new domain name

Hi everyone today i changed my domain name into
what you all think? Also my sensei video is now ranked first on youtube.
For upcoming news i have decided to do another contest.

The person who sends in the best decorated christmas picture
will win a buddy add on my beta penguin and will be announced here.
The more pictures of decorations will have a bigger chance of winning.
All photos must be real and have a paper that says your name on it.
Merry Christmas!


~ by fanocp on December 19, 2008.

42 Responses to “new domain name”

  1. fano post about my party please.

    ~Scrappycoco5 and Wallelover2~

  2. Nice domain! Much easier! 😀

  3. what kind of christmas card? of our family?

    fano: picture of your christmas tree and decorations.

  4. on what email adress of yours do I send the christmas card i made to? it says i have to email it.

    fano: u just post the direct link here.

  5. Ok, here is my picture.

    fano: u gotta post the direct link.

  6. K, the direct link is Hope I win!

  7. Its the only pic there lol.

    fano: its gotta be a real life picture.

  8. Also i like the new domain. Its shorter!

  9. You said you will advertise my site on you’re site.

    fano: yes when ur having a party il advertise it.

  10. oh i see. Can I send you a christmas car though?

  11. Awww man!

  12. Dude i wasted SO much time on that pic! Cant you give me SOME credit?!

    fano: sorry i posted the rules in my post its not my fault.

  13. Hey Fano, when will the contezt end?

    fano: within a week.

  14. yay the domain name rocks.

  15. hey remember me (It was my birthday) I hope I win im going to send it soon:D wen does it end? ill post it later today

  16. Can I send in a picture of my igloo? BEcause I don’t have a Christmas tree or decorations or anything! I hate being Jewish!

    fano: u can send pictures of hannukah decorations if u have them.

  17. hey fano please this is a very special party for my best friend he wants a beta party
    can you please come
    please visit my site and comment what time would be a good time to have in
    get all the betas you know please

    fano: i can only visit ur party if u get my book.

  18. fano what is your favorite christmas movie ever?
    And what is you least favorite christmas movie ever?

  19. hey fano i have a friend down in iowa that said he met you
    i said o sure i was wondering if hes telling the truth?
    o yeah please comment if you can make the.
    beta party.

  20. get your book how do you get it?
    please reply and ill get it for cristmas ok.

  21. do you have to order it? online.
    ill try to get it whats the book about
    witch i know it will help me gets hits
    sadly i only have 4650 hits

  22. link your thing for your book on here ill check it in a few hours
    i only go on the internet for about 2/3 hours a day
    if i get your book ill tell you and to make sure i have it tell
    me something about he book for real proof
    my friend said also you came in the summer?
    well ill come here later

  23. ok got to it the book is cheap well…. i have to pay for it but i have enough money
    Fano i think ill get it!!!!

  24. Hey fano me (It was my birthday) I hope I win well here are the links there is 2 because there just are lol and

  25. Great Post

    Keep it up from your old friend


  26. darn i might not get your book i lost my wallet.
    and its to cold to go outside can you please just
    come if i dont get your book
    if you come thanks you spens was mad lastt party too server was
    full he thinks its my falt cause i donnt plan it.
    if you come thanks you a lot.

    fano: sorry i cant visit ur party but have a good one.

  27. the outside thing was to earn my money
    i have to work for everything?

  28. ok thats ok. really, spens will be mad and matt1724
    . i already had a lot of people saying they want you fano
    but thats ok im just gonna get shewed out.

  29. Hey Fano its me ambiieon you sent me a letter saying your a terrific friend thanks you are to although your not my buddy but i understand your full so anyways awesome site and hope i meet you again just saying i,m on frozen at the dock alot so by.

    fano: i always visit frozen so il see u there sometime. Merry Christmas!

  30. Ok i will try to take a picture 🙄 it won’t be good cause my mom took the year of and my dad got laid off of work 😦

  31. p.s. this is jeiceforce/goodgames89

    fano: even if u dont win ur site will still be advertised.

  32. Can you please tell me all your betas names?

    fano: sorry they a secret.

  33. hey fano its scrappycoco5 can i be an author of your site?

    fano: no sorry im keeping it unupdated.

  34. Hey fano me (It was my birthday) I hope I win well here are the links there is 2 because there just are lol and

    wen will the winner be announced?

  35. do you know of my site?

    fano: no.

  36. ? what the Fano thats not really cool to say no plain.
    Anyway if i got your book would i get to be on your blogroll+your buddy?

    fano: yes u would get on my blogroll and buddy add. and what answer do u want? i simply do not know ur site. so my answer is no.

  37. Fano when will it end and did you see my entry??

    fano: before 2009.

  38. Ok thats cool. Also do you get added on all the betas or just fano?

    fano: just 1 beta.

  39. Ok thats cool.

  40. hey fano, im going on vacation tommorow and coming back jan. 3 so if i win the contest please wait till i get back. (i will also comment when i get back) Thanks!

  41. Doesnt it cost money for the new domain name?

    fano: its 15 dollars.

  42. last time i checked it was $39.95. or wordpress just doesnt like me 😆

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