i will be quiting my blog

hi everyone thanks for visiting the last 6 months i enjoyed making this blog alot
however club penguin is getting less fun for me and im also out of stuff to post.
so thanks everyone who visited , posted comments and ideas everyday.
i wish u all a great time playing club penguin and getting views on ur sites.
my friend mercury101 will have a page on my site that he will keep active
thats pretty much all i got to say , i wont be quiting club penguin
but i will quit this blog. the site will stay online it just wont be updated
except for the avatar part. i will be having my last 75.000 views party this saturday


~ by fanocp on January 28, 2008.

162 Responses to “i will be quiting my blog”

  1. Im real sorry fano 😦

  2. bye fano πŸ™‚

  3. im trying my best not to cry 😦

  4. Please dont quit fano you have been so nice to me 😦

  5. but…fano 😦

  6. Nooooo don’t QUIT! Who will I crowd around for the next year? rofl! Sorry ur quitting Mate! nice talking to you! πŸ™‚

  7. K, are you still gonna go on your bribble?

    fano: no my bribble will close cuz mac decided to make it with someone els

  8. i’m gonna cry… 😦 WAAAAAAAAAH I GOTTA STOP!! NOOOO

  9. DUDE!!! YOUR BLOG WAS SUCH A SUCESS MAN!!! DON’T GIVE UP!!! Man all you need is somebody to team up with. They can post sometime, and you can sometime. That way when you have nothing to post, they can help you out. Dude its a very bad idea to just quit this blog 😦 its gonna make me really sad. I remember when you first created this blog πŸ˜₯ And now that you quit, we won’t be able to talk as much. Dude please take it into consideration. Maybe you can even work with me on my blog. You are a great wordpressor and there is no need to stop with something you are good at. πŸ˜₯
    ~A Very Sad Gesert~

    fano: thanks , yea i know bout teaming with others but they wont have the original things to post
    except for videos and stuff. its cool u can leave me a message on my utube account if u wanna talk
    i always check there so no worries , and ill still visit ur blog often to leave comments!

  10. 😦 I enjoyed your blog very much fano. May your name go down in history…….. 😦

  11. I’ll try to come to the party.

  12. FANO RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Can I Be put as Admin for this blog fano? I will keep it up and running! And You know you can trust me to keep this blog running! I hope you will! Thx for everything so far Fano, and to come! Bye!

    fano: ill be keep this site non updated for so far but thanks for asking

  14. Thats sucks!
    I have a question:
    Will you update your blog (about Club Penguin) in the summer?
    Because there is always something new in the Summer!
    (Please Respond!)

    That sucks your blog was the best!
    Every day I checked you blog
    We at least you didn’t delete your blog
    I will be going to your party!

    Any ways about Club Penguin:
    Its still fun but not fun as the “old days”
    When I joined in Jan. it was so fun!
    I played everyday
    I remembered everything!
    Now Disney, dating, hacking, etc ruined it
    Now I only check the updates

    I can’t believe your a Beta-Tester!
    Theres only about 20-40 in the world!
    But now with all the quitting, hacking, getting banned
    Almost every Beta is getting banned
    By the next couple of yeas there should be no Beta-Testers
    Well thats it!
    Its been fun
    Well see yea around Fano!
    – The Jay Dude

    fano: i can still post cp updates like now or in the summer but i made this blog to post original stuff
    i posted all of it mostly in the first 2 months when i started this site but it was fun making it.
    so i wont be updating this blog for a while but u never know , maybe in the future

  15. I so agree with Jay dude.Club Penguin is not as fun as the old days.Everything used to be peaceful and so much more fun.The rare penguins,like me, had so much fun and we were content with the constant updates in CP.Until the newbies came along with there hacking and dating and making CP bring back all the old items.Also Disney sucks,not following CP’s strict rules about “no advertising whatsoever”.Yes,this is sad fano,u quitting ur CP blog.I really enjoyed this site,and i always looked forward to it for CP updates.I will try to make to ur party on Saturday.

    ~Waddle on,~
    ~Icy~ πŸ˜‰

  16. Fano, I agree with Gesert. Get someone who can post all the time. Thats what I do on all my sites, make sure a new post is there everyday, and its what brought me to 42K on my old site, and 17K on my older site. I run outa ideas but I keep posting. I hope you think about it at least, even if its only a minute or two.

  17. thanks for the comments everyone , i just wanna say that im not quiting becuz of views.
    im still getting the same amount of views everyday
    its just that i dont have any original stuff to post anymore
    and i dont want my page to be like the rest which just shows cp updates.
    so no need to feel bad for me quiting this blog
    its still as good as always , its just that i play club penguin less
    and this site takes alot of time. but thanks again for the comments! see u at the party

  18. I remember the first time I ever saw you on CP. Everyone was crowding you. I didnt know why until I saw you were a beta. I was trying to get people off of you because people were annoying you with asking to be your buddy. You thankfully said thank you Tahooky. Then we played that game rock. lol. We were pretending to be rocks and sayin “we rock because we are rocks” that was so funny. I went to one of your parties and we played fishermen and we went into the big tomato. lol. fano, even though we werent buddies I always said hi to you and youd say hi back. Id log on and when you saw me you sent me a card. You are one of the nicest penguins Ive ever met, and if you decide to quit then I respect that. Whatever your choice fano, you will always be my friend.
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    fano: yea good times thanks ur a good friend too!

  19. Bye fano!
    You have been really really kind to everyone I hope you have a great life further!
    You are a awesome talented penguin! (:

    ~Rocktroper a.k.a Flamster101~ πŸ˜‰

  20. wow. good thing ur not quiting cp tho! yay!

    p.s. macdaddy offered me ur bribble since mine’s getting shut down. i was wondering if that’s ok with u.

    also, if so, i’ll be needing all the mod spaces because all my mods r on my bribble for at least 2-3 hours a day sometimes. and we need to keep the bribble under control since some1s always breaking rules.

    macdaddy asked a few times if u could still be a mod and i said i can’t make u 1 unless ur on all the time or as much as the other mods and earn it like every1 else (plus respect rules, etc.)

    so if its ok with u, ill give u and mac credit on my site once its time and u can still call it ur bribble on this site. and if ur on a lot, i mite make u a mod too


    plz reply back on my site and/or through email.
    thanks! ur my favorite beta!

    p.s. hav u read my History of CP yet? I was almost a beta myself!

  21. Will you still take donations? 😦

    fano: the donations are to become a member and i still play club penguin
    but to be honest i havent received any so its ok , ill just leave it the way it is

  22. fano could me u n watex own the bribble?

  23. Yeah, atleast we can still talk. And IF IF IF you wanted to, you could post on my blog. I don’t care what you post dude, anything you want. Check out my video that is posted on my site too dude.

  24. BY FANO

  25. I will try not to drown from my tears Fano 😦 πŸ˜₯ But it may be to hard. I really had a good time looking at your blog. Comment on my site if you want to be a mod. So, for now, farewell… 😦
    Aaaaaah!! I’m drowning (hope it isn’t bye forever…)

  26. goodbye fano 😦

  27. Well, that sucks.

    I mean you worked so hard on this site, and now you just throw it away.
    And look at your header!! That is a work of art that is going to be thrown done a stinking toilet!! That HUMAN DRAWN header should be in a museum.
    Well, goodbye fano…

    fano: the site will stay online so u can still see the header

  28. no!!! how will we stay in contact!!

    fano: u can leave me a message on my youtube account.

  29. But Fano!! You post alot of things and Club Penguin is getting more fun!! Its approving! Please dont quit!! I always go to your blog I love your blog it is very useful for me and thsnx for all the posts thst I need to know and alot of your posts that I need to look at for help and cheats on CP so please dont quit!! I love your blog so much!! How about we do a VotePoll?? I think thats a great idea and see if people wants you to quit or not! What do you think? I think its a great idea! I would vote No dont quit because I like to go your chatbox al the time!! You told me that I am frienndly! Remember it me Edtee I am the one that posting a comment! If you quit How will I use your blog? I need your blog to help me on CP and cheats and stuff I meant it Dont Quit!! Please!!

    fano: thanks but this blog takes up alot of time and i decided to just put a break on it.
    u cant chat on bribble tho cuz mine closed but u can leave me a message on utube
    and u can find all the cp info on other sites , but thanks for the nice comment!

  30. Fano,

    Sorry that your leaving 😳
    Though, you never added me to your blogroll but who cares. I hope the new owner of this site will be as good as you πŸ™‚ O ya it’s good that your not quiting Club Penguin because your one of the rarest penguins! Your in like every famous penguins video and your a beta tester!

  31. dude ur so famous that people spend hours trying to hack themselves onto ur buddy list!!! u rule

  32. dude u are the only PERSON that RESPONDS like all of the comments about a question or somerhing like the others u are the only!
    well it was nice to meet u here, ur party and in cp in the dock! cya

  33. Awww man I wish you wouldn’t quit! You were a great friend to me!

  34. YOU CAN’T QUIT DUDE!!! JUST NO!!! sorry ’bout dat 😳 but really, if ur not around I have no way to see the avatar episode cuz Nick is only on Western Air Temple 😦 WAAAAH 😦 plz stay for ur fans (I mean come on, ur name is FANo. lol, sorry 😳 ) I’ll be happy if you stay

    me if you stay -> :mrgreen: πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

  35. i started cp in march and it was alot better then it was now! now stupid cp brings back all my rare items and all these noobe bloggers think that they can get SO MANY hits when they post about crap or just copy other peoples pics. cp has lost its fun over time. i miss the old cp. 😦

  36. You are a legend on CP. Your name will be forever linked with it ❗ Au revoir!

  37. 😦 You are so famous 2 things why your are famous: You are a CP Beta and of your blog well I guess I have to let you go and do whatever you want then Hopely i will see you on CP or on someone’s bribble!I hate seeing famous people quiting and its almost like retiring. So my Fano you are free you can do whatever you wanna do!! You are free!! Bye Fano!!

  38. 😦 You are so famous 2 things why your are famous: You are a CP Beta and of your blog well I guess I have to let you go and do whatever you want then Hopely i will see you on CP or on someone’s bribble!I hate seeing famous people quiting and its almost like retiring. So my Fano you are free you can do whatever you wanna do!! You are free!! Bye Fano!!

  39. Fano i feel BAD :*( 😦 WAAH hey dude you rock i only say u once on cp and ur penguin rocks! Dude dont close the site give it to someone we all had memories here * wink wink wink wink wink *
    ( while smiling ) rofl i know you wont give it 2 me rofl but im gonna miss ya buddy!

  40. Hey,
    I understand its hard to keep I blog going. I started mine and its pretty hard. I hope I could help you with something but I dont know how. If
    Fano I will really miss you. You were the reason I started my blog. But your right CP is getting a little boring without the numbers and with out the fun we had before Disney bought CP.
    But O well that was their choice to get bought. Hacking and Online dating also ruined everything. Some people are always making fun of non-members but I always liked them and once I was one and there will be a day when I wont be a member anymore and I know I’ll still be apreciated just like you. I think you got to ddo what you have to do. As you grow up you get into more things.
    Right now I made the lead in my school in a PLAY and I haven’t been on CP and the computer as much I as had. But I feel lucky cause 145 kids auditioned for the part that I got. And I know they feel bad but they’ll have more chances. SO as you grow you get into more things. Fano the whole point of this is that we will always be here for you.
    WE”LL MISS YOU!!! 😦
    BYE Fano.
    P.S you inspired me to make a blog
    P.S. 1- I hope your account never gets banned!!!!!

    fano: thanks for the nice post , great to hear ur the lead in ur school play!
    i was that when i did my play , i had to take others lines cuz they had trouble with em

  41. DONT!!!!!!

  42. WHAT!! well ill be at ur party.. can we buddies to remember and stuff…? u were awesome dude…!

  43. now that other post is deleted

  44. hey, wha room is the party?

    fano: arctic at the dock

  45. Fano, but why? Cant you find ways to have fun on cp? WHat will you do with your penguin? Ive known you for so long… Yes, Yes Fano I this comment will get blocked but before you stop playing, could you please add me? we have been friends for so long.
    Your friend, Sarge Dudles

    fano: ill still play club penguin , i just wont do this blog anymore.
    my list is still full sorry but if club penguin makes more room i can add u

  46. Does it mean that you will quite CP too?

    fano: no

  47. i will miss you alot im trying not to cry plz dont quit

  48. I always checked this wordpress for updated.

  49. Sorry Fano ur site was da best
    ur in our memories

  50. is it today

    fano: yes thanks for coming to the party!

  51. I am at your party. Where are you?

  52. were r u fano i cant find u on arctic and were is the party

    fano: party started at 3 pm pst at the dock

  53. Hey! Thanks for the card! You remembered what I asked for A card
    Your igloo is awesome! You are totally the 100% best penguin EVER!

    fano: thanks for coming at the party πŸ˜€

  54. can i keep your blog safe i mean can i put stuff on your blog spamming comments and handling it by posting future stuff you will not put here

    fano: im keeping this blog non updated and i will block the spam comments but thanks for asking!

  55. Hey fano! you invited people over to your igloo but you forgot me! can you come back to the dock or something?

    fano: i gave everyone cards at the mountain and asked who still needed a card couple times.
    sorry if u didnt get any , u can still see me next time in mammoth or frozen

  56. pls i wanna see u come back at the dock im nikeie1

    fano: sorry im not logged in and the party is over , maybe u can see me next time

  57. I apoligize for putting your banner on my blog.I shouldn’t have done that.I will miss you friend!You were the coolest beta around!Wait…You are only quiting your blog!Sooo there is hope that I will still see you on club penguin!Yay!But…The worst part is that I missed the party.anyway Please forgive me for posting your ninja banner!I didn’t see the comment you posted from about like a whole month ago untill today!Soo I hope we can still be friends.Internet friends,but not on club penguin because I know you have a full list.Will you still update the site sometimes?Or are you playing any other games besides club penguin? πŸ˜₯
    please respond and I will get rid of the ninja banner ASAP

    fano: well your being honest and gave me credit about it so u can keep them on ur site.
    its cool if u missed the party i will still be waddling on mammoth and frozen so maybe see u there!
    ill send u a card if i do , and if u leave me a message on utube ill add u as a friend there

  58. Oooh… sorry i missed the party πŸ™‚
    This blog has been great and it’s shown how good you are at: art, blooging etc.
    See you on CP πŸ˜€

  59. thanks fano!

  60. Man, i only just visited now… This blog is cool. if you can could you visit and comment on my blog?
    Plese respond?

  61. Wait ur not leaving?? WOOT!

  62. Noooooooooo! Please at least keep your “ask me” page!


    fano: sorry i wont be updating this blogbut thanks for the nice comment!

  64. when I said great post,I didn’t mean that I am glad you are quitting,but I think you know what I mean.You just did a good job keeping the post organized



  67. Sorry i mist the party Fano i went out somewhere oh yer i meet you on Chewits chat box once that was fun ,and you told me there was a big thing coming to end this blog of Club Penguin.i am looking forward to see it and when will you have anther party?
    Bye Fano well bye to your blog

    fano: that was my last party sorry but u can still see me in mamoth or frozen at the dock.

  68. Greatly loved мΘþ$13 bye fano fan 😦

  69. I enjoyed your blog very much fano 😦

  70. Hey fano can you add me to ur blogroll since ur leaving?
    P.S. Your site was really great! πŸ˜₯

    fano: sorry my site just stays nonupdated and i hadly get views anyway

  71. At the Party will you be adding people?

    fano: the party was last week

  72. Club Penguins BORING!
    I wish I was a member!
    Is there any real you can get free membership?

    fano: no

  73. Fano 2 questions
    1.Why are you quitting
    2.Do you have a chatbox?

    fano: its alot of work and no i dont have a chatbox


    1 do you play planet cazmo?
    2 is club monkey going to still be running or not?
    p.s the comment above me is sorta dosent make sense :d
    p.ss im sad that your quitting wp

    fano: no and yes!

  76. yeah ins kinda hard to keep a blog because i feel like quitting my wp to and iv only maked my one last moth πŸ˜†

  77. Fano! I can keep this site up and running! Please add me as an admin! I really like this site, and you know that I will keep it up! I know I already commented this, but please just add me! My email is in my name! Please add me as admin!

  78. fano, i loved your wordpress! is cp getting boring because of all those crowds? i feel sorry if you never get peace on cp. u were the nicest beta on cp. wahhh! bye. 😦

  79. macdaddy made a different bribble with fever/watex/icy fevar.to bad u r closing the bribble.i will try to go to the party

    fano: we had the party alrdy last friday .

  80. I saw you at the forest! Everyone was saying, “Be my buddy fano”
    but thats ridiculous.They just want to be buddies because you are rare and they don’t even know anything about you.Thanks for the postcard btw.You rock!

  81. man i haven’t seen you on cp in a long long time

    fano: yea im not online that often but if u want we can meet

  82. DON’T CLOSE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. fano i made a penguin named cheers fano

    fano: cool

  84. fano go see my newest video on youtube, it rocks. its called remember the name.

  85. Hey fano so are you gonig ot joni and be a head general or no?Cause we need an answer ASAP

    fano: no i got my own team club monkey

  86. one thing im not sure now are you still a moderator? or were you even ever a moderator please ANSWER! MY Q!

    fano: no im not a mod but im still a beta tester on club penguin

  87. That is sad!

  88. im sorry about this Fano, your allways going to be the best penguin ever and everyones rooting for you, bye Fano.
    YOUR 1#
    ~Hat Master~ p.s:you rock

  89. hey fano its hammerz boy. i met u on cp lol and we sledded and tipped the forest and cove. me and fano got 50000 coins for tipping them πŸ˜€

    fano: next time we tip the migrator!

  90. LOL yeah ! I’d rather meet u than rh Lol and then we should tip the dojo

  91. i thought u quit!! omg now your checking comments this doesnt make sence!

    fano: i quit my blog as in updating but i still answer questions.

  92. why are u leaving?

    fano: im not.

  93. hey fano, its your pal frazzie. well atleast your not quitting club penguin (whew!). hey i remember when i first met you. it was at your party a long time ago. well hey i hope i can see ya again on cp

  94. hi fano! I Really wish you would stay dude.
    Its swiminn6.

  95. Fano I never got a chance to meet you.Now I’m sad that your quitting can I help ever and meet you at frozen on cp?
    Ninjaboy 100

    fano: u can meet me at frozen when im online im mostly at the dock.

  96. Lol i ment stopped blogging

    fano: its alot of work

  97. okay, i understand, Cya waddling around lol

  98. lol “I like Gooooooooold

  99. if CP gets boring there are other things in this world to post about so dont quit your blog

  100. ohh no bye Fano have fun in clubpenguin and quit the blog.
    from Spretur in clubpenguin

  101. I don’t know if you still check this but I came here to say bye to your blog 😦 I’ll cya on cp i guess

  102. awww. this is terrible!! ur the only beta that has a wordpess!!

  103. Please Dont quit 😦

  104. How sad…
    I loved your site Fano…
    Well, i will never forget you!

  105. bye fano.

  106. I miss you fano…..

  107. Hey fano, its your pal Frazzie. Wanna meet again on Club Penguin? Maybe we can do a video. Whenever or whatever you think is fine with me.

    fano: im on mammoth alot at dock so if u find me feel free to record.

  108. Fano is a great penguin everyone liked him and sadly eveything like fun time and all that sadly come to an end all good look fano the whole of cp will miss. ur friend pingu

    fano: thanks for the nice comment pingu , but i only stopt blogging i still play club penguin.

  109. I never have anything to say on my blog. I got bored of Club Penguin and quit for a few months. But I would suggest a few days.

    ~Ta4422~ πŸ™‚

  110. Hey fano, is phat fano your penguin too? Cause Ive heard of him. And hey I hope to see you on Club Penguin sometime.

    fano: yes its mine.

  111. lol I saw phat fano πŸ˜‰

  112. well i got bored of cp too

  113. hi, my name is gregg, kewl site fano, its too bad ur leaving it tho :[

  114. We had some good times. Ill try to find you on cp but I havnt seen you for a couple months.

  115. add someone to continue your blog.

    fano: im keeping it non updated for now but thx for the idea.

  116. Fano are you ever going to come back to this site? Just curious.

    fano: maybe.

  117. xD i never even knew this existed until it got advertised by accident
    Yaz 8)

  118. no. plz! ur one of the only famous penguins left. y did u quit!

    fano: i only quit my blog cuz its alot of work but i still play cp.

  119. I never see u on cp !

    fano: yea i dont go often.

  120. oh i saw u! i love to see beta testers!!!!!!
    you cant quit! you are one the only remaining beta testers!!

  121. This was the best cp blog and i wouldve commented earlier but it wont let me. Anyway I have quit cp and probably wont go back except for pins so bye.

  122. 😦 ill miss u

  123. I will be happy to meet you on CP Rocky Road Dock, i would make a video about you so it would be better with you in it, so Rocky Road dock E-mail me at what time (CP Time) and the day (CP clock)

    fano: thanks for the nice comment but i cant make it to personal requests
    but if u see me in dock mammoth sometime ur free to record whenever u want.

  124. I can’t belive it! Now everyone is getting bored of Club Penguin! πŸ˜₯

  125. how come u and phat fano go on cp at the same time?
    i just saw u guys on but neither responded nor replied to what i was saying 😦

    fano: i logged in on 2 computers at the same time.

  126. Lol I do that to sometimes, like I go on Frazzie and Frazzie2 just for the heck of it. see you around fano

  127. O so ur phat fano and fano?
    if i see u around cud u add me?

    fano: im both. i only have a few limited vip spots left on my buddylist
    but i can only add u on both names if u help me stay a member by donating 25 dollars.

  128. im sorry fano you are the best penguin ever.

  129. Nooooo! Fano! Well, at least your not quiting cp, or that would have been way worse! Your name will be honored forever of this blog, in the information of being the greatest penguin ever.
    Fano, I actually never got to see you in person. I hang around with roc hopper and I saw you in his music vid. I didnt know you were his buddy! Could we maybe hang out sometime?

    fano: thanks for the nice comment , im not rockhoppers buddy but we can meet in clubpenguin
    im always at mammoth at the dock when im online so if im on , u can see me there.

  130. Hey fano. Sorry about what happened with Club Penguin changing the lowercase names to capitals. That really stinks. But atleast you have the beta hat still. I feel bad for betas that dont have the beta hat cause their names are capitalized! oh well. see you around fano!

  131. Fano you are still part of our life

  132. now JaMeS is James, and fano is Fano and little wolf is Little Wolf 😦
    lol thanks for the welcome to cp card.

  133. Name Of Honor: Fano

  134. That’s to bad!

  135. yay lol! πŸ™‚

  136. fano are u having that 75.000 view party cause ur leaving??

    fano: i had a party in januari but now its may lol.

  137. Fano I just wanted to say Hi and thank you for being my friend.

    fano: cool mate thanks u too!

  138. Hehe that was fun today πŸ™‚

  139. Oh man, can I handle your site?

    fano: no im keeping it non updated.

  140. do u like responding to the coments on ur site even though you quit?

    fano: yes i still visit everyday i just dont updating it.

  141. Fano how come you never edit my comments? xD

    fano: u never ask for anything lol.

  142. Fano do you go on xat?

    fano: no i only visit here: http://flash.bribble.com/group.html?port=35370

  143. Woah, fano, you still check this blog? Cool!

  144. Fano! Good news buddy! Clubpenguin made more room for friends! 300! Hope to see you soon! Sarge Dudles.
    P.S it was my birthday on july 12, now im 12!

    fano: cool happy birthday , mine was july 8th but i was in spain.

  145. can u add me now that theres 300 buds?

    fano: club penguin made the list back to normal.

  146. Cool! Happy birthday fano! how old did you turn?

    fano: thanks thats a secret.

  147. Please dont leave us we STILL think ur cool,Coolest guy EVER! please dont leave us.

    fano: i didnt quit cp , just updating.

  148. I wish u would come back posting, Ur letting ur fans down.

  149. hey mate sup i wonder do u have a xb360 just askin. -_-

  150. 150!!!

  151. fano if you want I could be a admin of your site so you dont have to quit!
    If you do just commet on my site and tell me!

    fano: sorry i dont need an admin on my site. im keeping it non updated.

  152. it doesn’t matter if you don’t have anything original! its about YOU making it that makes it original! a fano original idea! its all you, and it always will be! keep the blog! keep the blog! keep the blog!

    fano: thanks but i like the site as it is now. it takes alot of time updating it everyday.
    i still answer all the comments on this page so feel free to visit sometime.

  153. I have a question:
    Will you update your blog (about Club Penguin) in the summer?

    fano: no but i will still keep this blog up to answer questions.

  154. Fano! :p

    -noltosmot the annoying bribble person πŸ™‚

  155. fano please dont leave and goodbye and my name on clubpenguin is stonema1000

  156. oh sorry its not stonema1000 its stoneman1000

  157. can you add me on club penguin fano my clubpenguin name is stoneman

  158. Bye bye Fano HYappy Thanksgiving

    fano: Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  159. what is your web (chatbox)?

    fano: i dont have a chat anymore.

  160. Hi fano, y r u quieting u rock on posting P.S I might go to ur party and i’m adding I’m a lil famous πŸ™‚ please don’t quiet replay to me:(

  161. Wait, slaps fano xD don’t quiet u where my #1 fav pengy I always drew ur pengy :$ xD 😦 don’t quiet we where good freinds and I was some times means I’m sorry P.S replay to me I wanna see what u r going to say P.S.S I like ur pic u made on top of ur site can I u give me link to it :$ if u can pc me on ur chat I’m always on there tallin with soccer and Anna

  162. Waddle on! ^^^^^ up there is message from Amir Omar

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