Fano leaving party.

Hi everyone most of you know that im quitting Club penguin.
Its mostly the bribble chats because they take too much time.
I will be having a 1100 days party on Sleet this tuesday 11 AM and 2 PM PST 28th october.
the party will be at the dock since im not a member and everyones invited.
Please do not ask to have my account since im keeping it.


~ by fanocp on October 27, 2008.

54 Responses to “Fano leaving party.”

  1. Hi fano i coming the party your penguin:)

  2. will u still go on bribble. plz reply

    fano: no but i will still answer the comments here.

  3. I will try to make it πŸ˜₯

  4. What british time ias it?

    fano: all tiems are now in pst so check the snowforts for your time schedule.

  5. Hi fano! I am coming to you’re party, and hopefully I can get that book soon but my mom said yesterday I might have been able to show it to her. Today she said she cant so hopefully today if not tomorrow.


  6. im there !

  7. I can’t believe I’ve been on Club Penguin for over a year!

    fano: thats awesome!

  8. hey fano! havent done ANYTHING with club penguin is awile and i just decided to come to ur site! by the way its me frazzie, from the golden days haha

  9. I added you on msn, Please accept so we can chat xD

  10. One more thing; usually, like on the ‘ask me’ page it is slow to scroll down but that one is faster to.

  11. can i have ur penguin lmao πŸ˜€ dont quit on me buddy ur my best friend peopel say ur a bad beta and i cuss them out ur my fav friend and if u quit imma not haev a cool friend like u 😦
    well dude if this is goodbye il go to ur party
    im ognna miss u
    but shit happens
    ur the one who influenced me to not quit and now ur quitting on me u hypocrit lmao
    well dude
    nice times wev had dont delete cute or maddy il always cherish it lmao well dude i guess this is good bye
    thanks for bein my friend and stickin with me through hard times ur a true friend
    bye dude
    hope u haev a good life
    we all gotta move on sooner or later

  12. Aww, I have school at 2 cp time….and school ends 3:30….I would have to miss school to go…sorry fano..


  13. Bye fano sorry to hear that your quitting dont delete me plz i think ur party is at 12Pm for me lol i will be with raincloud8 who is a bif fan of phatty lol meand rain will be partying around doing weird things at the party so i hope to see you there but i guess you do get bored of cp but thx for helping me get through me hard times your a great friend and i will miss you alot.
    Bye fano,with tears in his eyes Mr Tatoe

  14. Fano can you please make thae party at 4:00 p.m. because I have school intill 2:00 and it takes me a hour to get hame so Please

    fano: the party is at 11 am and 2 pm both Penguin Standard Time.
    You should be able to make it to atleast one of the party if ur located in the US or uk.

  15. I’m in the US but is 2 PM PST 5 PM in Eastern Standard Time? I think if its three hours difference just gotta look on my old computer lol!

  16. dude don’t let the betas die out, atleast give Phat fano away.
    pass the account on when u never play cp anymore and make someone else happy
    its up to u – ojoc

    fano: i will log in once a month to keep them active but thanks for the comment!

  17. Hi Meep πŸ™‚
    Kool site
    I’s always fun hanging out with u….
    are u really quitting?
    you will be missed so much 😦
    see u soon
    your meep buddy
    cheers!!!! πŸ™‚

  18. i cant make it sorry. 😦

  19. plz add me!i just saw u on frozen!anser plz!

    fano: hi everyone that purchases my eBook also get added on my Fano Buddy list!

  20. wait fano is a 11 am yhe brittish time ??

    fano: its penguin standard time so go to the snowforts and compare it to ur clock.

  21. wait ye

    2pm pst is 9pm so i can make it !

  22. i saw u on cp

  23. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  24. I got out earlier for school today so I definatly can’t miss the party! Okay can u tell me how many ebooks are left because i really need to know i want one so i need my parents to say yes

    fano: I read your comment about wanting one yesterday so i reserved 1 eBook for you.

    Yoda Ads

    fano: thanks for visiting my party good game!

  26. good game

    fano: good game πŸ˜€

  27. member m name on cps blak kl

    fano: yes i saw u!

  28. awww. i might make it! πŸ˜€

  29. Fano Im sorry I didnt see yoy answer my commet intill now so can you have one more party tomorrow Please If not Im sorry I couldnt come

    fano: thats ok man.

  30. Thanks everyone that visited! its ok if u didnt make it.
    I will post the update in a few days!

  31. sorry i was at school dude i forgot about the time it was 1 hour before i got out but iv seen u on cp lots so ya
    hope it was cool tho

    fano: no probs rob make sure to message me sometime or add me on msn.

  32. Dude,you may not of know this but you were this first ever blog I visited. You taught me the real meaning of A great blogger. The real meaning of a great blogger is to take your time on your post,comments,pages and make your post neat and tidy.
    To be famous on ClubPenguin you have to work hard to gain fans. You can’t get fans in a week or 3.
    You,have to earn there trust like Idk really how to explain it but, thanks for everything Fano you taught me alot. I’m very sorry, I missed your party but I was busy lol
    Thanks for the comment on my site -Jabz19-

  33. Being a beta tester is good i wish i was 😦 don’t quit im ur #1 fan

  34. xD you do know its illegal for you to sell stuff on Ebay? Since you’re under 18 and you have to be 18 to sell stuf on ebay, you’re violating the Ebay User Agreement. And if Ebay or wordpress were to find out things could get serious πŸ˜‰

  35. i did nto check your site for the party sry dude and to bad you qit and how old are you?

  36. hey fano, sup?

    fano: jc u?

  37. WOW… I’LL BE THERE (PROBS) y r u quittin???? ur so amazing… aw… i wish i was more like u… my site sucks.

    fano: thanls but we alrdy had the party.

  38. u rock dont quit!

  39. Fano, you can just let someone else buy it. I can’t buy it, my parents said no πŸ˜₯ I really wanted it, though. Thanks for the offer, though. You were the best beta I have met. I meet others, but they ignore :angry: So, if no one buys it, you still have 1 piece of memory left from your CP experience. Good-Bye, Fano! Everyone will miss you!
    ~ Pippy

  40. Hey Fano! Plz don’t quit! Your very nice!

  41. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dont leave cp

  42. HEY FANO! Its Me, Cranicar. I want to ask you if you could conact me.

    fano: i added u on msn.

  43. hoe kon je beta tester worden? en als je beta tester was kreeg alle items dan?

  44. hi wats ur msn could u pls add me!

  45. Ill miss you. PS: What do you use to edit pics?

    fano: photoshop 6.0

  46. i just find ur site, ur yt account, and now ur quiting? dang! i always wanted to meet u but i got a postcard from u so my penguin is complete!! πŸ˜†

  47. sry dude it thought u stole my glitch sumhow but i just realized i put it on my site a while ago! lol!

  48. Im gunna miss you alot!

  49. Ai gemist…

  50. i saw you on a different server berfore the party.i tried adding u.u dident add me. 😦

    fano: i can only add u if u buy my eBook How To Get Famous. my buddy list is almost full.

  51. It says the listing has ended btw im the penguin on youtube called CPKirbyhappy and I really want your book

  52. cool
    well….you quiting isnt cool but..

  53. Hi Fano, how can I get your book? It sounds so mega cool. I’m sad your quitting cp, can I expect to meet you on another penguin?

    fano: sorry im out of ebooks.

  54. omg you rock i met you so many times on cp, and i took tons of pics of you. i wish youll come back, do you still come to frozen and mammoth??

    anyways, you so cool

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