billybob’s fake blog

hi everybody , i think everyone by now has noticed the wordpress of ‘billybob’
well as i alrdy knew it was a fake. the person used a program to make any email
however it only works for msn and it says unverified email once u add the person.
i posted on his wordpress that hes not real but my comments kept being deleted
so i contacted clubpenguin and they stated that ‘billybobs’ wordpress is fake.
everything billybob posts will be on the official club penguin blog
heres a screenshot of their reply.


~ by fanocp on January 10, 2008.

12 Responses to “billybob’s fake blog”

  1. Well duh,he’s soo aannoying with impersonating,can you tell us fano who’s impersonating him?
    My guess would be Chewy Pup…

    well i know who it is and its prolly more then just 1 person
    but ill keep it a secret for now. good thing is hes quiting cuz everyone knows hes fake

  2. Yes, this is the reply I got:

    Hello, Thank you for emailing Club Penguin’s support department regarding Billy bob. I think a few of your friends are just pulling your leg. Billybob does have a blog (our “What’s New” section) located on our homepage. He updates it regularly with new information about Club Penguin, however this is his preferred choice of communicating, not MSN. Your friends may possibly be trying to play a joke on you, go ask them. If you have any further questions or concerns we can assist you with, please feel free to respond to this email at any time.

    Erika Club Penguin Support

  3. Hes a faker totally

  4. It’s totally fake. It’s either Chewy Pup or Mohd222. 😉

  5. Yeh Billybob is a faker he can’t even unban our accounts!

  6. yup i sent them an e-mail too. i got the same reply

  7. Whats the name of his

    fano: billybobresearch

  8. Yeah, I emailed CP, and they said the same thing! Well, sorta.
    He used this program from Thomisback. Its called REGISTER ANY MSN.
    I tried it once, and it worked! Well, I made this email for my MSN, for this club I made for Fun! lol
    I can’t believe a person would do that.
    he has too much time on his hands

  9. It was: CHEWY PUP

  10. so billybob’s e-mail was fake too? 😕

    fano: yes

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