newspaper 17 january

the newspaper is out and i think u can guess what the main news is
as earlier u could see rockhopper crashed with the migrator into an iceberg
and is now stranded on see. no one knows what will happen yet but everyone
sure is on the lookout! other news is the fiesta party which is on tomorrow
they said there would be a free item , so i guess the maracas but maybe more.
ps: dont forget to read the funny comic at the end of the newspaper


~ by fanocp on January 17, 2008.

5 Responses to “newspaper 17 january”

  1. yay first comment! i hope rockhopper is alright!

  2. Holla!

    Yay, Second comment!

  3. yay i found ur site! 😀 Anyways I hope he’s ok… (only cuz he brings cool stuff) LOL

  4. oooh dude , what was he thinkin of drinkin and driven at the same time!? LOL

  5. u forgot my logo i made for club monkey ):

    fano: i will add it upcoming newspaper sorry

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