Fano’s eBook How To Get Famous

By request my eBook is now back bigger and better then ever with 12 FULL CHAPTERS!
Fano’s eBook How to Get Famous Bloggers Edition!

Astound your friends and gain fame like Lux1200 did to get the most popular website and Youtube using techniques that are in this eBook!

this eBook reveals all the secrets that got me Famous.
The same techniques used by Watex (fever) and Lux1200 who both own the most popular websites and are ranked first page on google!

My eBook is only 9.95$ and you can buy it by clicking on the button below.
Shipping is FREE! i will send it to your email once i received it. I accept paypal only.

eBook is SOLD OUT!


~ by fanocp on March 2, 2009.

42 Responses to “Fano’s eBook How To Get Famous”

  1. cool! please come back to club penguin

  2. you have come back yes thanks fano

  3. Everyone, Fano’s eBook works! If you want to get famous like me buy fano’s ebook!!


  4. Hey Willberd! U CAN trust Fano! My dad hesitates also to buy stuff online , which means he thinks its unsafe , but …. We bought from Fano cause we trust him cause on EBay it is safe!

    Also you will be very pleased with his book!~!!!!!

  5. Hey Fano, I would love to meet u! go on server frozen in the dock at 7:30 cp! I would like to talk to u!
    my site is:
    thanks bye!

  6. Hey Fano!
    Are you sure this eBook will actually make me famous?
    Because I have a site, and I cant get any viewers what so ever…
    And I really wanna be famous JUST LIKE YOU!

    fano: everyone that got it got alot more popular. lux1200 went from 1000 views
    a day to 10.000 views. he went from 300.000 views to 1 million in only 3 months.
    it depends on how good u take the advice from the book.
    if ur site is new it will take longer to get huge views however everyone
    that got it got alot more popular and got a big amount more views.

  7. Hey fano i got your ebook and it only has 11 chapters including the contact me. Did you add more?

    fano: yes but most of it is still from the first book so ur not missing out.

  8. Hey Fano,I might be allowed to get your eBook soon!

    But I was wondering, could you meet me on cp sometime?
    And maybe add me on there???
    If you have time, that would be so cool!

    fano: if u get the book i will add u on both my accounts.

  9. oh ya this boook is WORTH buying 😀

  10. Fano it’s me Carazy7 I go on the server sleet & no one remembers me. They said I’m not a beta. And I have not played Clubpenguin for like 7 months, so is that why? You remember me right.

  11. omg i dont want to buy it just in case i already know all the stuff in there…. and also because i dont wanna have to PAY or have it shipped to me.

    fano: the book is sent to your email so theres no actual shipping and the shipping costs are free.

  12. Who cares to become famous? Is famous the only good thing in Club Penguin?
    I can save 2 blank pages and sell it on Ebay for 10.00, claiming it’s FBI secret info.
    So like, I think the book is a RIP OFF.

    fano: first of all if u sell a blank page on ebay , the person that bought it
    wouldnt be happy and complain. u would have to pay the money back
    and ebay would ban you. second: dozens of people bought my book
    and they all loved it and think its great. they all got alot more famous.
    so if you want to get famous then this is the book to buy.

  13. It is great to have fano back.

  14. i no how to get fameous
    get ur question answered in the cp times that does work

  15. hey Fano im good at drawing too i like to draw ur clothing i seen ur playercard is Phat Fano ur other name i have a Fano penguin im a fan his name is fano clone

  16. Fano since you havent been online on IM , I just want to say it here!! lol I FINALLY GOT !10,000 Hits!!!!!


    fano: congrats on the views man! yea i havent been online much but il get on more.

  17. Guys I hate to break it to you but ….. Fanos not back! Hes just selling his ebook again! He wants to help us get famouse while hes gone!

    Unless , I could be wrong! U never know with Fano! Hey that rymhed! lol


  18. Hey log on IM cause i want to tell you how I got a HUGE crowd and how I got several videos put on YouTube that people took of me!

  19. Dude! WordPress had screwed up! You and I both only have 1 hit!!!

  20. Hey The Puffle Cards Are Out!

  21. hi fano! i just bought your book… are you sure it works? im just saying because i took back my cam corder (video recorder) and it better work…. (not trying to be pushy or mean). plz respond back

    fano: hi in the book u will learn everything there is about getting famous
    and getting the most popular website. everyone that got it got alot more famous.

    i just sent u the ebook to ur email , leave me a message if u have any questions.

  22. My parents are going to let me buy it soon!
    I cant wait!
    Ps. Could you leave a comment on my site? It would mean lots to me!

    fano: i posted on ur site.

  23. I was wondering if this worked on social networking sites.

  24. I’ll get this book once profits from something start coming…

  25. your awsome

  26. our awsome!!

  27. omg i wish i could get tht book dude!!!!! how 2 become a famous blogger!!!! i so need that but my mom wont let me get it


    fano: i still go on time to time to keep my accounts active.


  30. IT’S AWESOME!!!!! 😀

  31. I think my dads gonna let me by the ebook! 😀

    fano: cool! its the same ebook lux bought who now has over 2 million views.
    its free shipping and i will also add u on fano once u got it.

  32. That sounds so cool, Fano. I only wish I could by it but my parents are totally against it. Fano, would you be nice enough to just send me the ebook without money?

    fano: i worked hard on making the ebook and its only 9.95$ maybe ur allowed to buy it some day.

  33. You havent posted in a while….

    fano: yea i dont update this site anymore.

  34. my site is getting more popular! it would be cool if you could post on my site because tht would mean i would get a couple of more visitors. you should update more often because this blog could become a real big hit nice vids on youtube. 🙂

  35. Mn, ive always tried to get famous but it never happened. My parents would probably think its stupid if i bought the book with their credit card but i have no other way to pay for it sadly. i will probably never get famous and i might quit cp soon, so i probably cant get the book and never get famous. ='(

  36. heyy fano imgonna buy ur book

    fano: cool!

  37. hi fano i emaild u through ur ebook plz can u reply

  38. dude are u SURE this book is good? besides lux1200 who else bought it that became famous? please reply.

    Fano: everyone bought this ebook its the most best selling ebook of getting famous.
    Lux1200 , Yoda Ads Flobay everyone who bought it got instantly more popular
    however the ebook isn’t for sale anymore sorry.

  39. Famous I paid u 2make me famous 😦

  40. What I wanted to buy it D:

  41. I have a question is the festival of snow T-shirt still cool? and fano if your on and I am maybe we could hang out.

  42. how the hell can an EBOOK become sold out!!

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