the fiesta party

hola a todos los pingüinos , in other words hi all penguins!
its fiesta party in club penguin and the party isnt bad and it has some music
u can get free maracas at the nightclub and the pin is in the pinata at the forest
check out the nightclub in particular , its made of gold like the aztec buildings!
and i like goooooold! austin powers gold member , enjoy the party

~ by fanocp on January 18, 2008.

18 Responses to “the fiesta party”

  1. wow u know a bit of spanish i im bilingual lol i like the party

  2. heyo,
    kewl pic for the fiesta party i luv it…i luv austin powers too, well, anyways, how do you like the party? it’s alright to me, my sound wont work so i cant hear the music yet XD.

  3. ole! COMO ESTAS IN OTHER WORDS HOW ARE U so how r u fano?

    fano: soy bien xD

  4. The partys fun!
    But the free item kinda sucks 😦

  5. noo u got it wrong dude the free item rocks but the party kinda KINDA sucks lol

  6. i like gold too! 😛 the music stays in your head and it gets annoying.

  7. gold is cool. I like climbing on the night club.

  8. im quadlingual(or whatever knowing 4 languages means), i know spanish, english, chinese, and japanese

  9. Fano, you said pinanatas and its wrong becuse its PIÑATA!!!

  10. GOLD

  11. is this ur pengspace

    fano: i dont have a pengspace

  12. Hey Fano! I am wondering if you would like to join my blog?

    fano: im rly busy with this one but thanks for asking me

  13. i think the party is kinda boring lol

  14. The Maracas Looks Ugly 😛
    Anyway I’m working on a header for you,Fano 😉

    fano: thanks but i dont think any header can replace my current one

  15. Bad news Fano!
    All free bribbles will be deleted on Feb. 1st!

    fano: my bribble isnt free so its not a prob

  16. cool

  17. why aren’t u wearing the beta hat? U look better lol

  18. WOW that festa in club penguin was fun my favorite party!!!!!

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