club penguin banners

just copy and paste the link on ur site to add me.
its like a fancy blogroll :mrgreen:

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC=" banner.gif" border="0" width="274" height="86"></a>

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC=" banner 2.gif" border="0" width="274" height="86"></a>

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" border="0" width="206" height="65"></a>

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" border="0" width="207" height="65"></a>

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC=" white 1.gif" border="0" width="144" height="45"></a>

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC=" white 2.gif" border="0" width="144" height="45"></a>


80 Responses to “club penguin banners”

  1. Holla!
    They’re almost all the same, lol!

  2. they are the same lol
    its just 1 is for white background
    and the other for a dark one

  3. thats pretty cool

  4. wow! How did u do that? *O

  5. How’d you make it a link to your homepage ❓

  6. hi, want to meet on my piczo chat or something alos I will advertise ur site on my site if u add me to ur blogroll (I will put ur banner on my site)

    if u put me on ur blogroll deal?

    my site is:

    p.s. also meet me on my site (scroll down to piczo chat) and maybe we could become buddies on cp (plz plz don’t say ur list is full plz just be my buddy)


    (when do u want to meet pick a time and place (cp time) it has to be on or after 2:00 cp time


    fano: sorry i dont get any views redirected from ur site
    so i cant put u on my blog. u can remove my banner if u like.

  7. i make the banner picture and then l use a program
    to create the code wich links them to my site :p
    same as i made the ninja clubpenguin logo

  8. What program?

    fano: thats my secret lol

  9. can we become buddies in cp plz?

    fano: read the rules

  10. fano can u do me a favor 1 be an admin on my site and 2 make we one of those headings if u choose yes you van make the banner how ever you want and will u put it on thnx my email is

    fano: thx for ur offer to let me be an admin on ur site , but l dont post alot and lm rly busy just with my own page.
    second , my banners are one of a kind , i would gladly make em for u but then they wont be rare.
    so im rly sorry but i cant.
    but u can just make a picture , upload lt on imageshack and change the url to ur page.
    that should work too , gl 😛

  11. fano ive seen you about 2 or 3 times but can you meet me in the dock at mammoth on september 30th please im your BIGGEST fan and my name is jazz456 so look for that name

    fano: sorry i cant come on schedule by request.
    just find me at the iceberg at frozen or mammoth during the fair
    and at the dock when normaly

  12. coolio banners fano!

  13. your editing skills rock….. mine suck 😦

  14. yo fano.! wuts up. how do you make these/ leave a comment on my blog telling how
    also how do you reply to comments. i know your secret program. also, is the program that you told my for free, is there a way to do a free download

    fano: i edit the comments and type my name and my comment under it.
    u can download the program for free , but it only works 15 days

  15. Lol cool! You are a really good designer!

  16. Awesome! hey fano remember me? im frazzie from clubpenguin. I was with you, mohd, and yankeez at the lodge.
    Waddle On

  17. Holla!
    Hey Fano, when I try to show the code, it just makes it a square with an X. How can you make the link copiable?

    fano: use this its the easiest in the world

  18. im gonna add the biggist banner lol your website has almost the same hits as mine!!!

  19. You Rule fano, but what program to you use to make the fan banners?

    fano: thats my secret sorry , but u can go to aguair’s site
    and request one , she can make one for u

  20. i know what proggram to use but i wont tell 😀 hey whats ur youtube account i wanna check out ur channel

    fano: its above my blogroll

  21. Fano there is pictures on my website lol. you just need to click on the white heading most likely at the bottom of the post. lol -mc foohy

  22. cool thanks for the header!

  23. how do u make those they r awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plzzzzzzzzz commet back 🙂 🙂 🙂

    fano: just edit the picture in photoshop and use a program to make the code

  24. wat program

    fano: thats my secret sorry

  25. how do u make thoes

    fano: just make the picture with photoshop for example
    and then use a program to create the html code

  26. where do u put the html?

  27. can u meet me on cp the ice burg mamoth oct 30 1:00 plz and thx

    fano: sorry i cant make it to personal requests

  28. can u make me one like that please?

    fano: sorry i cant make em for people cuz i want them to stay unique

  29. uh oh im gonna advertise ur site and make sure that people come to it please please please please!!!!!!

  30. oh plz i wanna meet u

    fano: u can go to my 20.000 views par7ty saturday

  31. what time pacific time is the party and what server plz tell im despret

    fano: go to the snow forts and compare the time on the tower with ur own.
    then u know what time diffrence it is

  32. im having a party on cp at 2 00 on frozen my name is katie41599 my house will be open

  33. how do you make that banner tell me how ant then mail me

    fano: sorry thats my secret , but if u make a picture and then link it to club penguin
    using imageshack , that gives the same result

  34. please can you tell me the secert!! thx

    fano: sorry i cant , i just make the picture and then use a program to create the link
    however if u make a picture on photoshop for example and when u post , add a link
    that creates the same result

  35. how can i dowload foto shop please give me a link

    fano: sorry i cant give u a link but if you google it u might find it

  36. how did you make those?

    fano: i made the pictures with photoshop

  37. i tryd it like, three times and it didn’t work. 😦

    fano: yea they arent working atm but ill fix it some day
    thanks for trying

  38. can u help me with my site fano plz

    fano: sorry im rly busy with my own , but thanks for asking

  39. ok 🙂 🙂 can i help u with yours?

    fano: i dont need anyone atm but if my page gets bigger i might give u a message thx

  40. Hey Fano!
    Can you please tell me how to make one! I really want to make one for my site!

    fano: just make a picture or take a picture and put a link in it with imageshack

  41. Hey fano can`t you do the one about the ninja

    fano: i alrdy use the ninja for the link to club penguin

  42. whoa cool! How do you figure this stuff out!

    fano: just make a picture and add a link to ur site , its rly easy

  43. There mostly all the same
    I like the ninja one!
    What program do you use?

    fano: i use photoshop to make the pictures , after that u can use imageshack to link em to ur site

  44. How did you make your own banner?

    fano: i just told jaydude in the post above

  45. You should have 4 kinds:Non-member beta tester,Member beta tester,Non-member and non-beta tester,and Member Non beta tester.Just an idea LOL…

  46. fano, can you tell me how u make those, reply it on my blog i don’t really read ur relies here

    fano: i explained to alot of others in this topic how to make em , just read em through

  47. I love your header! It’s really cool!


  48. can u put the code 4 the ninja one to CP on here???

    fano: no sorry , these banners are directed to my site which everyone is allowed to use
    but the ninja one is only for myself and cant be used by others

  49. I’ve seen both of you’re pengs and their both so awsome!
    I was a member before!

  50. heyy!! i saw you today!!! yay!! and i got a card from u and ill never delete it in my life!! LoL!! thanks fano…i luv u (as a peng of course =D lol, byeeeeee

  51. Hey.. I really want to meet you! If you can go on today at 11:00 A.M. on snow shoe that would be great and meet me at the cove… My name is Surfpro4life

  52. i love you

  53. lol this is so cool!

  54. I just saw bikeboy93 on cp…..

  55. can u add me to ur site Fano?

    fano: if u get my ebook i will add u on both fanos and to my blogroll.

  56. hey fano i am a BIG fan!! do u know how to make banners???? need one SOO badly!!!! can u make on for me? if u can i want it to say starynight5
    the ultimate club penguin cheat finder if u can do that i will add u to my site and put u on my blogroll!!!! U SOO ROCK!!!

    fano: sorry i cant make u one but just put a few cp pictures together and put the text over it and it will look cool.

  57. they same but with different size

  58. i know

  59. what the beep is wrong with you!? seriously i used it and guess what IT DOESNT WORK!

  60. really though it does not work FIX IT

  61. I MEAN IT

  62. hi fano, can u meet me on cp some time thx um my peng name is brentjames, im famous so if u come to meet me, it wont be a waste of time, um im usually on frozen at the dock.

  63. are you famus????i dont know you!!!
    i have site click in my name


  65. Visit my website and register cause soon there will be tons of cp cheats and codes on my site. SO register and keep visiting today!

  66. How do you put a Club Penguin banner you made yourself on your website? (I made mine on MS Paint.)

  67. hi this is fever

  68. cool banners i copy one to my site and my site pleas check this blog out u will love it

  69. ello i need help im new to blogging cp and how do you take a picture of your pengy?

  70. de ya like BLACK!!!???!!!

  71. The last ones have bad quality perhaps because there to small for this format. Can you please tell me how to make words over pictures without messing up the picture?

  72. REPLY TO TANGY76593: To take a picture of your penguin on ClubPenguin is look at your keyboard there are three sections a large one near the left, a smaller one to the right divided into two smaller sections, then a medium one all the way to the right look at the one the smaller one to the right but not all the way to the right at the top it has three buttons prt scr (print screen), scroll lock, and pause/break but hit prt scr to take a picture of the screen but it will not print it do this on ClubPenguin then open paint click edit in the upright hand corner then hit paste it will have a picture of that screen in which you can now drag! To get pictures like Fano stand in a white area with no penguins around you like… the iceburg but to just get your penguin in the picture use the tool on the left bar all the way up in the left drag the box over just your penguin and there you have it I hope you like my tip Tangy!

  73. yaaaaaae i saw 5 betas on a server

  74. mimiburp it doesnt work
    (im not tangy76593)

    by the way does anyone know how to paste a picture (icon where it says adrielrock72 said this on (so on) then theres like a small picture with a white person
    how do you put a picture in there

    ADRIELROCK72: Reply

  75. does anyone even go on??


  77. you kno what i like? NOTHING

    This is a wast of time

  78. hello. This is Jam here!!!!!! I am looking for different ways to make Trackers. How do you create yours?

  79. the club penguin is a drug, i say “sex fuck ass to stick a dick in the ass”, but I was only banned for 24 hours

  80. Dang its been years now x3

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