Bergeron4444 300.000 views party

Today, Bergeron4444 & DirkD Achieved 300,000 views. It is a very big achievement. I would first of all like to thank all of our viewers, for making this possible for Dirkd & I.

Make sure to come to Bergeron4444 & DirkD’s 300,000 Views Party!

Here is this invite

Cant read it? Heres a writen invitation
When: Thursday, November 13th, 6PM PST, 9PM EST.
Where: Sleet Dock
Why: 300,000 Views!
Special Guest: Jc4×4 (Maybe)
Bergeron4444 will be on the penguin Bryan
Hope you all can come!
P.S: Remember to post our invite on your websites!
Special Guests:


~ by fanocp on November 8, 2008.

57 Responses to “Bergeron4444 300.000 views party”

  1. Im coming! lol

    fano: lol

  2. Put me up as one of the Special guests too!
    I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

  3. srry fano trying to help my friend srry


  5. IM FREEKING OUT!!! MY POST CARD FROM FANO IS GONE AND IM DEPRESSED 😥 SO IM FREEEKING OUT CUZ THAT WAS WHAT COMPLETED MY LIFE!! and when u say ur quiting fano does that mean cp and ur site or just cp? Oh and i cant make it 😥 i have a 4-H meeting so UGH! lol so upset!

    fano: yes i quit the game but i still visit my friends parties that got my book.
    if i see u on cp sometime just ask for a card and i send u one.

  6. Congrats berg!

  7. Could I be a special guest?
    lol,I’ll try my best so
    if you put me up as special
    guests can you put a maybe
    beside it? llllllloooooolllllll
    And how many betas do you have?
    I know
    Phat Fano
    and Sith Sith

    fano: few but u should’ve seen frozen today. there were 6 betas at the forest! biggest party ever.

  8. Fano is a place in italy.
    I saw the party on frozen ontop ofthe dojo just saying Hola!
    Im not spanish.
    lol 😆

  9. Can i work on ur site i have a site too.

  10. Fano Ill be there and I hope to see you there

    fano: cool! i can add u on the party if ur still getting my book.

  11. YO wuZ Up sup i am not crazy u tink i am cuz im not. i just wike saying dese things i am pie

  12. hey fano i am tampos can i be author in your site

    fano: no sorry im not rly updating my site.

  13. hey! i bought one of your books fano! i wanna get buddied on my penguin Bojab123. SWEET@!

    fano: cool just tell me a place to meet. ps: next time you only have to purchase 1 book
    instead of 2

  14. fano im having a party on my site remember what you said with your ebook.

    fano: cool i will visit ur party.

  15. fno could you get me on bergs blogroll thatd be sweet

    fano: i could get u on mine and prolly bergs if u get my book.
    plus i will add u on both fano and phat fano and visit ur igloo parties.

  16. so when can we meet so you can add me on phat fano and fano? my penguin name is bojab123

  17. oh lets meet at sleet, dock 5:00 pm pst time november, 11, 2008 5:00 pst time.
    thanks! fano, and i gotta ask you a queston too. ill ask you it when we meet…..thanks bye!

  18. fano ill buy your penguin for 20 dollars

    fano: lol sorry u cant. but u can buy my eBook How To Get Famous for only 9.95$

  19. fano message me…..lets meet at sleet, dock at 4:00 pm pst. please. i bought ur book. and u cana dd me on fano and phat fano. thanks bye! message back at
    message me back to tell me if ur coming…
    thanks bye!

    fano: yes today at 4 pm pst i can meet.
    dont forget to leave me feedback on ebay! i left all positive for u.

  20. cool, i’ll be there!

  21. Hey fano! I’ve met you many of times before! And i’m coming to the party! One question, could you
    That would be awesome if so.

  22. fano message back! please!!!! are you coming to sleet, dock at 4:00 pm pst time today?
    its on november 11 wich is today? so can we meet please at the sleet dock at 4:00 pm pst? message back at

    fano: yes i am. dont forget to leave me positive feedback on ebay when u read the book.

  23. fano message back! please!!!! are you coming to sleet, dock at 4:00 pm pst time today?
    its on november 11 wich is today? so can we meet please at the sleet dock at 4:00 pm pst? message back at

    fano: thanks for adding! dont forget to leave feedback on ebay.

  24. Ok! I will add positive Feedback! If I know how lol. thanks for adding me fano. your an awesome friend.

    fano: just go to the page that shows u won the item. and press leave feedback. you too 😀

  25. and fano could you message me at sayong ”what is your question”? and ill reply back saying what my question is…thanks!

    fano: alright i sent it.

  26. ok i sent you back a message…

    fano: hi i didnt receive ur email i think. do u got msn?
    ps: heres how u leave feedback on ebay. just go to the page where
    you won the book and click here leave feedback:

  27. ok i was gonna ask that could you maybe post a post with my website link onto it. and another question is that could you maybe give me your pass and i can just check the account out and then you can change your pass right after. please! i wont bann it.

    fano: hi i can advertise ur site tomorrow after bergs party.
    no i cant let u go on my beta sorry.

  28. man i im so going to make it if i don’t i’ll hit my self lol

  29. when is my book coming? and did order 2 books?

    fano: yes u ordered 2 books but u dont have to pay for the second one.
    we will fix that later.
    ps: i alrdy sent the e-book to your email. do u have msn? we can chat better there.

  30. did i order 2 books?

    fano: yes but u dont have to pay for the second one since it was a mistake.
    however i do need u to file a mutual agreement claim on the ebay page that u won the item.
    this way both decide to cancel the item and i get my money back for listing it.

  31. i want the 2 books though. i got one for my friend. i did want 2 books. ill get an msn right now to chat with you

    fano: in that case after i received the payment for the second book,
    i will send it to u or your friend and add him on both fano and phat fano.

  32. y r the parties so late its like 11pm when it is i cant come

    fano: yea i didnt see that either 9 pm is too late for me too sorry.

  33. is the party at the dock or ice berg on the picture it says ice berg but down below it say dock

  34. i can now make it
    but y r u not there

  35. p.s. can u come to my party here r the details for that

    When: Sunday november 16, 2008

    time: 3:00 pst (penguin standard time)

    where: tundra dock

    Why: 500 hits

    plz come it will be awsome

  36. ok never mind. forget t he book that wasnt paid. just send the book to me that was paid..

    fano: i did send u the book to ur email. do u have msn?
    this comunicaton is really difficult.

  37. i dont have msn. but i have get that. and i dont see the book in my email. what email did i use, i forgot. anyways. so i didnt get the book

    fano: i sent it to ur paypal email but ill send it again to ur one.

  38. ok, so im getting the book in email? sweeeeeeeeeeeet. do it as fast as you can fano. thanks!!!!

  39. actually, u sent it to my email but it did now show. send it to
    thnaks fano! hurry!!!

  40. it wont show fano!!!!! i think ur book isnt realy,… it? cuz i bought it. when am i gonna get it???? it wont show!! 😦

    fano: how can it not show? i sent it to both your email. download msn and ill send it myself.
    the file is called: Fano How To Get make sure u look good. yes its real.

  41. i have a mac. i cant download dmg prfiles….not zip. i really want that book!!!! i cant get msn… mom wont let me. im thinking about taking my money back because this isnt really working out……unless you can think of a way….just give me ur phone number lol. ill call and you can tell me what the book is about instead of me seeing it. thats a good idea! plz do that. 😆 😀

  42. I mean I CAN download Dmg Profiles, I cant download Zip.

  43. ok comment back! im getting stressed…………………..!!!!!!!! >:O

  44. ok comment back! im getting stressed…………………..!!!!!!!! >:O

  45. sorry for having that overload…i just got mad….. 😆

  46. the book does only work on every windows not on mac as stated on the ebay add.
    but i will take pictures of the book so u can still read everything and send u it tomorrow.

  47. whos on my account!!!!!!! i did not write that comment above!!!!!!!!!

  48. fano? did u hack my wordpress? why would you do that?

    fano: no i did not hack ur wordpress…

  49. omg….im getting mad, and ur probably gonna get mad. when u sent them to me, i dragged them to my desktop and zoomed in on them and there blurry and to small……i need bigger picturres of them. lol sorry 😦

  50. i read it!!!!!!!!!!!! i figured out how to do it and I DID IT!!!!!! THANKYOU!!!!!!! buts its probably not gonna work….well maybe. im having a 2,000 veiws party soon and i was wanting to ask you if u could come as a special quest…

    fano: did u get the pictures to work? thats good! i will help u get ur site more famous
    if u need help and yes i can visit ur party just lemme know when it is.

  51. ok. can u make a post about me and put me on ur bogroll? if u cant its ok..and i will inform u when the party is..

  52. I had a great time with you Fano! It was awesome! Anyways, since you partied with me and was nice, I drew a picture of your penguin. I’ll upload t as soon as I can and send it to you. 😀 Thanks Fano! Keep rocking!

    fano: cool u too!

  53. can i be on ur blogroll?

  54. i am!!!!!! sweet!!!!

  55. ok fano! i uploaded the picture of u i drew to my website! check it out on the ppage bojab123’s art……it says for the title,” I drew the picture above for Fano. hope you like it! its kinda sloppy but i put effirt into it….

  56. can u make me become a ninja?

  57. BOBJAB PLEASE BE QUIET! sorry fano

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