rockhopper crashed!

take a look in the telescope at the lighthouse everyone , rockhopper crashed!
the migrator is broke and i dont know if it will be repared. all is exciting
and it might has to do something with the new mission coming out.
i think we have to save rockhopper and repare the migrator and catch the polar bear
ill keep u informed on the news! thanks to jaydude for telling me this.
ps: heres the video where u can see what happens

~ by fanocp on January 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “rockhopper crashed!”

  1. I think he will come in Feb.!
    Because last year hes ship was broken!
    And everyone had to fix it!

  2. Poor Rockhopper!

  3. i want to meet rockhopper i hope he is ok.

  4. OUCH! poor rockhopper!
    IN November or December
    i wish that rockhopper
    came back in 2008!
    because i miss him
    also he gives us good
    gifts and i like that!!

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