Club Penguin Mission 10 Waddle Squad

To get the medal grab the table basket and clothes and set the table
on the right side of the shop and put the clothes on them.


~ by fanocp on December 29, 2008.

8 Responses to “Club Penguin Mission 10 Waddle Squad”

  1. Fano check out the ski lodge attic it has the ac3000 and a party i think its the winter luau like on feb 27 2006.


  3. Hey! Nice post! The new mission is pretty cool. I thought it was one of the easier ones.
    Anyway, can you add me to your blogroll? It would be really appreciated.
    Comment back on my site! Thanks 😀

  4. Great post Fano! I love the video on the new mission. Can i work on your site please.

    fano: no sorry.

  5. thanks this really helped

  6. where you rare when you just started? clubpenguin?
    just asking

    fano: no everyone was a beta.

  7. ok i get it now lol.

  8. i donated

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