the newspaper 3 january

hey everyone , its 2008 in club penguin and the first newspaper is here
theres a new play coming next week and also new wigs!
maybe there will be a wig for non members this time
well thats all the news for now but i’ll keep u informed.


~ by fanocp on January 3, 2008.

32 Responses to “the newspaper 3 january”

  1. You know the new play?
    It has to do with super heros and capes or something right?
    I hope there will be a free cape for non-members!
    Probably wont happen 😦
    Yay first comment!

  2. Ughnn…the newpaper was rather boring this time for some reason.

  3. Cool there will be wigs for non-members!

  4. 60,000 hits! Good Job Fano……… lucky………… lol

    fano: thanks lol , its because of all the visitors like urself who visit 😀

  5. Hey fano how’s everything been going for you lately?

    fano: im ok thanks hows u?

  6. I’m working on a new cp music video, and its coming along pretty good. The song is Amen by Kid Rock. Wanna be in a few scenes?

  7. well done on reaching 60 000 hits fano!

  8. i like your website!

  9. Congrats fano on the 60,000 hits

    fano: thanks

  10. please come to my site please u are so cool

  11. omg i just met u in mammoth at the dock u were so cool
    hey how did u make ur first letter of ur name not capitalized
    thats so kewl
    how did u do that
    anyway u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    – mysterywritr

    fano: i was a beta tester so , during that time u could make ur own name
    capital letters or not

  12. (P.s you spelled January wrong on the title)

    fano: thanks xD

  13. Hello Fano! I am Ktman of Club Penguin Mythbusters. I don’t mean to bug you but could you give me any information of what Club Penguin was like it beta. If you did I would post alink to your site on the post in which I am giving your information. Please reply.
    Ktman (Head Mythbuster)

    fano: beta testing was just like todays club penguin but with less rooms.
    we just played the game testing for bugs and glitches like the moonwalk and reported it

  14. Hey Fano,
    Why don’t you be a Mythbuster?
    I’m one to!
    I bet you would be a great help to Ktman!

    fano: sorry im alrdy a monkey and we only want world domination!
    and eat bananas

  15. Gesert’s WordPress is Gone!!!!!! What Happened?

    fano: it says it got suspended because of rules of violation
    maybe someone contacted cp and they got wordpress to remove it.

  16. hey fano. are u coming to my 200,000 hits party?

    fano: if im online that day then ill try to make it thx

  17. fano ur never on cp anymore why? i havent seen u since like maybe 1 or 2 months ago where have yea been? 😥

    fano: i dont play cp that much anymore , maybe 5 minutes a week
    maybe ill play some more again when it gets more fun

  18. Yeah Club Penguin told wordpress to remove it. You know what I don’t really give a crap they can kiss my white ***

    fano: ahh thats bad man , i didnt know cp could do that since they are a diffrent company
    sorry to hear it tho i liked ur blog , are u going to make a new one?

  19. well I’m not sure. i’ll ask you, do u think that i should? and the reason cp asked them that is because somebody reported me for giving away passwords

    fano: i dunno depends on u , if u still want to post news and updates then u should
    but if u want views then it would be pretty bad since u gotta start over

  20. Hey fano what should I have for my 2,000 hits?

    fano: u could make a party or add a extra page on ur site

  21. yeah, views would be the worst thing, because it took me so long to get them, and then they just take them away.

    fano: yea they could’ve given u a warning atleast

  22. Fano,do you have msn?? Ive found something really great saying monkey business!!!

    fano: i dont have msn but u can chat with me sometimes on meebo or leave me a message
    on my youtube page clubpenguindisney

  23. fano your so cool i saw you today in mammoth nice game we played on find four

    fano: thanks for the good game!

  24. nice site. I like your drawings. One question how did you gett he name fano.

    fano: well i cant tell u how i got it cuz its a secret
    but if ull get what it means , then ill tell u.

  25. i think be cause somones a fan of him thats y he has fan on his name right?

  26. You haven’t updating your site?
    How come?

    fano: im out of news 😀

  27. fano your one of my best buds 🙂

  28. Nice. Your getting hits faster than me 🙄 LOL it doesn’t matter. 🙂

  29. if you go to this site he copyed the ninja cp thing

    fano: thanks for telling me , i posted a message to ask if he will take it off

  30. Alright. I still think your art rocks. If you saw my you fainted. I draw so bad.

    fano: thanks just keep practising , ull get better at drawing

  31. Fano thanks for the card of “wanna hang out?” Your a good friend!

    fano: thanks u too!

  32. Hey fano that reminds me. If you see me on Club Penguin, PLEASE send me a card. It would be super-cool to get a card from a beta tester

    fano: cool ill send u a card when i see u in cp

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