avatar the last airbender

here i will be posting all the links of Avatar The Last Airbender!
talk about your favorite episode , bending style and character.

Avatar’s final episodes have been aired on nickelodeon july 19th.
I think they did an awesome job and the episodes were great.
I am a bit sad tho that i cant look forward to more avatar shows.
However i enjoyed it every week , and waited months for the new seasons.
Discuss your favorite moments here and feel free to re watch your fav episodes.

Avatar The Last Airbender Book 4: Air

4.01 Chapter 01: Forbidden Love

Avatar The Last Airbender Book 3: Fire

3.01 Chapter 01: The Awakening
3.02 Chapter 02: The Headband
3.03 Chapter 03: The Painted Lady
3.04 Chapter 04: Sokka’s Master
3.05 Chapter 05: The Beach
3.06 Chapter 06: The Avatar and the Firelord
3.07 Chapter 07: The Runaway
3.08 Chapter 08: The Puppetmaster
3.09 Chapter 09: Nightmares and Daydreams
3.10 Chapter 10: Day of the Black Sun Part 1: The Invasion
3.11 Chapter 11: Day of the Black Sun Part 2: The Eclipse
3.12 Chapter 12: The Western Air Temple
3.13 Chapter 13: The Firebending Masters
3.14 Chapter 14: The Boiling Rock (Part 1)
3.15 Chapter 15: The Boiling Rock (Part 2)
3.16 Chapter 16: The Southern Raiders
3.17 Chapter 17: The Ember Island Players
3.18 Chapter 18: Sozin’s Comet Part 1: The Phoenix King
3.19 Chapter 19: Sozin’s Comet Part 2: The Old Masters
3.20 Chapter 20: Sozin’s Comet Part 3: Into the Inferno
3.21 Chapter 21: Sozin’s Comet Part 4: Avatar Aang

Avatar The Last Airbender Book 2: Earth

2.01 Chapter 01: The Avatar State
2.02 Chapter 02: The Cave of Two Lovers
2.03 Chapter 03: Return to Omashu
2.04 Chapter 04: The Swamp
2.05 Chapter 05: Avatar Day
2.06 Chapter 06: The Blind Bandit
2.07 Chapter 07: Zuko Alone
2.08 Chapter 08: The Chase
2.09 Chapter 09: Bitter Work
2.10 Chapter 10: The Library
2.11 Chapter 11: The Desert
2.12 Chapter 12: The Serpent’s Pass
2.13 Chapter 13: The Drill
2.14 Chapter 14: The City of Walls and Secrets
2.15 Chapter 15: Tales of Ba SIng Se
2.16 Chapter 16: Appa’s Lost Days
2.17 Chapter 17: Lake Laogai
2.18 Chapter 18: The Earth King
2.19 Chapter 19: The Guru
2.20 Chapter 20: The Crossroads of Destiny

Avatar The Last Airbender Book 1: Water

1.01 Chapter 01: The Boy in the Iceberg
1.02 Chapter 02: The Avatar Returns
1.03 Chapter 03: The Southern Air Temple
1.04 Chapter 04: The Warriors of Kyoshi
1.05 Chapter 05: The King of Omashu
1.06 Chapter 06: Imprisoned
1.07 Chapter 07: The Spirit World Winter Solstice 1
1.08 Chapter 08: Avatar Roku Winter Solstice 2
1.09 Chapter 09: The Waterbending Scroll
1.10 Chapter 10: Jet Download
1.11 Chapter 11: The Great Divide
1.12 Chapter 12: The Storm
1.13 Chapter 13: The Blue Spirit
1.14 Chapter 14: The Fortuneteller
1.15 Chapter 15: Bato of the Water Tribe
1.16 Chapter 16: The Deserter
1.17 Chapter 17: The Northern Air Temple
1.18 Chapter 18: The Waterbending Master
1.19 Chapter 19: The Siege of the North Part 1
1.20 Chapter 20: The Siege of the North Part 2


159 Responses to “avatar the last airbender”

  1. cool page. lol i think i gave u the idea not sure. i will check the ask page.lol

    fano: i wanted to make it before u told me but i didnt becuz people might posted spoilers

  2. Aang grew hair? How many did I miss? 😕

  3. u didnt miss many. it was between season 2 and 3 when he grew hair. ive only seen the first episode of season 3. i gotta catch up. later

  4. i wish i saw the part where he grew hair what part is it?

    fano: u didnt actually see him grow hair but u can see him first wearing it
    in the first episode of book 3 – the awakening

  5. Thats so weird.. why did he grow hair?

    fano: well after aang got shot he was out for weeks.
    during that time he wasnt able to shave is head

  6. I like ’em all! (the episodes) ty 😀
    nice page btw

  7. i think fire bending is pretty cool. i like teh way you shoot fire out of your hands! it is so cool… i also like earth bending cuz you can throw rocks at people. lol…. its pretty cool.

  8. I have seen this before. Seems kinda dumb. A guy with an arrow on his head pointing to his nose…

    fano: lol yea that was my first impression when i watched the episode too
    but if u follow it it gets really good

  9. o.k. I did not understand one word you said. lol

  10. i like avatar its really cool!

  11. umm fano just to let you know i made avatar meet clubpenguin you should watch it 🙂 the first ones werent good

    fano: cool ill check it out

  12. he has HAIR!!!!!!!!! wow i am missin out do they still show it on nickelodien.

    fano: yes book 3 is airing every saturday in the us and canada
    and every wednesday in the uk

  13. I love the show, sorry but what does it have to do with the website and cp? Cool page thogh! 😀
    sarge dudles

    fano: well the avatar page is for the fans , nothing to do with cp but i think it fits good here

  14. yeah i guess it does. 😀

  15. This show rocks!!!

  16. Are any of you going to get avatar the burning earth the video game?
    I think that is what the new video game is called.

  17. omg-i love that show!! I’ve never missed an episode!! lol- I read book 1, but I haven’t got/read the others. I heard about the new video game too.

  18. wow cool you sure are an avatar fan. last time i watched it aang didnt have hair lol

  19. omg- i saw u on cp like 2 hours ago,

  20. cool i kinda like that show

  21. Hey fano, check out this cool video I found!

    fano: cool

  22. I found another cool avatar thing!
    An avatar bubs!!

    fano: sweet thats aang!


  24. Avatar is, like, the best thing ever!!! I’m sooo happy season 3 is out. I’ve been waiting FOREVER!!!
    Thanks for putting all the episodes up

  25. whats ur fav type of bending , mine is airbending i guess

  26. yea, when avatar 1st came out, i thought he like had disease or something lol

  27. w000t avatar ROX!! When i first saw it my impression was:
    hmmmm… guy with an arrow on his head…. maybe its good tho…
    my fave type of bending is water and air! It would be cool to fly with a kite thing
    I also avatar the ledgend of aang on nintendo DS lite and it is sooooooo cooleyo but im stuck on it

  28. Do you know what the next chapters name is?

    fano: the firebending masters

  29. cool i finally found ur site ppls told me it was just fano.wordpress.com cool site and i watch avatar whenever its on and we buy all the dvds of it

  30. I MUST SEE THE NEXT EPISODE!!!!!!!!!! FIRE BENDERS COULD OWN ALL DA REST!!! they were so mean to Zuko in the Western Air Temple. I feel sooo bad for him…

  31. OMG! I forgot!!
    There showing a new episode of Avatar in Canada!
    I might not be able to watch it cause I’m going somewhere at 7:30
    They show it in Canada at 8:30
    I hope I don’t miss it :
    If I do watch it I will tell you spoilers!
    (If you want lol)

    fano: cool lol!

  32. I missed it 😦

  33. is the two fire benders episode out yet

    fano: not yet

  34. I don’t think its out in U.S but it aired in Canada but I missed it 😦

    fano: firebending masters is gonna air friday 28 december in canada

  35. fano if you were a bender what kind would you be? Id me an Earthbender

    fano: i would like to be an airbender so i could fly and be really agile.
    but in real life i would be a water bender so i could heal people

  36. I think it would be cool to be a firebender.

  37. i want to see chapter 13 fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fano: yea me too , i got all excited for today and ytv didnt air it
    now we have to wait atleast a whole week again.

  38. Why isnt ytv showing the avatar episodes fano?

    fano: dunno they repeated all episodes from avatar and the firelord

  39. That sucks 😦
    I have to wait anther week…
    Oh well I got a HD TV so when I watch its going to be AWESOME!

  40. i need to see chapter 20 on earth so i can see fire.

  41. Hey i got the new game havnt tried it yet though. Also, i think i would be an air bender because i use to call myself something almost the same before the show came out.

  42. Hey I got Avatar The Last Airbender:the Burning Earth for My PS2 and it rocks! Iroh is the best in the game! P.S.- The Episode ” The Western Air Temple” won’t air in the USA, why do you think that

    fano: dunno why they didnt air it yet. yea that game rox they use the real voices!

  43. They always take too long to air it in the USA so I just watch them here, thanks for the cool page

  44. YAY!

  45. hey fano is ytv showin the new avatar tonight?

  46. OMG!!!
    I just watched the new episode!!!!
    It WAS AWESOME!!!!
    Best episode!!

  47. I always thought that Momo would turn ot to be Thaty Monk Gyatso in his spirit form or something. Its just something that I’ve been thinking that would be a cool theorie.

  48. fano did they show the episode yet??

    fano: yes and its uploaded 😀

  49. lol i need fire fox to watch it. i dont have it.

    fano: yea ur right , sorry bout that. it wasnt till recent
    u can download firefox and still use ie as ur main , or u can view it on youtube

  50. Hey Fano, do you know when the next Avatar Episode after the firebending master is coming out? I can’t wait:)

    fano: yes next week friday and uploaded on saturday

  51. Hey do you have the title of 3.14?
    3.13 was awesome!!

    fano: not yet but if i found out ill post it right away

  52. How come all these episodes are out in Canada but they are only up to Day of Black Sun in the U.S.? :$

    fano: dunno maybe ytv bought the rights to air it first
    but u can see all the episodes on youtube or on avatar chapters

  53. what is the name of the episode for the one after The Firebending Masters? And do you know when it is airing?

    fano: so far the episode name is still unknown

  54. hey dude i checked my TV schedule and t says that The Western air Temple will air on the 11th of January on nick, and my schedules always right

    fano: cool but they will be 2 episodes behind ytv. good that they airing it tho

  55. I like the avatar state!
    General fong has a weird name!

  56. Ah man!
    No new avatar this week!

    fano: yea i think ytv is airing them every 2 weeks

  57. Avatar rox hard! But the firebending masters ended with aang learning firebending! 😀 but there was no conclusion. 😦
    Whos your favorite Characters?
    Mine are Toph,Saka,the leamur,appa

    fano: well aang found out fire isnt just destruction , and that kind of removed his fear of firebending
    like hurting katara which was blocking his firebending. he learned the basic techniques from jeong jeong
    ps: my fav characters is aang deffinitly and sokka hes funny

  58. Yah Saka is cool and all.But he barely ever uses his sword!!!
    Oh and i think Avatar is coming back in like a month.I will keep ya posted!

  59. Hey Fano, when’s the Boiling Rock episodes coming out??? I really wanna see them XD

    fano: tonight on ytv , or tomorrow on youtube

  60. YAY!

  61. are the Boiling Rock episodes coming out in one showing? like they did with the eclipse ones or the siege on the water tribe one??

    fano: i dunno they might air them both or seperate just wait to find out

  62. NO NEW EPISODE!!!!
    They just showed the headband episode!!

    fano: thats bad , they letting us wait for weeks again!

  63. OMG FANO I LUV THE ONE WHEN appa dissapears and they have to find him! DONT U LUV THAT ONE!

    fano: yea my favorite is the desert

  64. Fano, how come there’s no new episode this week? I’m dyin’ to see a new episode!!! lol 🙂 But’ seriously, how come?

    fano: dunno thats up to ytv they decide then to air new episodes. but i heard its coming on nick 25th


  66. woah Ang grew hair…never knew? ive been missin alot of episodes! lol Sokka is soo funny!

  67. will there be a new episode this Friday fano? I’m dyin’ to see it

  68. No new episode!!!
    I’m so mad!

    fano: arg they letting us wait so long , i think ytv is waiting for nick to catch up

  69. the temple is a cool one! I like the bird, crow! fano, they do air it on nick! probably at a time you can’t see it. I’m Australian so it’s on at 2.30pm Australian Time

  70. RAWR OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE THERE’S NO NEW EPISODE!!! WHY!? ok i’m done but really, why? 😦 It’s been, like, two weeks since the last new episode 😦



  72. omgomgomg!! why are they not showing avatar!?!?!?

  73. I agree, taking sooo long for thm to make/release new episode =/

  74. I wish it didn’t take so long to release the new episode, I hope it comes out soon though.

  75. man i want to watch episode 14 bad

  76. Lets just hope tht they dont have a year long absencelike the gap between Book 2 and 3, thatd drive me nuts, or if it does like the break, like the 3 month break in book 1 and 2 or something like that, maybe they are just wanting us to wait and then let the episode hat we’ve all been waiting for stink, thats something that happened in DBZ and Yu-Gi-Oh!

    fano: yea i think it will air in april

  77. do you think there will be a 4th season that like has been kept incredibly secret so no one knows? or you think theyll just fill the whole thing by the end of season 3?

    fano: i heard the end is like a 4 hour episode so i think its deffinitly a 3 season only
    however they are making real movies about avatar , and they could make a story about the air nomads
    sorta like a season 4 but non related to the storyline , but thats just an idea

  78. No new episode, those people from YTV and Nick are really givingus a headache!!

    fano: yea they are releasing the dvd for the new episodes in may
    so i think chapter 14 will start in april

  79. k, that makes a lot of sense, it b cool if they start it back next week and have like 20 before the DVD is released, or worse, they might just finish the sere in a group of DVDs, the continue th seires in DVD like I said sounds horrible, but your idea seem like it will happen without a doubt.

  80. Hey Fano,
    Do you no when the new episode is coming out?
    I checked my calender and stuff and the new episode should come out on April

    fano: yea april is what i said a few posts up

  81. All the really old and awesome pengs are free members,
    its weird, oh and if any of you miss an episode go to nick.com and go to turbonick. Ok,
    crazy chip

  82. I have a question:
    Animals were the first benders right?
    And then they taught humans
    And since all the air nomads are dead, couldn’t Appa (the fist air bender) teach other humans?
    I wonder why no one thought of that?

    fano: well the sky bisons taught the air nomads how to airbend but it took generations to learn
    after they mastered the art , every air nomad that got born became an airbender.
    appa cant just teach someone els how to airbend because only air nomads can
    thats why only the avatar can master all 4 elements

  83. One more question:
    You no theres 3 chapters?
    Is the next season going to be Air?

    fano: no its only 3 chapters and the final battle is a 2 hour show.
    there are being real movies being made and a spinoff about the air nomads
    might be possible some day too.

  84. Great website. PLZ let me know when you have the newist eposodes. Thank you.

  85. wow.. i watched every single episode in two weeks, and they were awesome. i only saw a few of the first ones before on nickelodeon, but its great! nice site fano!

  86. I want to see the new episode so bad. I will yell at them for waiting for nickelodeon to catch up on chapters. ARRRRRRRRRRG!!……but thanks for the sit Fano its a huge help.

  87. How many more episodes are there?
    And what are their names (if you know)

    fano: there are about 10 more episodes more with a season
    final that lasts 2 hours. the names i know are alrdy in the list.

  88. Hey Fano,
    I think the new episode will come out on April 18!
    Since YTV is at the Nightmares and Daydreams it should take 5 weeks

    fano: awesome! thanks for letting me know

  89. Nickolodean, hurry, my heads about ot explode

  90. I CAN’T WAIT!
    I’m ganna go blow up whenever the creators are if they don’t air avatar

  91. When is the next episode coming out, do you know?

    fano: i think between april and may

  92. Lol I am the 89000 viewer on this site!


    fano: yes new episodes and previews are coming soon. thanks for telling!

  94. Aww man YTV is showing re-runs again!
    Also on the comment above you said that the new episodes will be out on DVD but when?

    fano: i dont think the new episodes will only be released on dvd , they will air on ytv aswel.
    the comic con is coming at 18 of april which they show the new episodes previews
    so i think the new ones are airing in may. check for more info avatarspirit

  95. im pretty sure the new episode is coming out on the 18th this month. I look on the Nick website and look at the tv listings and show times, and April 18th is the only day there is an avatar episode for 2 weeks! So hopefully its the new one!

  96. Do you know when the DVD is coming?

    fano: book 3 with the new episodes The Boiling Rock: Part I and II comes out may 6
    and the last dvd containing the four part final will be released july 29

  97. Wow you really keep track of this. Impressed. May e?
    Crazy Chip
    PS: Hope u rememba me. have a great day!

    fano: hey whats up , thanks for visiting again!

  98. Is the new avatar episode on today?

    fano: no i dont think so.

  99. I love the new trailers!
    But that just makes me want to watch it more 😦

  100. i read that boiling rock is coming out on the 25th of april

  101. OMG I FOUND HE LINK TO 3.14 AND 3.15!
    Do you want them?

    fano: i seen it man 2 whole episodes awesome!


  103. just watched it, go to youtube and type in boiling rock part 1 and watch the ones that are posted by IceManCNT. http://youtube.com/watch?v=qToRucsXdSQ is the URL for it

    fano: awesome! i just watched them , man its so great seeing new episodes!
    thanks alot!

  104. how the heck did you get that trailer?! i love avatar ive been waiting for zuko and aang to team up forever!!!!!!!!!!!!! sokka was funny at the end! 🙂

  105. Hey Fano, awesome website.I used to watch Avatar on Nick on TV, but got mixed up.thanks sooooo much for posting all the episodes!When is 3:16 oming out?I’ve been dying to see it!By the way my favorites are Sokka cause he’s so funny and Zuko cause he has changed. I also like Iroh.

    fano: all new episodes will be aired in july as 1 big marathon

  106. All new episodes?
    Even the 3.16, 3.17, etc?

    fano: yea as in 1 big marathon.

  107. wait are you sure that they’re all gonna air in July in one whole marathon? so its gonna be like 3hours? and if you could find out what day that would be great 😀

    fano: the new episodes starts july 14 and i think its gonna be 1 episode every day.

  108. monsterlit21: spoiler

    rules: tell me about possible spoilers bout an episode not been aired yet
    and u get a lifetime ban.
    im going easy on u cuz i only read the first 2 words , but do it again and ur blocked.

  109. Does the “Ember Island Players” have anything to do with the main plot?
    Because I really hate fillers…

    fano: im pretty sure atleast half of it is a filler but its probably the whole episode.

  110. The Avatar series is ending in july. The dvd will have the final episodes! Boiling rock was awesome!

  111. Nick isnt airing it, my bro was playing a game on nick.com called boling rock rescue, he had to guide Zuko through the darkness, idk if they are going to air it on Television

    fano: actually they are airing it in july. the dvd will be released in september.

  112. hey yall im the biggest fann i mean reqal y this is the best show ever
    on july 29 is soins comet parts 1 2 3 and 4 i think

  113. I just looooooove avatar when does the movie come out what its gonna be about

    fano: the avatar movies will be about avatar , but in real life form with real actors.
    the release date atm is july 2 , 2010.

  114. I am obsessed with Avatar! It is the best show EVER! Is there going to be a Book 4: Air? There had better be! It wouldn’t make sense if there wasn’t! Please don’t tell me the season finale on July 19 or whatever it was is the SERIES finale!

    fano: the final episode is on july 19. they might make a new avatar show but
    its not confirmed yet. if they do the main character wont be aang.

  115. Did you know there is a guy who is going to make a Avatar movie with new voices?Its gonna be interesting.

  116. one more week….. *twitch**twitch*

  117. im in love with the avatar series i just got done watching boiling rock its awsome when will they air the final episode on tv i can hardly wait.

  118. also the video on the northern air temple isnt airing at the top neather is the The Southern Raiders and The Ember Island

  119. Hey.after ember island there is an episode called sozin’s comet.
    Final dvd release date 7/29/08

  120. One more thing.
    Sozins comet has four parts to it to end the series.Here they are.
    Sozin’s comet part 1: The Pheonix King
    Sozin’s comet part 2: The Old Masters
    Sozin’s comet part 3: Into The Inferno
    Sozin’s comet part 4: Avatar Aang
    I cant wait for the finale!
    P.S They are supposed to air the same day. 😀

  121. Hey Fano,
    Isn’t the new episodes suppose to come out its been past the 14th?

  122. Woot! I just saw The Southern Raiders on Nick and it was pretty sick.

  123. avatar is not on as much on nickolodeon so i watch it on nicktoons. too bad for me I have baseball tournement saterday and sunday so I will miss it. tell me what its like fano! Sarge Dudles.

  124. Hey Fano, I was wondering when you were going to post 3:16 and 3:17 Thanks so much.love yor site! ^_^

  125. yeah post the final four i chose if you can! Finale in just and hour! :d

  126. heyy you know how they had the all new episodes right well are they going to be with the DVD? and when do it or they come out?
    even if they do make a ”new avatar” it still wont EVER be the samee!

    fano: the dvd for book 4 is being released in september.

  127. yo ilove this show i wish they will make another book…

  128. are you guys going to make book 4 pls reply thaks

    fano: rumours are there might be a spin off , but not of the original avatar.

  129. i watched the finalie, it was awesome



  132. It ended on a cliffhanger. Zuko never found his mom. -.-

    fano: actually he did but they removed it from the episode.

  133. Oh dude!That Book four air video was funny!:D

  134. i left the thing about the mom. Too bad they edited it out! Im gonna try and find it!

  135. nope.i cant find it.Maybe they will post it one day. 😦

  136. ember island players!!!!! its hilarios and also daydreams and nightmares thats funny too i wonder where zukos mom was though i wish they showed it

  137. I like to see avatar in nick

  138. lol i looooooooooove avatar is myfave show eva!!!=)

  139. OMG!!! I can’t believe u like Avatar!!!! I LUUUUVVVVV it!!!!! Avatar Is the best show ever!!!!!


  141. I like the episode where Saka drinks the cactis juice and he is all loopy!

  142. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the only penguin that has avatar on the website!!!!!!!!! u rock!!!!!!! my favorite is toph. me and 1 other friend are avatar nerds!!!! lol i love avatar!!!!!!!!

  143. o like the movie

  144. ive seen all of them lol! i luv avatar my fav is the last one it is funny when Aang grabs the dudes beard and lifts him off the ground

  145. Hey fano me and my bro have seen every episode.
    Avatar is really awesome.

  146. Yeah my favorite episode is the 1 where he takes away the fire lords fire bending my favorite character is ang and my favorite bend type is fire btw i need your help fano please i need to talk to you thru email

    fano: u can post what u need to say here or message me on my youtube clubpenguindisney.

  147. woot finally someone realizes

  148. i love avatar its the best program.

  149. sadly it is over

  150. randoooommmmm????

  151. ummm…? that gay

  152. Zuko owns
    i know u like air and aang and all so im just gonna say
    Zuko ownz Aang anyday

    fano: i guess u never seen sozin’s comet the phoenix king where aang blasts zuko
    out of a building with just 1 punch while holding back.

  153. If you didnt know they’re making an avatar movie hoping to be in in theaters july second 2010. It will be the first of three movies. Directed by M knight shamalon

  154. cool we have so much in common not to be your buddy or anything but just to tell you my penguin is Agent jones3

  155. I LOVE AVATAR I CANT WAIT TILL THE MOVIE COMES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. i love this show i saw every episode

  157. they are making a movie but they have it all rong and its ot animated its coming to theaters summer 2010 it seems kind of cool

  158. Avatar the movie was a great film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. The creators of Avatar should read this:
    please create seasons and episodes continuing from the story of the last episode of book 3of Avatar the last airbender. Hundreds of my friends and I are really disappointed that book 4 starts from 70 years after book 3! All Avatar fans desire to know what happened to Aang and Katarra and the story of the new family they created together, same with Soka and his girlfriend, and toph with her partner, and if you look on the internet (forums/blogs), you will find millions of Avatar fans begging and pleading about whether Zuko finds his mum. so please, create episodes continuing from the story of the last episode of book 3 of Avatar the last airbender. Many Avatar fans have turned their backs and shunned upon ‘legend of kora’, its just not the same and as good as Avatar the last airbender. -sincerely, all Avatar fans.

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