im unbanned on miniclip

well actually im not but i found out if u visit the site using firefox theres no ban
i think that they ban you on your explorer information and not on you ip address
this way all u gotta do is go on firefox to bypass it or if ur on firefox go on ie.
well its good to visit the forum again , lets break some rules! :mrgreen:


~ by fanocp on January 21, 2008.

25 Responses to “im unbanned on miniclip”

  1. lol i’d love to break some rules there, and read the e-mail i just sent back

  2. it doesnt really work because always i use firefox and if i get banned u still are banned

    fano: if ur on firefox try visiting the page on internet explorer

  3. omg omg omg. fano! ive seen u twice on cp. i am incubus7, and i am nowhere as old as u. i am wii dude on wordpress

  4. LOL

  5. you have a differnt ip adress every broswer you use. I got banned on a chat box on Internet Expoler then i logged on firefox i could go on
    and fano you can change your ip adress so you can go on the other broswer 😀

    fano: my ip address did change but it still said banned forever on the miniclip page.
    so i think they ban ur ip and explorer information , but if u change both u can visit no problem

  6. oh cool.
    I got to miniclip a lot.


  8. i know thats so weird i was perma-banned on their like forever and so i randomly check their and i was able to just make a random user up again. i dnt know if they even noticed. i already hav elike 100 posts and they dont’ even know that i was perma banned already. its sweeet.

  9. Lets break some rules.
    Do you play Zoo tycoon?

    fano: i played the demos but i dont have the game

  10. LOL, fano you rule breaker 😀
    whats your username?

    fano: well i cant give u my login name yet but it wouldnt be so hard to see

  11. no but they ban your account name..that happens when the forum is down…

  12. cool fano. and just wondering. do you want to do a music video with me on club penguin? i make really cool vids. check out my channel on youtube its “clubpenguinfreak192”.

    fano: atm im rly busy but maybe later we could do a music video

    Go to beach he gives out free items!

    fano: thanks for telling me! the item is ok but i dont see
    why u cant swim with it while u wear the arm floaters.

  14. Rockhopper is back and he has 1 free item!!!

  15. im startin all over fano

    fano: ill add ur new site to my blogroll

  16. Awesome! I will join with internet explorer! I already knew that idea but never risked it! 😉

  17. ok fano! thanks you rock

  18. Can you post?

    fano: yea but i made a new name

  19. well only if its ok with you, when would be the best time to do a vid? my best days are fridays and weekends. but only if you wanna do a vid

    fano: weekends is good

  20. ok, thanks fano! so would we do an interview?

    fano: no i can only do a music vid

  21. ok, and sorry that your quiting blog. i wish that i could make it to your party, but i have basketball game. but hey you can email me at, and we could plan the video? only if its ok with you. it would be awesome doing a vid with you!
    i would have to do it sunday though

  22. Wow, cool! I never knew that 😀

  23. Yo do you have a miniclip player if so add me im rockinkat10

  24. i really want join

  25. my id was banned i dont understand plz tell me how to i unbanned

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