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  1. nice fano. your site needs a little bit more working on, then you have it. meet me on meebo sometime.

  2. Holla!
    They’re really good edits! They have shadow and shiny bits and everything. I am amazed πŸ˜€ I would like to help somehow, I don’t know how, but just ask!
    ~keep Chillin’~

  3. Hey ag u fanos friend 2?

  4. yo fano do u know if the ghost sheet is comin back?

  5. screenhog said everything comes back except the party hats
    so i think this halloween u got a big chance that the ghost outfit comes back
    and u can get it if ur a member πŸ˜›

  6. I hope the Super Hero Mask comes back…

  7. Holla!
    Not in CP but here I think πŸ˜€

  8. i know fano in cp but hes not my buddy. Hey ag can u add me to ur blogroll

  9. hey fano whats up its dilusion… i was just wondering if u could maybe add me on CP? ive meet u before and u can check out my website… but if u already have 100 friends its ok no feelings hurt… thanks ~~D92~~

  10. ooh sorry didnt see the message… but ill probably be at ur party so ill see u there! thanks ~~D92~~

  11. Hola!

    Awesome site, Fano!

    You remember me? Fylliper? You came to my party I remember!

    Well, errr, nice pics, I think, yer, Awesome pics!

    >>FYLL =]
    Fyll-ing you with CP Cheats – OVer 85,000 viewers!

  12. Yello! Hi fano! How come whenever you see men you never respond to my buddy requests?
    Anyways, here’s my site:
    Make sure to comment!

    fano: i cant add and say no to all those requests , lnstead l just dont click on em

  13. hi u met me on cp. anyways, k00l site d00d lol.

  14. Why can’t you say no to other requests? If you don’t wanna, why not just ask to be my buddy?

    fano: i dont add cuz im full , and i dont say no because that would make me click no the whole game

  15. dude ur cool i was just wondering y rent the party hats coming back

  16. can you please add me to your blogroll

  17. this is my website

  18. Nice Edits

  19. Hiya fano, Remember me, Dokkle?

  20. awsome!!!

  21. wow! if you actually do them then your a really ood artist lol. You should do one for superman πŸ˜†

    fano: superman was alrdy done , back on mc forums we made a whole team

  22. Hey fano, visit my website and leave a comment please go to thanks for ur time. :mrgreen: πŸ˜†

  23. Hey fano! Would you put me on your blogroll? I puted you on mine! I got 70 000 hits (or more!)

    fano: lf l get alot of hits directed from ur site ill add u , thx for adding me

  24. wow
    i never knew ya had a site!

    its cool

  25. Lol. Nice pics. You want some from me? I would be happy to make you some.

    fano: thx but lts just some art l made long ago , but feel free to leave more comments

  26. nice! lol

  27. I saw you on CP today lol. Everyone was asking to be your buddy and i was the guy in the monkey sute telling them that you will paddel ball them if they keep asking πŸ˜†

  28. holla,

    peeps : )

  29. hey the second one looks like
    the one on mike92’s site

    fano: it is the one on mikes site , he took it from me without asking

  30. plz plz plz plz add me as an admin im really good and have ALOT of funny pics!

    fano: thanks for asking but l cant make someone admin.
    if my page grows alot , i might need contributors but ill post when i do

  31. Cool artworks!Do you have MSN so we can chat i see that ur mail is with but im almost always on my MSN but u are never there , so do u have MSN?

    fano: i dont have msn sorry u can chat with me on meebo

  32. hey fano u cool beta any way wanna be friendas

  33. wow wow wow cooo0000ool mostly like the last one!!!

  34. well than can i join your site you can join mine

    fano: if my site grows alot and i need contributors , i will post it
    and if ur good at posting the newspaper etc i might add u

  35. Venom rules!he is my favorite super hero/Villan(He is acctuly sometimes a good guy.)

  36. Yo!!

  37. cooooolio

  38. AMAZING!!!!!! WOW!

    fano: thanks πŸ˜€

  39. Fano, you and me have something in commen i guess, I draw penguins a lot too! good job drawing and with the website! πŸ˜€

  40. Ever heard of the mesterious ticking noise? ( Potter Puppet Pals) This might sound kinda weird, but how old are you?

    fano: im a teenager and ive seen puppet pals in dexters laboratory or major man , but i dunno them :mrgreen:

  41. i got an avatar now yay its my penguin and how it looks πŸ˜€

  42. Venom Penguin looks so cool!

  43. what do you use for your edits

    fano: to draw i use paint and to make pictures i use photoshop

  44. Thows are some sweeet art work fano you rock!


  46. Let me guess…. You like Marvel?

    fano: its not bad

  47. yeah i kinda like it too
    As i said to u on cp, i draw penguins and just about anything i feel like drawing. Mostly what I like.

    fano: cool

  48. wow amazing work keep it up

  49. like the top 1….
    with the spider……i ❀ spiders…
    kool syte πŸ™‚
    um and yeaaaa…
    yer i lve art but like drawing and sketching and stuff like that….
    iz it supposed 2 b a spider penguin kinda thing?

    fano: yea its spiderman penguin and the other two
    is of him wearing the symbiote and venom

  50. Hola fano i like ur website its really cool
    can u visit my website please and write a comment please

  51. Your fan art is really good i love em your the best

  52. in school art is the easiest but probely the most fun. πŸ˜€

  53. lol sarge first term is over for me now i go to art!

  54. i love venom! its awesome!

  55. nice!!!

  56. Man these are pretty cool drawings. And like my brother Sarge said earlier, I draw penguins and other stuff too. πŸ™‚ Foohy

  57. Hey fano, cpd sargent here again. Nice artwork, I admire the Venom, good job! So ya..maybe I’ll see ya on Cp sometime.


  58. Awesome work!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Love the Spiderman penguins! They made me LOL! Nice job! πŸ™‚

  60. ooo is the last one that scream thingie from spider man 3

    fano: yea

  61. cool nice pictures thoes r great

  62. Lol!
    Nice edits!
    What program do you use?

    fano: i used paint on these , but i also use photoshop for editing
    and these days i use flash to draw the art pictures

  63. Real nice pictures.

  64. those are really good man.

  65. u should do characters from all different kinds of movies and shows! pretty good idea!

    fano: cool idea

  66. awsome drawings!!i would really like to see u draw more of different characters

    fano: i might make some new ones thanks

  67. woah!!! those are really good drawings! lol love the spiderman penguin drawing

  68. AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. thats just plane old AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think its kwl awesome word fano!

  70. nice fano
    id like 2 hire u 2 be my official artist

    fano: thanks but making art takes lots of hours. i cant make things on request.

  71. These art work are funny and cool. I tried drawing a Spider man penguin once.. turned out it looked liked james woods… lol

  72. Pwetty art work!

  73. LOL! i like the spider man 1.

  74. i like first 1


  76. yoyo cool

  77. its kinda mean that youll block anyone who wants to be ur buddy on cp

  78. Those really rock Fano there very fun to do.I might do it myself.Please can I copy that plz plz say yes.

    fano: u can make ur own art but u cant copy my pictures. they are copyrighted.

  79. kool pics fano, I wish cp had costumes like that it would be awesome!

  80. Those were awesome.But the 3rd one FREAKED ME OUT No offence

  81. creppy

  82. Whoah, they look reallistic..

    Poland loves you, Fano!

    We want polish club penguin xP

  83. cool fano your draws are awesome
    please visit this page has more than 500.000 visits and more than 100.000 comments!!!
    its the best page of south america!!!!

  84. lol nice! I was at your party today!

  85. LOL I love then!

  86. I love ur awsome manifisinc wonderful super spectacular drawings!

  87. heyy fano

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