First rank on Youtube!

First rank on Youtube!

Hi everyone i found out today that im on the top of Youtube searching Club Penguin.
Both me and Lux1200 are in the top 3!
Just search Club Penguin to see our videos listed first out of more then 45.000 videos!


~ by fanocp on December 13, 2008.

17 Responses to “First rank on Youtube!”

  1. why delte all comments fano?

    fano: accident sorry.

  2. Fano im sorry, but we have been friends for a long time and since you are quiting cp before 2009 would it matter if we added eachother? Sorry.

  3. congrats.

    fano: thanks.

  4. fano i sent my inventation on your youtube channal. my name is moorman19

    fano: cool i added u!

  5. awesome snow man!

  6. lol, get it? Snow-man! LOL!!!!

  7. oh, have a merry christmas fano! What do you want for chistmas?

    fano: i dont wanna say anything materialistic cuz thats not what its about
    but if u guys all have the best christmas ever then that would be cool!

  8. your so nice. maybe you could tell me what your planning to do. I will tell you what i am going to do later!

    fano: i plan on focussing more on school lol.

  9. hey congratulations lol

  10. I focus on school too ofcoarse, but its almost christmas break. Christmas break is a time to relax and have fun. Isnt there anything special your doing with your family? But i guess im only in 6th grade though. but that doesnt mean anything. My brothers in collage come home and celabrate christmas with me and my parents. sorry its kind of long lol

    fano: well im not doing much but have a good christmas!

  11. thank you. you too!

  12. Since your quiting would you mind if you added me on your “secret penguin”? If you can thanks a bunch!!!

    fano: sorry i gotta save spots for people who get my ebook.

  13. Or Fano or Phat Fano. Thanks!

  14. Hey fano remember me? Well could I be on ur blogroll?

    fano: if u get my ebook how to get famous then yes.

  15. Its getting closer! Today me and my family got my dad the new ipod nano

    fano: sweet!

  16. Hate to beak it to you but…..In small print it says previously viewed so…You arent in the top 3 😦 mike92 is 1st

    fano: yeah i was on the first rank but now they changed it lol.

  17. So how to beat Sensei?

    fano: get a black belt first.

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