new stage is out

its crime fighting time! the new stage is out and the costumes look great
theres alot more to do in the theatre then the last time with the fishes
u can use special powers if u were the suit , and when u press on the buttons
all sort of cool things happen. someone even thought i was a bad guy
and tried to zap me with his lazer , but i hided behind the dino!
also theres a new mission coming up , check it out.


~ by fanocp on January 11, 2008.

27 Responses to “new stage is out”

  1. fano, do you have msn messenger? if so can i talk to you online later?
    P.S. Could my site be on your blogroll?

    fano: i dont have msn but u can chat with me on meebo or leave a mesage on my utube.
    if i get alot of views from ur site everyday then ill add u to my list

  2. Fano the blog planetcazmo is my blog. No im not using the name for hits. Thats my Planet Cazmo name along with my names on everything – runescape, dinobay etc.
    You just happen to have it for club penguin. I would have it but u started way be4 me

    fano: yea i just found out , sorry for my comments.
    if ppl ask for a good planetcazmo site ill refer them to urs thanks

  3. Fano do you know whats my penguin name (not storeguy77)???By the way you look like a beta pirate!!!

    fano: i only know storeguy but feel free to tell ur other if u want

  4. Fano wana be a part of it!
    Also if you add me to your blogroll Ill be sure to add you to mine. You reached the requirements!
    I lowered it. As long as you get 100,000 in at least 3 weeks ur fine

    fano: i dont play planetcazmo but thanks for asking

  5. umm fano do u remember me? u said we r buddies but u just cant add me. u always ignore me when i c u. u even sent me a best friends card once

    fano: sorry if i ignored u , sometimes i get crowded i remember u tho

  6. the new is stage is aswome what do u think?

    fano: yea its cool!

  7. He knows my wordpress is banned. But yeah fano, you can take it off πŸ˜₯ *tear* I had that blog for about a half of a year and they take it away. My blog was the first step into famous-dom for me πŸ˜₯

  8. hi fano, havent talked in ages. how you doing?

  9. Holla!
    Haven’t talked in ages πŸ˜‰ Just wondering how it was going. Are you 800 yet XD

    fano: im ok thanks , yea im over 800 days old

  10. hey fano!
    Yeah the play looks cool!

  11. Fano, you can visit my chat.

  12. Were you on bribble
    January 12th 2008, 6:10pm Eastern Time?

    fano: yea that was me

  13. yo fano i really want to meet can u tell me when and where

    fano: im always at frozen or mammoth but if u rly want to meet me
    u can visit one of my parties that i host once in a while

  14. dude we need to hang out again sometime dude

    fano: cool just meet me in cp when u see me

  15. Hey, you just beat me at find four 😦
    But i beat you at Sled racing mwahahahaha!
    Just seeing how your getting on πŸ˜€
    ~Talk on bribble

  16. hi fano, theres this penguin called cp fano is he yours?

    fano: no the only penguin i have with fano in it is fano

  17. nice site u have dude

  18. Hey Fano nice website! keep up the good work. If you have time can you visit my site? thank you.

  19. Hey fano! I saw you yesterday and asked you to pizza lol. I dont need your pic anymore cuz i got a quick screenshot of your card. πŸ™‚

    fano: cool πŸ˜€

  20. Hey fano dont delete my comments your agreat guy!
    I can creat cars for monkeys anything you want!!!!

    fano: if u wont advertise then i wont delete em
    cool but monkeys travel by trees

  21. Fano, you can remove me from your blogroll. Cause my site is gone forever. Im using gjmc.wordpress for now.

  22. Fano,did you check the monkey car?? It takes 100 monkeys!!! By the say did you also found the monkey comic???

    fano: cool yea i saw em good job

  23. Yeah fano, you can take me off the blogroll as well.

  24. Fano, Im Joao if you dont know and I finished creating the back sits!!!!

  25. Hey fano, wanna come to my 365 days old party? it’s at mammoth, my igloo, 9:00am (CP time) fancy coming?
    Hope you can come!
    P.S. PARTY ON!!!

    fano: sorry i cant visit on that time , but maybe we can meet later in cp

  26. fano one question is true that if ur penguin gets 365 days old does cp give something to u from old members catalog? is the statement true, false of u cant say.

    fano: thats not true , if ur 365 days that just means ur a year old but u dont get any extra items

  27. Fano,I created the back sits and the front controls!!!!Im now creating the back and I will finsih all the car and IF you want you can put it on the monkey club page!!!!If you dont like the monkeys going there, bananas can go there for monkeys!!!

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