club penguin missions

Mission 1: Case of the missing puffles

1. Talk to Aunt Artic.
2. Go to the Ice Rink and look to the right. Pick up the pictures on the ground.
3. go back to Aunt arctic and give her the pictures.
4. Go the the Pet Shop and look to the left.
5. Click on the note that’s attached to the puffle house.
6. Use the code right below to read the note , it says: G has __ pairs of socks.
7. Go to the Sport shop.
8. Talk to G and ask him if he has any special item. Answer how many pairs of socks he has.
9. Take the life preserver shooter. Go to the Ice Berg and rescue all the penguins that
got stranded on a piece of ice. Save them by firing life preservers at them.
10. Go to the Ski Mountain and Talk to the crying penguin. Open your spy phone & click
on the red LED light. Click on the spanner and click on the telescope to fix it.
11. If you look through the telescope and go to the left. You will see a green puffle flying
around a mountain.
12. Go back to the Sport Shop to get the grappling hook.
13. Go to the Tallest Mountain. Click on the grappling hook and aim for the top of the
mountain and you will see 2 lost puffles.
14. Bring the puffles back to Aunt Arctic.
15 Get the medal and the letter from Aunt Artic.

Mission 2: G’s secret mission

1. Talk to G and ask him for your mission.
2. The answer to his riddle is mogul.
3. Put G’s new sledge prototype in your inventory.
4. Go to the Ski Mountain.
5. Go to the test run sign and click on the prototype sledge to ride down the hill.
6. Crash.
7. Pick up the string behind the snow clump then move to the right.
8. get the survival guide. ( read it if u like )
9. Go towards the bush with the berries on it.
10. Pick up 3 berries and put them in the same inventory folder to save space
11. Go to the right and shake the tree to the right 3 times. A pan will fall out of the tree.
12. Go towards the tree stump.
13. Click on one of the puffles. They will all run away except the black one.
14. Feed the black puffle a berry , it will go on fire and will follow you around for the rest of the mission.
15. Go to the left then go towards the bush and the log.
16. Pick up the ski and put it in the same folder as the string to make a fishing rod.
17. add a berry to the fishing rod for bait.
18. Go to the right and go back to the tree stump.
19. Go towards the cave on the right.
20. move to the left and go towards the river.
21. Use the fishing rod to catch a fish. Once caught put it in your inventory.
22. Fill your pan with water out of the river.
23. Go to the right and pick up the piece of wood.
24. Go back to the cave. Click on the bushes in front of the entrance to pull them aside.
25. Enter the cave and click on one of the rocks.
26. Go to the new fire place you have made & put the piece of wood in it.
27. Use ur survival guide from ur inventory click on the piece of wood.
28. Feed the puffle a berry. It will light up the fire.
29. Boil the pan of water to get rid of bacteria and drink it.
30. Roast the fish and eat it. You will fall asleep.
31. You will wake up because of a noise outside. The puffle left.
32. Go outside and talk to the agent with jet pack. He will bring you the the Sport Shop.
33. Talk to G.
34. Get the medal and the letter.

Mission 3: Case of the missing coins

1. Talk to the funny looking guy , he’s forgotten the combination.
2. Go to the staff room.
3. Go all the way to the right. Now click under the sofa.
4. Pick up the floppy disk and the paper clip.
5. Go to the computer. Put the floppy disk in the floppy and press the on button.
6. Click on my files.
7. Click on combination number
8. The combination is different every time you do this mission , but the N stands for North, E stands for East etc.
9. If you click on ice_bricks you can play a mini game of 10 levels. ( optional )
10. Go down stairs and enter the combination.
11. Click on the coins.
12. You will get a phone call. G wants to meet you at HQ.
13. Talk to G , look at the video , go back.
14. Click on the drawer and pick up the gold key in the top left corner.
15. ( The keys say from left to the right: gold color roof top , grey lounge , green ski shop , blue office , dark green boiler room and brown coffee )
16. Go back to the staff room in the gift shop.
17. Move to the left and open the roof top door with your key.
18. get your spy phone , click on the LED light and get the spanner.
19. Open the power box with the spanner.
20. Trow the paper clip in the power box and it will explode.
21. Look at the left and you see a small piece of white fur , pick it up.
22. Go to the valt downstairs and click on the coins.
23. Go to HQ and give G the piece of white furr.
24. Talk to G and help him with his second mission.
25. Move the right and pick up the funny looking lamp under the map.
26. Go to the Town and talk to the crying penguin.
27. After that go into the Night Club and turn on the flash light. ( Use the night vision goggles if you have them , it looks alot much cooler! )
28. Go to the secret entrance to the boiler room ( its the speaker on the right )
29. Find the fuse box and click on it.
30. Read the instructions on the inside.
31. Click on the lights untill they all become green.
32. Once you got the power on you can go to the Night Club and talk to the penguin that was crying.
33. Go to HQ and talk to G.
34. Get the medal and a thank you letter.

Mission 4: Avalanche resque

1. Talk to G.
2. Go into the Gadget Room and move left.
3. Pick up the Life Preserver Shooter in the inventions closet.
4. Go to the Ski Village.
5. Pick up the white fur at the side fof the lift.
6. After that go into the Ski Lodge and move right.
7. Pick up the Fishing Rod that is next to the door of the Ice Fishing Game.
8. Put the Fishing Rod with the Live Preserver Shooter.
9. Go to the Sport Shop to the right.
10. Click the belt on a winking penguin model and add it to your inventory.
11. Go to the Lighthouse and look at the right.
12. Take the piece of rope that is on the boat and put it with the fishing rod.
13. Go to the Beacon.
14. Get the Spanner from your Spy Phone and undo the telescope from the railing.
15. Put the telescope in your inventory.
16. Go back to the Sport Shop and go into Gary’s Room.
17. Put the telescope on the tripod near the window in Gary’s Room.
18. Click the telescope
19. Memorise the paths that lead to the penguins. ( important )
20. Go to the Ski Mountain and go down Ridge Run.
21. Go down the paths that you saw in the telescope untill you get to a broken fence.
22. Click the Penguin Rescuer and click on the fence.
23. Brake the branch over the right with the Tube
24. Pick up the Penguin on the tree first.
25. After that pick up the penguin on the left.
26. The tree bended so now you can get to the third penguin under the tree.
27. Pick up the penguin you left on the tree.
28. Put all three penguins on the edge with the rock on it on the left side.
29. The rock will fall on the sled that the last penguin is stuck in
30. Pick up the three penguins on the edge and pick up the last penguin.
31. When you rescued all 4 penguins go to the Ski Village.
32. Talk to the crying penguin.
33. Get the belt from of your inventory and click on the ski lift.
34. The belt fixes the ski lift and now you can go up the Ski Hill.
35. Talk to G and give him the white fur.
36. Get the medal and the Handy Penguin Award.
37. Read the letter but dont put it in your pocket because it explodes!
38. Click here to read the letter
39. The code says: letter from (The head of the P.S.A)

Mission 5: Secret of the fur

1. Talk to G and get started right away.
2. Help him fix the Furensic Analyzer.
3. Use the haircomb on your spyphone to brush the hair.
4. Put in the mysterious white fur to analyze it.
5. Go to the left and pick up the AC 1000 fan
6. Now go to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the owner.
7. Put the hot sauce and chocolate sauce in your inventory.
8. Talk to the owner again , take the pizza that you need to deliver.
9. Go to the Ski Lodge and move to the right towards the Ice Fishing.
10. Give the fishing penguin the pizza.
11. Go to the Coffee Shop and talk to the owner there.
12. Help him fix the chocolate machine behind him.
13. Use the spanner in your spy phone and fix the hoses.
14. Put the cup in its place and add the chocolate sauce in the bowl.
15. Turn on the heat on your right and put the hot chocolate in your inventory.
16. Go to the beach and pick up the fishnet on your left.
17. Enter the Lighthouse and move to the left , pick up the rope.
18. Talk to the 2 penguins and go upstairs to the Beacon.
19. Go to the right and use ur air fan to blow the balloon with the fuel closer.
20. Take your spy phone and use the scissors to get the fuel down.
21. Add the fuel to your inventory and go back to the secret hq.
22. Click on the Calibration machine and add the following ingrediants.
23. Add the fuel , the hot sauce and the warm chocolate milk.
24. Put the glases in your inventory and turn em on.
25. Go to the Ski Lodge and click on the candle to add in your inventory.
26. Move to the right and talk to the penguin under the couch.
27. Go to the Ice Fishing place , there you will see the monster.
28. Add the fishnet and the rope together and place it on the ground.
29. Put the candle on it to use as bait to lure the creature and capture it.
30. Take the crab and pick up the piece of white fur.
31. Go back to the secret hq and talk to G.
32. Give him the crab and talk some more.
33. Click on the Furensic Analyzer and analyze the white fur.
34. Yikes a polar bear , well done agent!
35. add the medal and the gift to your inventory.
36. Open your player card and click on the pizza to eat it.


50 Responses to “club penguin missions”

  1. oool! I have done all the missions. It would probably be easier for some people if you made a video on it. 😀

  2. Holla!
    True, some people get bored by reading!

    fano: yea but if ur almost at the end of ur mission but u dont know the last thing
    a video would make u watch it all but this way u can just skip to where u need help

  3. I hacked them because I was lazy lol.

  4. lol

  5. Thanks this site was a real help!!!See you latter alligotor lol!!!

  6. well i have done the missions bt how do you get the fishing rod????

    fano: u mean getting the fishing rod in club penguin?
    that was a free item

  7. no matter how hard i try i read the message but when i type it it says sorry not that answer what is the real answer in mission 1

    fano: the answer is diffrent everytime

  8. Awesome!! I can’t wait until the new mission!!!THE CASE OF THE WHITE FUR!!

  9. I wonder if there’s going to be another mission because we already found out the owner of the white fur~lol

  10. how do u put the stuff in the aniliser

    fano: after u used the comb to brush the purple fur
    just put the white fur in the same place

  11. the missions are so fun to do!i already did all of them

  12. what is the calibration machine??

    fano: its the machine with the sunglasses on it , next to G on the right

  13. Is there a new mission every 4 months?
    Thats what I heard.

    fano: could be

  14. i love this fanos page coz it helped me 2 do my quest thingys missons luv ya lol cya

  15. is there a mission every 2 months or what make 100 missions

    fano: a mission comes around every 5 months

  16. there on more coming

  17. mission 6 is out now!! ppl go go!!
    p.s. its kav who says i will come on ur chat all da time lol

    fano: mission 6 guide will be here tonight

  18. i know the answers to mission 6. it’s easy.
    but i don’t have energy to wirite the answers.

  19. hey what about the new mission man!!

    fano: what about em.

  20. u havent posted anything bout questions for a crab!

  21. ther is an new mission mission 6

  22. ye theres gunna be at least ten missions so loads more fun to come hope to see more answers lol

  23. Where’s questions for a crab and the broken clock?

    fano: i dont have those but u can still find them on youtube.

  24. Wow i never finished all the missions and now that u tell me this im realy excited about ur idea. I hope Club Monkey will come out soon!

  25. I just curius, why would you tell us the missions?

    fano: so that if someone doesnt know how to do a mission they can find it here.

  26. can u tell us how 2 do ‘clockwork repairs’ plz plz plz i cant do it ive been trying 4 ages

    fano: i dont have the other missions but you can search them on youtube.

  27. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  28. what is the next one

  29. i can’t figure out the calibration machine!!!!!!!! in the fur mission!!!!HELP ME PLZ!

    fano: you add the fuel , the hot sauce and the warm chocolate milk.
    if you still have trouble try typing the mission on youtube.

  30. there`s 9 missions all reddy

  31. yea theres already mission nine but your only up to 5?

  32. theres gonna be a mission 10

  33. This page is interesting! so how do u be able to go through the closet in HQ that leads to another room?

    fano: you need to use the code that comes with the club penguin epf ds game.

  34. nice


  36. thanx man u helped alot please do some thing about mission 6 thnx again cya

  37. where on earth is the air fan. sry but i just wish sometimes u could do a little good engilsh.

  38. i finished all of them really quickly and they need to make more!!

  39. Thanks for ur help i really appriciate it.

  40. how do you put the items in the furensic analyzer 300

  41. how do you put the items in the furensic analyzer 300


  43. hey can u help me i cant get past a part on mission 6 (on club penguin) its the part where u have the grappling hook and the rope i cant find the hill u go up please help!!

  44. How do you put the items into the calibration machine?

  45. bie

  46. boboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboboobobobobobobobobobobobobooboboboboboboboobobobobobobboboboboboboboboboboobobobobobobobobobobobobob obobobobobobobobobobobobobobobnobobobobobobobboboboobobbobooboboboo

  47. -coughs- weres umm the questions for crab seriously?

  48. i past all the missions not kitting

  49. ye theres gunna be at least ten missions so loads more fun to come hope to see more answers my blog

  50. I wonder if there’s going to be another mission because we already found out the owner of the white fur~lol

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