Mercury101’s Page

Hey this is Mercury101 just wanted to let you know we’re moving! I know. Big Change. Though the website isn’t finished please register. Digi-Gaming is the name like on my page. Join Now!!! ! I know it’s a .com but I’m paying for a reason. Notice how there is a chat box like Bribble. You can talk there but i think you should register so we know who you are. And fano and me have planned something for this site something that will amaze you! Now enough chit chat! Thanks Guys!


14 Responses to “Mercury101’s Page”

  1. hmmm…


  3. And mine are the third… not bad… I won bronze metal, I guess… 😕

  4. Forth comment ALL MINE
    also i hope fano will enjoy his cp life
    without a site

  5. Dudes fano aint quittin this biz. register man i swear its him

  6. cool im in you guys i hope i see you there it sounds good or in a while it will be great and fantasic so see you there

  7. Updatein THe Site

  8. Hey Mercury! Haven’t seen you in ages! Not since we went camping way back in August 07.

  9. Hello!!!

  10. ok ill join

  11. Cool site fano i saw u before

  12. sweet site dude

  13. why did u add me!

  14. how do i read fano’s e-book ? please tell me and fano I am your number 1 fan !!!!

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