the newspaper 24 january

the newspaper is out and it looks like rockhopper is ok!
he also brought a new free item which u can find on the beach.
rockhopper is not sure if the migrator will ever be repaired
but he better because i havent take a look into his cabin yet.
that pretty much is all the news for now , check back later
and take a look at this club monkey logo misam made.

~ by fanocp on January 24, 2008.

6 Responses to “the newspaper 24 january”

  1. Ya i didnt see it either!!!!! HEY!!!!!! WHAT IF HE GETS AN EVEN BETTER SHIP AND WE CAN GO IN HIS ROOM IN IT!!!!!!!!!!


  3. ppl are saying he’s still giving out the same background… :/

  4. he is i met him twice lol

  5. Cool logo and post fano.

  6. hey fano do you want to come my 2,000 hits party? its at 7am pst at the ice berg on mammoth. Hope you can make it.

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