scrappy’s 1000 views party

Update: Party is at 1 januari!

ps: i wont be there but its still an awesome party!

~ by fanocp on December 25, 2008.

13 Responses to “scrappy’s 1000 views party”

  1. fano i updated it to january 1st

  2. Hey fano! Merry Christmas! Lux told me you would add me cause I got your ebook! Thanks so much dude! You really made my Christmas a lot better! Thanks man! Contact me back on my site.
    – Chrisdog93

    fano: i havent seen u win my ebook on lux’s site but il ask him for it.

  3. chrisdog93 are you coming plese come we wish u a meyry christmas and a happy new year.
    ~Until Then Waddle On~

    Sincerely,Wallelover2 and Scrappycoco5

  4. you have alot of partys thats cool tho,ill try come to your party.
    dj nov

  5. hey fano. can u post a invitation of my party here/plz

  6. Hey fano. Sounds like a good party! I might be hacking a party soon when I reach 10000 hits.

  7. hey Fano i havent seen your site in a while so just wanted to comment+ for cristmas i got 100 bucks.

  8. AWESOME+i saw your book is only 10 dollors my dad said i can get anything i want! and i really want to be your buddy+ how do you message ill come to your site and see if you messaged back thanks.

  9. Heyy Fano! You have an awesome site! And I would really appreciate it if you checked out mine.

  10. Hey Fano how do you make party

  11. Fano will you plz add me on cp right now? Ur site rox by the way! 😀 Plz add me, I’m Chipper1095.

  12. Thanks man! Thanks for coming to my party too!

    – Chrisdog93

  13. Cool …. I might come! Sounds cool …. you comin Fano?

    fano: no i quit cp tomorrow.

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