u know the beta hat well it looks fun to have one and do u like to have crouds sourounding u or do u want to be a regular penguin who doesnt get a friend for haveing the beta hat but just in case im not trying to be mean

    fano: i like having crowds cuz i like to chat , but i dont like it when everyone asks to add on buddylist without even knowing me.

  338. fano have u heard of Planet Cazmo cause if u havnt joined yet do it. even though its a like a mimic of cp its stil cool

    fano: yea i saw it but i dont like it that much

  339. hey fano do you have any mods on your buddy list? if so plz say which!

  340. how do you get the gold vikeing helmet fano

    fano: its mostly hidden in the catalogue but i dont know if its out this week

  341. Ok.Here are my last three stats:


  342. heyy fano, i was just wondering if u could plz give us a clue to ur name “fano” plz it would help! JUST a lilttle itzy bitzy one???? Sunni

    fano: sorry i cant give out clues els people will guess it. but if someone names it then i will tell them its correct

  343. Heyy fano what do you draw??? i luv luv luv art i can draw puppies mountains sunsets and stuff like that!

    fano: i like to draw animals , figures , landscape and everything but more in a fantasy style.
    i dont like realistic drawing cuz its creepy

  344. You should of came at night to mimo’s party I saw him and
    some of the other “gang” members

  345. cause i saw ur site of planet cazmo

    fano: this is my only site , i dont play planet cazmo so if u see a fano there
    its not me

  346. hey fano meet me on cp! tell me time and when, my cp name is dustindwd. p.s. this is not i buddy request i just wanna meet u on cp.

    fano: i cant make it to personal requests but when im on im always at frozen or mammoth
    at the dock. if u wanna meet me then u can visit me at the next party
    which might be at 75.000 views

  347. The gold viking helmet was gone a long time ago

  348. fano you have a ninja link to club penguin I was wondering if one I could use it on my blog and two how do you put the image on your blog. Please respond.

    fano: sorry u cant use the ninja one on ur site becuz i made it myself.
    i made it with photoshop , and then u can link the picture to a website using imageshack
    thanks for asking tho , i appreciate honesty

  349. Hey Fano,
    I have to do a project due on next Tuesday!
    So much math homework!
    It sucks to be me

    fano: yea math isnt that cool but just look forward to the summer vacation

  350. hey fano have you ever played the game streamline or line rider?

  351. Hey Fano,
    On a comment I read your talking a break?
    Did you quit?
    Or are you just getting free items, pins, read newspaper?

    fano: im not quiting or having a break , i just dont play as much

  352. Do you have all the moderators on your buddy list

    fano: no not all

  353. I was wondering if there was a way you would lit me use your nnja link I realy like it I will add you to my blog you can be an adim if you want is there any way PLEASE

    fano: sorry i worked rly hard on it and i want it to stay unique. thanks for asking tho

  354. Your think that says penguin portal how did you make it

    fano: i made this for penguin portal last year , and james edited it for christmas
    i just used his edited version for my website around the holidays

  355. Hey fano, I added you to my blogroll! Can you add me to yours?

    fano: if i get alot of views from ur site everyday then ill add u to mine

  356. hi fano i wanted to know if u could meet me at frozen and at the dock tommorow at 4:30 my time? Plz reply

    fano: sorry i cant make it to personal requests but u can meet me when im having a party

  357. whats penguin portal it loooks really cool

    fano: penguin portal is a forum which i go on , u can visit it here

  358. do u have all the pins fano? and all the backgrounds?

  359. then someone is fakin u cause its a site with chewypup and “fano”
    if u want to talk to them about the site is planetcazmo.wordpress

    fano: thanks for letting me know. chewy pup registered the name ‘fano’ on planet cazmo
    and is now acting like , hes me from club penguin. ill get them to remove it

  360. ok thanks for the card that was fun play find four and sled racing!!
    ps how did u get so good at sled racin??
    cause u knew u would win

    fano: i played it alot so i know where everything is

  361. OK sounds good fano, but can you visit and comment on what you think? if u could that would be great! πŸ™‚

  362. Fano remember the ninjas hideout it was just hq with no monaders no chairs not nothing in there it was retarded and it was just behind that speaks lol but they took it out lol But i wish i was ur buddy on cp i only saw u 2 times on there lol!

  363. Fano, do you play Planet Cazmo? Cause I saw your comment on

    fano: no i was just checking that site

  364. Hey fano!
    I was reading the question other people had and what did they mean about “Whats your name?”. Isn’t fano your name? Plz respond! Thanks!

    fano: they ment what the name fano means

  365. Umm cena12121 i asked that question and i was just wondering why he chose his name “fano” and so yea i wondered y fano???? he said u can guess but he wont tell ya y he chose that name!

  366. Oh! Ok I will find the meaning of your name! πŸ˜‰
    I think I got it! β€œFano” is a place! The place is: Fano, Pesaro Italy. Did I get it?

    fano: it is a place in italy but its not what my fano means

  367. fano what happens if you don’t have the belt?

    fano: u can just be brown to be a monkey.
    some monkeys like to wear a belt some dont , its up to u

  368. thats what i wanna know too

  369. hi fano i just saw u on frozen can u get on later and do u have any advice not to be nervous! like cuz of my meet! im scared cuz i might be on TV! also do u watch scarred on mtv???????

    fano: i havent see that show but i guess just be normal and enjoy it u wont be that nervious once ur there

  370. Hey fano, this is my second guess to your name. It is a kind of Guiter

    fano: good guess but its not , if i would choose my name on a guitar it would be gibson

  371. Hey sunburst ive been on tv before at first its a little nervous but fano is right you will have alot of fun.

  372. fano are you a ninja?

    fano: thats a secret sorry

  373. Hey fano whats your email?
    And can we talk on msn???

    fano: i dont have msn but u can chat woith me on meebo
    or leave me a message on my youtube page

  374. Hey Fano! I was Wondering If you can Give me a Link to the Photoshop you Downloaded or Bought Please?

    fano: i use photoshop 6.0 but i cant give u a link since thats illegal however
    u can download all photoshop demos on

  375. Hi fano I have a question did u like have to sign up to be a beta tester or did u just have to have made an account on cp at the time???

    fano: we got asked to be beta testers and received an email with the link to register

  376. hi fano i wanted to know if ur name is a beach in italy???? also do u no ALI?

    fano: no my name doesnt mean that and i dont know that beta personal

  377. Hi fano its me again I was wondering y u choose the name fano??

    fano: sorry i cant tell u that its a secret

  378. ok but ur not a gymnast waddle i am i have been doing gymnastics since i was 2 UMMM also fano i like ur chatbox thing its very cool!

  379. Hey i was wondering if i could have you email ONLY TO ADD YOU to my site.
    Also you got a lot of comments on this page lol.

    fano: i cant help on ur site cuz im rly busy with this one but thx for asking

  380. Hey fano, nice site! Can you view my Club Penguin blog and also your friends to ckeck it out too? Heres my blog: and I added you to my blogroll. And leave some comments to see how you think about it. Keep up the good work on this awesome blog!!

    Thanx! From jetfighter66.

  381. FANO OMG I SAW U I LUV UR PINK AND YELLOW HAT! beta hat… there my fav colors, no lie anyway i know ur buddie list anit full cuz u can say no to ppl u cant even get requests when ur full so how do u do it???

    fano: i have a few limited spots reserved for the people that help me become a member.

  382. I’ve heard rumors about going to rockhoppers island, is that true?
    Thx, Suprmonkey21

    fano: ull have to wait and see

  383. Hey fano! kewl pic for the fiesta party…i like it. anyways, hope ya have a good day, and i’ll see u on cp sometime.

  384. Hey Fano,
    Whats you favorite party?
    (Beta Party doesn’t count!)

  385. Can u plz go on frozen for me and bailey100? also i dont have paypal but isnt there a way like when i had my membership i entered my name filled out the stuff and i payed cant i do that 4 u???

    fano: no sorry

  386. hey fano its longhornz just sayin bye cause i quit cp

    have fun and stay cool :mrgreen:

  387. ok i have a few questions and plz respond.
    #1: Since your a beta, are you a moderator?
    #2: Could you get a beta hat AFTER it was out?
    #3: Are ALL the moderators your friends?
    #4: If any are your friends, please name them.

    fano: 1. no 2. no 3. no 4. billybob

  388. question: can u become famous without the beta hat or the 4 leaf clover?

    fano: yes u can but it will be harder ofcourse. to become known in club penguin u have to stand out
    that means if u dont have rare items , ull need a cool wordpress or make good videos and be nice to others

  389. Hi fano,its Acdog,can you please unban me from your chat? I dont know why I was banned because ive read your rules and I didnt break any of them that I know of. So please ask the mods why they banned me and post it here,Thanks!

    fano: i dont see that ur banned

  390. I looked up the word fano here’s what it said a town in central Italy; a cathedral; roman ruins…… Are any of those right?

    fano: well my name doesnt have anything to do with italy so no xD

  391. Nice blog

    fano: thanks

  392. I used to be in club bunny but club monkey looks way much cooler!!! πŸ™‚
    also fano what’s ur favorite pin?

    fano: club monkey eats bunnys for breakfast! my fav pin is the plant pin

  393. Hi fano,just wanted to tell you that Macdaddy1234 unbanned me from your chat before you responded.We figured out it was an auto bann so he unbanned me,Bye!

  394. HI!!!! so wats up??? kelpps?

  395. Hi Fano its me again
    Can i join club mokey? its looks cool and when will you be on club penguin and what server and what time?
    Soo see ya

  396. hi fano! I’ve seen you on cp before! your sooo cool!


  397. Hey fano!
    Just three questions from me.
    1. Why dont you accept buddies? Is it just because people want to add you because your famous? If so, that kind of sucks because it’s unfair to the people that are asking to add you because they want to be your buddy for real.
    2. Do you ever take off the Beta hat? I heard that you don’t; I didn’t know if that was true
    ~Connora πŸ˜€

    fano: my list is full so i cant add , 2 i take it off sometimes but i wear it on my main outfit.

  398. Hey fano, it’s littlecloe.
    Sup? how are you lately. just wonderin if u could try to meet me sometime on Frozen in the dock if u can. it’s alright if you can’t make it.
    anyways, ttyl.

    fano: i might be able to visit u at frozen some day , leave me a message on my youtube account

  399. Hey Fano
    You know that beta hat you wear where did you get it from?

    fano: town

  400. Hey fano ummmm plz email me cuz i was banned from ur bribble chat thing can u plz unbann me idk wat i did???

    fano: i dont see that ur banned unless ur munkeygirl

  401. I know a lot about betas> I also own one.

  402. Hi Fano
    I heard about that your ouiting the web so i just wanted to say i will be still your friend and i just want to ask when will you be on frozen?

    fano: i dont know when i will be on frozen but u can meet me in arctic this saturday

  403. Since you are quiting your blog may I have it?
    I will take care of it.
    I may not update it as much, but can I still have the copyrights to all the stuff not avaters but like me being able to post and right to use some of your stuff on my blog (my blog is not public so I can still keep your site updated I will add lots more stuff my blog is over flowing.
    I hope you will not loose interest in CP if you want your blog back (say CP makes more stuff that you can post you can have it right back.) πŸ˜† :mrgreen: πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

    fano: i will be keeping this blog non updated but thanks for asking to help.

  404. Hi im diana1995s well my penguins name is. I wanted to know what is Beta testing? everyone keeps talking about it but i just dont get it. plz answer me soon

    fano: beta tester is someone how tested the game before the official launch.

  405. sINCE YOU QUITING YOUR BLOG (sorry for the capitale letters) May I use the ninja link my blog is not public

    fano: sorry this site will still be online so i cant let others use the things i made.

  406. hey fano,
    well that sux ur quitting the blog, i’ll be at ur party, so we can chat there. maybe sometime on youtube could u tell me wher u usually go on cp, and we could meet there. well ttyl man.

  407. Fano,I am confused. Please explain what you are doing.Are you like quitting cp and if you are please tell me why and get on you and macdaddys chat 1pm PST today so we can talk ok?

  408. do you have a face book my space or msn i want their to be a way so we can chat and i dont have a youtube accout plz respond

    fano: sorry i only got youtube

  409. ill try to get a youtube oh noooooooooooooooo i missed ur party can u plz have one on sunday
    can i keep your blog running i go on alot and have learned alot from you ill get everything and post funny pictures
    plz respond to my last 2 comments. bye ill miss you fano
    from your friend bobb

    fano: sorry the party was only on saturday but u can still find me on mammoth or frozen sometimes
    my blog will stay non updated but thanks for asking and visiting alot , cheers

  410. ill still visit
    thx for replying you dont have to reply to this just read it

  411. not i mean im munkygrl now like on the chat box

  412. Fano:When u retire from Club Penguin is anyone going to have your penguin?

    fano: no , ill keep it active by just going online once a month

  413. Hey Fano its been a while since I asked a question!
    1.Have you ever been banned?
    2.And do you think Club Penguin will turn into one of those boring games (like runscape)?

    fano: no and no i think cub penguin will stay fresh for least a few years

  414. Hello fano! My names Pingpongpen6, and I totally LOVE your site, and club penguin! I met you before, and i asked to be your buddy… sorry bout that! and also i should ask a few questions while i’m here… hmm what shall i ask… oh yeh!

    2.(for my site reasons, the more info on betas, the better): what did the beta testers get as a reward? i heard about membership, the hat, but anything else?
    2. (nothing to do with betas) what items do you think cp will bring back in different colour? (like the prop hat etc)
    3. how long do you think cp will last for? i hope it lasts forever!
    4. do you think there will be any more mods?
    ok, i dont wanna ask to many, butjsut to let you know, i met you on lucyharr too. I danced and stuff. it was fun. ok hope to see you again soon! i aslo like avatar, and i’m a girl…. anyways, your site rox!

    fano: 1. we got the beta hat , a month free membership and free coins.
    2. almost every item 3. untill disney made profit so atleast 10 to 14 years.
    4. yes but not mods in game , just behind the scene mods as in cp support.
    thx for the compliments , till next time

  415. hi fano this is bankr i im wondering r u friends with any other beta testers…ps ur site is so kool

    fano: i only got 1 beta tester on my list.

  416. Hey Fano,
    How old are you in cp?
    I’m 392 πŸ™‚

    fano: over 850+

  417. hi fano its me bankr i have another question have u ever met any mods?

    fano: yea u could find them during the beta testing

  418. Hey Fano,
    I’m a member! I won a contest for 1 month!
    But I bought all the items and used a lot for my Igloo!
    But now I have like 30 % of my coins from when I was a non-member
    So what do you think about being a member?

    fano: cool! i think being a member is pretty cool cuz u can decorate ur igloo
    but i like being a nonmember also cuz i alrdy have a full outfit to wear.

  419. hey its good to see you back answering people. Do you want to part of my St. Patricks green contest? if you can’t its ok.

    fano: i only wear red colors sorry but thanks for the invite.

  420. hey fano do you want to go to my 3,000 hits party? We will party til we are purple

  421. now i have a question for u guys.
    would u rather be locked in a cage with a tiger
    or lick peanut butter of a hobo’s foot? :mrgreen:

    none! licking peanut butter off a hobo’s foot is gross and tigers r scary!

  422. fano did u rly quit plz answer my comment i dont want u to quit!

    fano: i only quit bloggin.

  423. i will find out what fano means maybe not today maybe not tommorow BUT ONE DAY lol

    cool site

  424. hi fano i relly will miss u if u quit u blog we cant see u again or talk to u 😦 and u not all the time in cp i relly will miss u.

    fano: yea but im still at cp sometimes so u can still meet me if u see me.

  425. Hey Fano,
    Are coming to the “stress test party?”
    Its still like 5 hours until billybob comes and Town is packed!

    fano: cool ill try to get there too!

  426. Hey fano!! i have a important question!!
    How do you get your blog popular?? Cause i cant get mine popular!!!

    fano: well i think u can use a different theme which would make it look more nice
    and add extra widgets. other then that just update it often with original things.

  427. May i be apart of your blog??? Pretty please???

    fano: sorry im not updating my blog atm but thanks for asking.

  428. hi fano, i have seen you multiple times at mamoth, i need to know if u are Billybob’s buddy? Do you get to test new things in cp, before they come out? And if u can go to rockhopper island. Please write back,

  429. yo fano!!! Can i meet u on cp right now??? Ive allways wanted to interview u!

    fano: im a secret sorry.

  430. i saw this beta called phat fano?? he looked just like u is that you?

  431. forget it guys, hes not answering. right???

    fano: i still answer my blog but im not updating it.

  432. i saw on your youtube site phat fano how did you get a beta hat for him though

    fano: i used phat fano during the beta testing.

  433. Do you go on any other websites?

    fano: i play fantage.

  434. hey fano! u play fantage? omg i do too! lets meet on fantage some time. youtube me ur name and stuff. later.

    fano: yes i play fantage but almost never but when im on i use the names fano and rsnail

  435. oh ok. hey i was just wondering. how r ya? i havent talked to u forever man! we gotta hang out on cp soon eh? well, ttyl. hav a good evening.

    fano: im alright thx. when im on cp its always mammoth dock or my igloo so check there

  436. Are you quiting club penguin any time soon. I Might but i dunno.

    fano: no im not.

  437. oh ok. r u a member, so u can put ur iggy on the map? if not, maybe if i see u i’ll send u a card and we can perhaps meet in my igloo or something. thx.

  438. Hey Fano,
    How you doing?
    Anyways I saw a person name phat fano in one of your videos!
    He looks just like you
    Is that your other beta?

    fano: yea.

  439. Wow 2 betas!
    Do you have anymore accounts?

    fano: thats a secret sorry.

  440. Hey Fano,
    What was the old HQ like?
    Do you have a picture of it?

    fano: it was a small room with a big school bord
    i dont have a picture of it but i saw it once on the internet.

  441. hey how do i make my clubpenguin become invisable or a ninja or any cool things you know how to make them?

    fano: u wanna make ur penguin on cp invisible? thats impossible sorry.

  442. What is your favorite item on clubpenguin?

    fano: i like the beta hat.

  443. wait fano i thought u quit ur blog?
    and do u have an aim

    fano: i stopt updating this blog but i still reply comments. no i dont have aim

  444. Dear Fano may you meet me on cp! ive allways wanted to say hi and see your outfits! Ill help you by putting your name and then you answer!

    fano: sorry i cant make it to personal requests but when im online i always go to mammoth dock.

  445. since fano isnt a town in italy or a type of guitar… is it ur initials?

    fano: who knows.

  446. you said you would tell us if it was right so i guess its wrong?

    fano: well u only asked if it was in my initials but u didnt say the meaning of it.

  447. well initials dont have to mean anything.

    fano: true but if it is in my initials it would be short for something.

  448. short for your names of course. or you’re telling me that your initials mean something else?

    fano: yes fano fits within my front name but its up to u to find my whole name out.

  449. ok. well at least im getting somewhere.

    fano: true just find the book of names and find a name with fano in it. thats the answer

  450. JaMeS (or something is a ninja) I saw a picture!
    And then that means your a ninja!
    Legoless saw a video of your inventory and it showed the Ninja Belt!

    fano: im not actually allowed to talk about ninjas but u can read
    the secret code i put in my club penguin mission guide section.

  451. hey fano its chargers jr just dropping bye. nice site and umm iguess ill cya on cp bye

  452. Hello fano,
    I’ve heard that Club Penguin changed your name to “Fano.”
    Is that true?
    That sucks I think betas should have special names
    Also I sent an e-mail to Club Penguin and they said that they changed it so that mods can tell a part from hackers

    fano: yea all betas are now started with capital and the betas with less then 4 characters
    are now named penguin+numbers

  453. heyyy wats up how do u be came a beta?

    fano: u cant be a beta anymore.

  454. Fano u have another beta ACCOUNT CALLED plate fano or somthing?

    fano: if u mean phat fano then yea.

  455. toh sorry for keeping you waiting fano. just can’t seem to find a book of names with the word ‘fano’.

    fano: thats ok , if u ever do find a first name with the word fano in it, thats what it means.

  456. i dont see anything about that.

    fano: yea your right i thought it was a weird story anyway , but thx for the search lol.

  457. fano did you see billybob in the testing beta party?
    how can u get the beta hat in 2008 i really want it

    fano: yea i saw the mods during the beta testing and no u cant become a beta.

  458. What does the paypal do and how do you get it?

    fano: paypal is a online ‘bank’ account that people use for things like ebay.

  459. Hey Fano I waz wondering if you can post some screenshots of the Beta Test Party. If you can’t that’s perfectly fine.

    fano: i didnt make many pictures during beta testing , most of them are alrdy on google anyway.

  460. I saw a video where you and Phat Fano were on at the same time?
    How’d you do that?

    fano: thats my secret but ill email it to u.

  461. Hey phat fano and fano i am ur biggest fan u rock i come bout 16 every day u rock!!!!!!!!

    fano: cool thanks!

  462. Add me to ur meebo buddies and i will add you mine is bmxkingaz

    fano: i dont use meebo anymore but u can leave me a message on my utube account.

  463. do u own both phat fano and fano

    fano: yea.

  464. do u have a youtube acccout called clubpenguindisney he says that hes phat fano and fano

    fano: on the right side on my blog u can see clubpenguindisney , its my utube.

  465. So Fano do you think you’ll be blogging in the summer break?

    fano: no but i might be hosting a beta party with 4 or more betas at the same time.

  466. fano, what would be better for you: A Peanut butter squid or butter toast?

    fano: ill go for butter toast lol

  467. ok just one more
    what would you say is your best video?

    fano? i liked the club monkey one and the paddle one alot.

  468. Hey Fano do you have all the non member clothes and pins also who from the mods is your buddy?

    fano: yes but only on phat fano. billybob screenhog and gizmo.

  469. Hey fano I just saw you at frozen dock!
    Ice Survivor

    fano: cool!

  470. fano,
    Hope we can be off buddy list friends πŸ˜€

  471. hey fano, how do u put a header on your site?

    fano: u go to design and then custum image header.

  472. Hey, fano. Haven’t seen you in a while man.

  473. fano, you have probably have heard the b4, but I am ur biggest fan I do come her a lot EVERY day and I have watched all of your videos atleast 20 each, I hope we can be friends. And I saw a few people on aim pretending to be you.

  474. Hey Fano I Was Wondering What Bribble Do You Use Now?

    fano: i quit bribble.

  475. Why Did You Quit Bribble? 😦

    fano: i didnt like it.

  476. Fano you have a greath webby! stinks you stopped likeing CP 😦 well anyway i ask — Are you a fan of avatar? i am ^^ — oh and im going to say im from youtube too! im umbreon321

    fano: cool yea im an avatar fan.

  477. Hey fano, Littlecloe here.

    Just wondering how you’re doing. I’m doing pretty well, I’d love to talk to you soon. Or meet ya on CP some time. Sucks the unlimited buddies went away, otherwise you could have added me. But that’s ok we can still chill and not be buddies.

    xD cya around.


  478. Hiya there fano ^_^
    I know I kinda popped out of nowhere, but I have a question… Do you know of any other beta testers that are still around? Or did they all poof?

  479. Hi there!
    I was wondering, how long did the Beta Test party last?

    fano: only a few hours.

  480. Hey Fano!
    Do u live in the us and if you do which state
    it would be interesting to see whats ur nationality
    Cheers QL

    fano: im a secret.

  481. Hey fano do u ever have parties on cp?

    fano: i dont have official parties anymore.

  482. its me sportszone31 were are we going to meat in cp lets meet at frozen at the mine shack cya

    fano: sorry i cant make it to personal requests but u can still find me at frozen dock.

  483. YO Fano!
    In one of the questions above, you mentioned something about playing a game to get the ninja suit. What did you do in the game?

  484. Do you have any puffles? If so, what are there names and colors.

    fano: they all ren away.

  485. Can I still be your buddy if I get 10 points in Prize Rebel?

  486. Hey Fannnooo!
    I’m a fan of you lol
    Can you please comment on my site, I’d really appreciate it to get a comment from FANO!! Right!
    Thanks fano,
    Mute (ambassador of Planet cazmo)
    p.s. my site is in the comment box thingie lol..i dont want to advertise
    p.s.s. please comment!!

  487. Umm what do you mean by a “popular site” and would you reckon mine would classify?

    fano: i wrote that when i just started my site. now u can only be on my blogroll if ur a friend.

  488. Ok well I’m going to add you to my elite blogroll for one main reason. You’re popular, but not a snob (like a lot of popular penguins) i.e. You interact with your fans. I respect that. P.S. You don’t have to add me to your blogroll, it’s just that I think you deserve to be in my best blogroll.

    fano: thanks i appreciate that ur coo.

  489. Hai Fano, Nice WordPress, i got a piczo..

    i have a question for u
    on cp when i always see u “Your with Phat Fano or Sith Sith, when u leave there are lot’s of arguments over, who the other betas are, some people say there, ur brothers, but i have a question “Who are Phat Fano and Sith Sith?” Sith sith is awesome, hes mah buddy on cp, he likes too wave xDD,

    tyy>3 100 Vs 0 nice blog


    fano: friend told me.

  491. Hey its me cutie123blue and i wanted to ask why do u want GHDs or watever so badly? your hair is fine XDD and y are u against fluf?
    P.S. dont say “sorry i cant tell u that im a secret” XD

    fano: i dont need ghds and the bribble on her site is fake.

  492. Hi fano is elnelso herez
    Just a simple question cuz i dunno anything anymore since fever then misams brible crashed. Why are you quitting club penguin too childish or what?

    fano: no i still like club penguin but i dont have time to play it anymore.

  493. Hi Fano
    You always have huge crowds on cp did you see me today you were on Phat fano and you mailed me (Kyledavis1) πŸ˜€

    fano: hows it going! Yes. everyone can get a crowd like mine thats why i wrote my eBook
    How to Get Famous. thanks for the comment see you on Club Penguin!

  494. hi fano my brothers penguin got banned foreva so i have a question!
    how i can gt unbanned?!

    fano: i will soon reveal that.

  495. Hey Fano I have a question Can I be a author on your site while you are gone?

    fano: no im keeping it non updated.

  496. fano do u think u can give me a free copy of both books. i live in a place with no paypal. and maybe at least add me to your clubpenguin account and forget the free books just please add me to your clubpenguin account. my username is wolfy1100. please add me for free fano. THX!!!!!!!

    fano: theres no such thing as a place without paypal. u register paypal online so if u have internet u can have paypal.

  497. Hey fano, wassup?

    I really don’t have a question but im just telling you that i might buy ur ebook!

  498. do you like the attention of benig a beta and a famous penguin? some penguins hate it!
    PLz answer!!!!!

    fano: the attention is alot of fun.

  499. Hey Fano, Long time no see. Anyways Would you be willing to trade just 1 cp beta with the hat for 3 Fantage betas?

    fano: no sorry i have 6 fantage betas myself.

  500. would u like 3 more for 1 cp beta?

    fano: no sorry.

  501. lol kool page i gotta a a real question and a funny question
    Real: How do u become a mod?
    Fun:Would u rather be in a suvier car crash and live or eat 50 crickets in a minute and if u dont eat all the crickets u get slapped by miss america on live Tv broadcast LOL plz answer

    fano: mmm i would eat none of the crickets and get slapped by miss american on live tv.
    who wouldnt want a gorgeouss woman to slap u XD

  502. Two questions, Starbucks and Sith Sith are also your penguins? and Arent you sometimes tired of playing Club Penguin allot of time? because i joined CP November 2005 and feal so bored and i hate everyone wants to add me beacause im rare XP

  503. Fano, how do you beat the sensei? -Greenday

  504. wats the best way to become famousm on cp nothing works

  505. how do you become ninja and i will help you do the monkey thing only if you make my penguin ninja cause i get bored on it so i want to walk on walls turn big have guns everything like that ok so make me ninja and i will do the money thing you want to do ok bye.

  506. how do i beat sensei and how do i get a black belt

    fano: play him alot.

  507. how do you be a black belt i try and try but i never beat sensei how do you do that?????

    fano: keep playing till u win.

  508. hey fano, do u have 2 be a mem to buy the ninja suit?

    fano: yes but the mask and black belt is free.

  509. can you make me a ninja?

    fano: if you purchase the Become a Ninja on ebay then yes.

  510. Hey Fano! So I wus wonderin’ if you could show me how to beat Sensi. Please that would mean alot! My username is Nicolle90876 and the server i’m ALWAYS on is ice box! Please help me!!

    fano: my video of beating sensei is on youtube. u need black belt.

  511. How did you come up with the name fano? sorry im not logged in

    fano: thats still a secret lol but its revealed at the back of my book πŸ˜€

  512. Could you beat sensei for me please?

    fano: hi dont post ur password in public. i can only get u the ninja mask
    if u purchase the become a ninja on ebay.

  513. could u tell me what rank to beat sensei?

    fano: black belt.

  514. hey fano can i be on your blogroll your on mine.

    fano: i can only add u on my blogroll and advertise ur site if u get my book.

  515. Lol after i got to black belt i never wanted to play card jitsu ever again, i gte all stressed out when i lose lol. How about you?

    fano: i made over 7 people ninjas so yeah i pretty much cant take card jitsu anymore.

  516. Hey it’s me xjjux remember me from yesterday at the ninja hideout well have you ever been to my website?

    fano: no i dont know the link.

  517. You dont have to answer this quetion if you dont like but do you live in the USA? Because on your Ebay account it says item location “Netherlands”, but yet you celabrate Thanksgiving. Is that just an American Holiday? Its kind of a mouth full but i just want to know.

    fano: i use the ebay site to sell only so i can put any info on there.
    however im a secret so ill just go with maybe xD

  518. You sure have a lot of secrets lol, thats cool though.

  519. Can u help me? I saw your video and it looks so cool. I am a puprple belt and I am going to brown belt on cp. The game is broken now so I ca’t play. If i challenge him he knows y every moves. Why’s that? Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!

  520. Hola! Could you please answer this question? Ok Here’s the question:
    Do you like doughnuts?

  521. who is this mystery? Guy he is annoying! Fano you like hockey?

  522. you are a moderator? tell me please

    fano: no im not.

  523. Haha. Moderator? xD

  524. Fano this is not a buddy request but can you go on CP and let us meet because even a picture would be cool thx! U name the time and place

  525. Fano is club penguin your favorite game besides club monkey

    fano: yes.

  526. Fano do you have aim, if so, what is your aim. Alot of penguins have aim account.

    fano: i dont got aim sorry.

  527. What server are you usually on???

    fano: frozen.

  528. hey fano , i hear u play fantage ? i recently joined and was wondering if u wanted to meet up sometime for an add .
    i usually go on any server , but mainly the top 3 . ive quit cp and im gonna cancel my membership soon so i can get membership on fantage .

    fano? i have a fantage beta but i dont play it.

  529. oh , and I usually go on users ‘gamecube’ and ‘sphere’ . whats your user?

    fano: u mean my username on clubpenguin? its fano.

  530. Hi Fano I was wondering if I could help you with one of your videos. Can I do that?

    fano: im not any new videos sorry.

  531. aww … okay πŸ™‚

  532. Hey fano, i was wandering, on your eBook it says u will add me if i buy it, how do you do that?

    fano: u can say a date to meet on Club Penguin so i can add u on both fanos.

  533. Fano, I was wondering, Is Phat Fano your account?

    fano: maybe.

  534. Oh wow, fano talked to me, whilst im asking questions, how would i get an intervew with you for my yt show, u dont have too, but it would be cool

    fano: if u get my book then i can give u a small interview cuz im a secret.

  535. okay, il ask ma mom…..i meen BANK GUARD ROBOT lol, if i can buy the book

  536. Oh and I Met you at your “Beta Searching” thing a few days ago on frozen, i kept trying to add you, but you never accepted, was it because your list is full?

    fano: my list is almost full but i add everyone that gets my ebook.

  537. Fano? Can you please give me an email, or any private way to speak to you, because I need you to help me get my belts and I need help beating sensei… Thanks! So all I need is an email or private chat so I can Give you my user and password. Dont Hack. Ill change when Im a Ninja. Thanks!

    fano: i charge if you want me to make you a ninja.
    you can go to the ebay link for more information.

  538. Hi fano!
    ive always wanted to meet u guys on cp! u are awsome. and hey can u tell me ur tips to becoming famous plz! ive always wanted to have a crowd and ive seen all ur becoming famous vids on utube too. so can u give me some tips please!
    thanks, Flames90009 (cp name lol)
    P.S. If ud wanna meet me anywhere id be glad to meet u.
    i usually go on aurora (if not full) or christmas and i usually hang out around at the cove, the top of the lighthouse or top of ski mountain. πŸ™‚

    fano: All the secrets of getting famous on cp is in my eBook. and everyone that gets it gets added on fano and phat fano.
    So if you would like to learn all the tips and be added on both my betabuddy list then all u need to do is get the book on ebay.

  539. I am actually on cp now so can u come on and go to frozen and add a person named flames90009 plz that is me

  540. hey fano I just wanted to ask how do you become a ninja in like 10 minutes??

    fano: u cant. it takes hours of playing.

  541. Fano i have a question, i am having a huge beta testers party February 20th 2009 and i wanted to know if you and all the beta friends you know can come.

    fano: sorry i will have quiten club penguin before 2009 completely.

  542. just give me fanos penguin name and pass
    i will make it a member thought

    fano: how about no. lol

  543. Hey fano, im so happy you went to the party, i had a BLAST!
    i cant wait to get those images uploaded to my site!
    By the way, can you come to my party tomorrow at 2:00 PST?

  544. Hey!
    I was just wondering, if I have a party, if you would come and make my party the best party ever! Ur like the best beta ever! Well just edit my comment and say yes or no. I would really hope you do though!
    Thanks, Cp-Dude 8)

    fano: hi i sorta quit cp. i only visit my friends parties who got my ebook as their special guest sorry.

  545. hey fano, do you think you can come to my party tonight in club penguin as a specail guest?

    fano: no sorry. i can only visit ur parties as ur special guest and add u if u get my ebook.

  546. Hey, Fano! You played Card-Jistu with me on Club Penguin last Saturday! I had fun, and am considering buying your ebook. But… I wanted to ask if you would promise to perma-add me on Fano when I bought it. Idk if that’s too much to ask. Please respond and I will decide. Thnx,

    fano: yes the buddy adds are permanent so u wont get deleted.

  547. what is a fantage beta?

  548. hey fano its me kingpin2 i need to know how to make the clip art you made on the top of your page

    fano: what kind of clip art.

  549. Hey Fano! Do u want me to paint you on my wordpress!?

    fano: if u want to sure.

  550. hey fano i was the one pokedude98 that u sent a card to and raced sled race with. hey um are you quitting club penguin if so post back.

    fano: yeah.

  551. hey fano can u add me on your buddie list ill trade you a rare account named fufom.

    fano: im alrdy quiting so i dont need one but thx.

  552. how to beat the sensei

    fano: get a blackbelt first.

  553. if youre quitting who will u give your account to?

    fano: no one. i will keep them in case i play again someday.

  554. Fano if you are quitting, then why are you still posting and are you coming to Scrappycoc’s 700 hits party?

  555. i am black belt now can you tell me how to beat the sensei ?

  556. search my videos on kadumaran

    questions:whats your favorite server

  557. What kind of music do u like fano and how old are you?

    fano: im a teenager and mostly pop.

  558. fano! Hey man. Listen, I’ve been looking for a beta for a while. Email me at If you are interested in a one month membership. I know 7u7 by the way. Email quick offer won’t last.

  559. i don’t see something from the sensei out of club penguin,
    btw yor vid on yt doesn’t works
    he defeats me every time
    pls put something that you can do

  560. hi fano!
    This is O Pingu (a friend of CIdboy 4732 using his account)
    Whats your hotmail??

  561. Fano, would you be willing to trade one of your cp betas for codes?

    fano: no sorry.

  562. fano, do you play Chobots?

    fano: no i dont play that game.

  563. hey if you dont mind me asking, how old are you and how d oyou become a beta tester??

    fano: im a teenager and u cant become a beta tester anymore.

  564. How do you make party banners comment at my site!

  565. Hey fano,
    What server do you go on more mammoth or frozen?

    Ive seen you on both.

    Can I join club monkey without the belt?

  566. Fano,
    Take snapshots of igloos on club penguin you like and put them on here

  567. Hey Fano. I was wondering if you could come to my party.

    fano: sorry i cant make it to ur party but have a good one.

  568. Hey Fano Its Me Sparky681 From Chrisdog93 Party!
    I Was Wondering IF You Can Put Me In YOur Blogroll Please..
    Am Trying To Have At Least 10,000 Hits
    And Remember You Inspired Me To Do This Website Of Club Penguin.

    fano: thanks for the compliments but i cant add u on my blogroll sorry.

  569. Why Not??

    fano: i cant everyone that just asks.

  570. But We Use To Talk All The Times But If Its That Way Ok Then..
    Thanks Anyways Fano 😦


  571. hey fano!
    i don’t think you remember me
    cause we really never talked
    but you sent me a postcard!
    it was a while ago
    but im a big fan
    hope to see you on cp again πŸ™‚

  572. Hey, will you marry me lol joking, me real question is if you could go back and skip the beta hat, and be an ordinary penguin, would you, or would you keep the beta hat? This will probably be a bit hard to answer.
    P.S. Please comment on my site, YOU ROCK!

    fano: i would keep the beta hat. i can register a non beta at any time.

  573. Hey Fano Nice site!Email me at
    You rock Fano

  574. Fano,i can help you with banners and logos.
    Look what i can do –>

    And other πŸ™‚ if you want help find me in skype sheen_95

  575. hey fano i am totaly new to the website businesss and i was thinking maybe you can help me ? i really need it cuz i only have 11 views

    fano: no i cant but just update it alot and im sure ull get views.

  576. Hey Fano you should invite all of your beta buddies on cp and throw a beta reunion party!

  577. Hey Fano i can make you a member for free.

    fano: i already quit cp but thanks tho!

  578. fano do u go on chobots? if u do………one of my accounts got banned. do u know how it can be unbanned?

    fano: i dont but try emailing support.

  579. Hey Fano I Was Wondering If I Can Plz Have Starbucks Pass Plz You Rock E-mail Me To Or My Youtube Channel

  580. Hey Fano can you check out my site. ill add you to my blog roll if you add me to your blog roll please write back

    fano: cool site! i cant add anyone on my blogroll but thanks anyway!

  581. Fano you rock !!!!! I met you once at frozen but you didnt add me 😦 I really wanna meet you again . I am very excited and proud because I met you !!! My penguin name is rgghgfn . Also your site rocks !!!!!You are the onlinest beta I ever met and I would like you to add me (if you want to )I am sorry I wrote you to add me but I wrote it because it is very important for me to be your buddy.

    fano: hi my buddy list is full and i quit cp but i appreciate ur compliments!

  582. fano , lol , I know your user on cp ! πŸ˜› we’ve met tons! i wanted to know your fantage name , so …. yeah. πŸ˜›

    fano: my fantage name is fano aswel.

  583. So umm…Fano how do you get beta hat???

  584. r u the first to register club penguin? have u quited club penguin?
    ive saw u at the ninja hideout and the dock, ur SO cool!

    fano: i was one of the first and thanks!

  585. hi Fano do you ever feel like playing cp ever since you quit or you still bored of it?????

    fano: club penguin is fun but i dont got time for it.

  586. Hey fano, What are your editing tools?? And how did you get a domain name?

    fano: i use paint and photoshop and i bought the domain.

  587. what is your youtube account?

    fano: clubpenguindisney.

  588. hi people, fano this is a cool page but add a chat in this page
    can you do that?

    fano: no sorry.

  589. you do you dare to play cardjitsu anganst hamtaro97

    fano: i like card jitsu but i quit club penguin sorry.

  590. hi um i need your help. I wrotee a post about how lux1200 site is awesome, and some jerk just coppied and pasted, and changed a few things. IS there anything i can do?

    fano: tell lux is the best thing. if u posted it earlier and most of it is the same then the other one will problably get deleted.

  591. hey fano good question, is the beta penguin “phat fano” your other penguin?

    fano: yes.

  592. hey fano another question, why do you have two beta penguins?

    fano: because its more fun.

  593. your lucky, you have two beta testers!

    and i have 6 penguin that aren’t betas

  594. Yeah nice page fano I read on how you will add me and ive added you to my page on almost every page my Username on club penguin is Tiny Finn and ive seen your youtube page and I hope you will add me im usually on frozen server

    fano: well i quitted cp so i cant add u on there but u can add me on utube.

  595. hey fano can you add me on youtube?

    fano: yes just send me a request.

  596. have you talked with Lux yet? about the contest

    fano: no i will ask him when hes on.

  597. LOL i did, i was disneyfan115588, thanks for adding me.

  598. hey fano wat advantages r there of being a beta tester

    fano: u can wear the beta hat.

  599. fano are you from greece ?

    fano: im a secret.

  600. Fano is a beta!

  601. Hey Fano! I know u said I had to get ur ebook to be on ur blogroll and i alredy have u on mine. Plz comment on and tell me wut an ebook is or tell me at my chat in a private message. Seeya!
    ~iceman 301~

  602. Hey fano, if you still even go on this blog, do you have any other blogs? Well if you did, I would like to know them.

    fano: i still visit my blog to answer questions.

  603. Fano, i thought you quit, why did you get on club penguin again to do things, i thought you only get on to keep your accounts active.

    fano: i do only go online to keep them active.

  604. sorry i wrote not like ont

  605. hey fano, my friend told me, and another friend posted on his site that you were are a party with 2 other beta testers, why?

  606. Fano can i meet you to take a few pics for a site that im making. i dont want you to add me but i just want pictures please respond. were you just on Frozen at the dock?

    fano: i dont go on cp except for keeping my account active.

  607. Hey,Fano I tipped the iceberg last night and didn’t get banned. all i got was a rainbow puffle and 1 million coins!CREEPY isn’t it?

  608. you CANT tip the ice burg. Impossable. I know, I have benn on cp for 3 years, when it started

  609. why didnt you come to your party today?

  610. Do you like Pokemon?

  611. hi fano,
    im a really nice chobot and i see u arround all the time can u reckomend me plz

  612. hi fano
    im warrior7474 but i had to get a new acoount so if u want to reckomend me plz reckomend warrior7878

  613. how did u become a beta tester?

    fano: everyone that played penguin chat 3 got asked to test for cp.

  614. I wanna know if you checked my web? Do you Like it if so Add me im A Li on cp (Emperor Plup is banned forever πŸ˜₯ )

  615. Is it true that if ur a beta tester u can play the song delayed in ur igloo?

  616. wheres the become a ninja link plz answer

    fano: to become a ninja u have to get black belt first and then beat sensei.

  617. hi fano its me xbox360m4 the famous penguin im just saying that u r the best

    fano: cool thanks!

  618. hey im a penguin on cp but not a mem how do i get mem stuff

  619. hey fano. I have a site too. Can you gimme a pic of you (and if you have other betas in your buddy list plz send me pics of them too) for my site. Under the picture of you I will have your site address.

  620. where are you from ???

  621. Fano can we meet on cp?

  622. Are you realy Billybob’s Son Fano? If you are tell your dad that cp rocks and that when wanna grow up that i wanna work for cp πŸ˜€ CP RULES!!!!!!!!!!

    fano: im not billybob’s or any moderators son but thanks for asking.
    its really neat u wanna work for cp , its a super cool game!

  623. club penguin is awsome man

  624. This is cool. Did you Go to Lux1200 Wig party

    fano: yes i did.

  625. Hi Fano.Acdog here. Whats up? Where can I talk to you in private?

    fano: you can type what u want to know here.

  626. How do you get a picture in that little thing? Does anybody know? If you do, please tell me.

    fano: you can add a picture at my account – edit profile.

  627. fano why did u quit other then that and not let people hae ur account cause i really want a beta ill trade a member for it

    fano: my penguins are mine. and no who would trade a beta for a member, use ur brain.

  628. Fano, I know you have been the find four champion on cp for a long time. I want to have a tourney, and take that away from you. If I win, you give me one of your betas WITH the beta hat. If you win, I give you a coin code and an account with membership. You make the times. You make the rules. Deal?

  629. Im having big trouble with the Sensei and he is getting on my nerves!! Excuse my french 😦 im sorry i just cant beat him anymore im a blue belt and i cant become a ninja! its so freaking hard. :-/

    fano: u cant beat sensei untill u get a black belt. u can get a blackbelt by winning against other players in competition mode.

  630. fano

    1 why arent u a member
    2 who is kyle cease
    3 why do u have 4 betas
    4 am i random
    5 are you banned
    6 i dont have the belt im not old enough is that a prob?

    fano: no , dont know , i like betas , a bit , no , and ninja belts?
    u can get those by playing competition mode at the dojo.

  631. heyy
    how can a beat sensei?? please help!
    luvv foogoose

  632. no the monkey belt
    im a ninja!!!!!

  633. again fano
    1 if ur betas were stolen what would u do?
    2 r u in a cp army

    fano: get them back and im in club monkey.

  634. Can you be my friend on club penguin because i heard your famous and i wacthed your video’s on you tube my you tube username is ujayi12345 my club penguin penguin’s name is ujayi please write back.

    fano: im full on club penguin but i can add u on utube if u send a friend request.

  635. Fano if you payed 20 pound for a penguin and somone stole it what would you do.
    1.Phone Cp nothing
    3.ask a friend to help you out. 😐 thank you fano!

    fano: i would try to help but you have to know that its ur responsibility
    to keep the penguin safe in the first place. i cant control all penguins.

  636. hey fano i got a qustion , my maina ccount got banned for ever and what if all 4 of your betas got banned for life what would you do???

  637. how do you beat sensei? i have a black beat but he always plays the card that beats mine! help! i want to get into the hideout before the 5th!


  639. Fano, its me Coko999 I just talked to you with lux…I was wondering do you have a utube account and can you add me there..fano u are truly the best, also how much do i have to donate, for u to add me on cp

  640. hey um on cp its july 17 and it says the sunburst guitar is not availible help

  641. how do you beat sensi

  642. please be an admin of my blog fano

  643. Will you be my friend?


  644. Is there any possible way where i can get free rare items?

  645. lol random name i was wondering if you have like a cheat page or somthing??????

  646. please tell me what is the club munkey link fano please

  647. what made u think of the name fano?

  648. This is maybe a dumb question but are you a girl or a boy?

  649. can i meet on cp

  650. Heyy Fano remember me HannahMZ on ur chat. I got a question for u? If you were dared to do somethin stupid like eat 50 Raw Worms would u puke or… Die lol. Nver do this.. my friend did this once and she passed away from tht so… i feel srry for her πŸ˜₯ See you on your chat tomorrow peace! πŸ˜€

  651. how can i get a beta hat (hacking)?

  652. i have a ton of questions (ignore the fact that i do because i dont just to make it interesting)

    1. was beta testing hard?

    thats it

    P.S.: i told u to ignore the fact (just kidding)

  653. Harr Hat!!! You Are STILL in contact with me!…… Just To Say 4 Fano Are You Small,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,????? Im Just A Person Lol…. Right Then I Havent Seen A Re-ply from Fano Anywere! Alright Then!! Bye….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  654. umm fano like on a youtube vid for the testing severs can i still go on it i want to please let me

  655. go to http//

  656. hey fano its jaMeS, just checking by laterz πŸ™‚

  657. hey fano its blizzard, i saw you in beta testing lol i saw you right when you were goin to get the party hat! haha good times!

  658. Hey Fano. Its me Dude19 from club penguin. Maybe we can meet on cp 1 day and have a beta party. My other cp name is also Ansem1212 and Test Sensei1 xD.

  659. hi, my name is actually Fano, and i wonder about: who you are, what makes you famous at cp, and why have u stolen my name?

  660. Hey Fano! , i Want to Ask you If you Still Play Club Penguin

  661. sure! club penguin is the best! but i dont think that is the answer i wanted to hear… i thought I were gonna ask YOU, not you me XD

  662. (ps, the last comment were from meeh)

  663. WOOPS! i thought you were the beta tester! lol! well… sorry for the last comment

  664. …what is a beta tester?

  665. could you help me find rockhopper island

  666. r u ever gonna answear???

  667. guess not -.-

  668. Hey, Fano.
    From the comments I have scrolled through, it seems you dont like being interviewed…TOO much, that is XD.

    So I’m going to ask you a question and I really want to know the answer to it:

    Q: If you still play Club Penguin, may I please ask how often you go online?

    I’m not asking for a buddy request or anything, but I would just like to know if you still play Club Penguin.


    Could you please contact me by my email account, (

  669. Fano? Your rock! Respond on my site plz! Press my name!

  670. what’s ur REAL pass i heard it was “basketballfanocp” but it didn’t work!!!!!

  671. hey im really old. i havent played in a while. just wondering if u still play.

  672. hey i am really old. we used to hang out. i know were all to old now but do u still play lol.

  673. CAN I HAVE YOUR ACCOUNT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  674. fano it’s s0pe, where u been!!!!!!!! if u get this email me right now!

  675. Dear fanocp i would be willing your website repl back sincerly,

  676. I personally discover a lot of blogging
    sites, though your blog is a pleasure to read.

  677. Intriguing read. Fantastic ideas, well made. In my opinion , your are just right there.

  678. Your blog post is fantastic. Could I follow you on Google??

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