happy new year!

happy new year everyone! monday will be the last day of the year 2007!
are you getting fireworks , having a big dinner or even getting more presents
let us know how you gonna celebrate new year and what you like about it.
now to club penguin related news: they have added firework to the mountain
and at the iceberg! also if you look through the scope you can see a new iceberg!
check it out , maybe its much bigger then it looks and we could actually go there.


~ by fanocp on December 28, 2007.

40 Responses to “happy new year!”

  1. I’m not ready for a new year 😦

    fano: lol me neither , 2008 is scary!

  2. Dude I’m bored maybe me and you can meet on meebo or somethin and make a video.

  3. Happy New Years Fano!
    About the mini ice berg maybe there will be a new mission?

    fano: who knows , good thinking!

  4. yo fano its icy! again about that small iceberg thing,good detective work! maybe it has something to do with Rockhopper since he hasnt been here since November!
    Rock on fano!

  5. What if thats where the polar bear from mission 5 is hiding and misssion 6 will come on the day after new years and after you beat the mission you can go there or mabe its a piece of the iceburg!

  6. Lol, get more presents. That would be cool. Don’t you agree fano?

    fano: yea lol

  7. I wonder if it could be for a mission?

    fano: could be , maybe the polar bear is hiding on it

  8. Hey Fano, how was your Christmas? And what did u get?
    Well for New Years i think my parents are inviting some friends over and all the kids will skate on the pond in my back yard!
    How about you?

    fano: i got soulja boy glasses for christmas
    and this new year im watching episodes of friends and eat alot of diffrent things

  9. I hate new years because I’m so use to writing 2007 on my paper and now it has the change.

  10. the last day is actually Monday i checked my calender

    fano: ur right lol thx

  11. hey fano. happy newyear to you too!

  12. Hey fano i got a wii, and my sims and super mario galaxy. That old game rock em sock em robots, and for hockey a new goalie glove and stick. what else did u get?

    fano: i didnt got many presents but i still liked christmas. u got alot of stuff!

  13. Hey Fano, did you get anything for boxing day?
    I got a lot of cool stuff like:
    40 inch HD TV (Its awesome!)
    HD DVD Player
    Rogers HD Box Thing

    fano: woa sweet presents! naa not me but its cool xD

  14. wow i got many PS2 games

  15. 1. Happy New Year Fano!
    2. Why is 2008 scary?
    3. You’ll be older at the next year so… there’s no scary stuff! :mrgreen:
    4. That is a chunk of an iceberg… that means a part of an icebreg I think… or maybe the tipping feature of the icebreg is coming soon! Or… it’s Polar Bear’s blame?

    fano: 1. happy new year! 2 and 3. becuz i have 1 year less time to do all the things i want to do
    4. maybe good thinking! ps: when i read chuck i thought u ment chipmunk lol

  16. hey yo im stayin up all night!

  17. my friends are joking saying CP is melting

  18. happy new years fano!

  19. im freaked out! This year went by so quickly! But luckily my B day in in January! I hope you can come fano… ill post it like Jan. 10!

  20. i will have a big party and dinner and stuff. do u remember me?

    fano: wauw sounds good , have a good party

  21. cant wait oh i wannna meet u on frozen sometime!

  22. Happy new year fano!

    fano: happy new year!

  23. Happy new year fano!
    Welcome 2008 and Bye 2007!
    ~Rocktroper~ πŸ˜‰

    fano: happy 2008!!!!!

  24. i am so so ready but i dont want to go back to school NOW!!!!!!!

  25. hey fano! happy new year!


  27. fano u got to make a vid of ur buddy list i wanna see your friends c’mon man i wanna see the luckies peeps in the world

    fano: cool i might do that thanks

  28. fano can i be an admin on planet cazmo site?

    fano: u should ask the owner of that site if u want to be an admin there
    its not mine

  29. hey cool site fano keep up the good work

  30. Hey faon I think m,y site is better so can rate it?
    I’ll give your site a 10.

    fano: i like ur site too but i dunno how to comment cuz i cant see the comment button

  31. did u vote on my King of the ICEBERG poll?
    cos this guy commented as fano cp!

    fano: no i didnt

  32. then who is the owner?

    fano: dunno i dont play that game

  33. global warming Aaaaaaaaaah!

  34. Wow fano your on 60,000 views! Im only 40,000 away! & to think this all started because you found my blog… Im honoured. I cant believe its grown so much. I feel bad that most of it is because your a beta, like most of my views are CP related. *sigh*

    fano: thanks i guess i am known for my beta but people visit my blog for the updates and news
    not becuz i have a hat in club penguin

  35. hi fano,
    I wanna make a post on my site about the halloween party 2005. I think there weren’t any free items, right? You are the only beta tester I know that has a blog, so I’m asking you. Please respond at http://fotis01.wordpress.com. Thanks.

  36. See that comment? That prooves my point.
    Im not saying ‘you arent cool you just got a hat’, but the same thing (well, nearly) is happening to me so Im trying to be helpful.

    fano: no some people want to ask me things about the early cp bucuz im a beta tester
    but if i dont update my site i dont get any views. if ur theory is right then i dont have to post at all
    and i would still get all the viewers i get now just becuz im a beta tester which is incorrect.

  37. because there is a guy named fano commenting and posting and stuff on the site

    fano: thats not me sorry

  38. your not cool your horrible, you dont even add people to your buddy list or blogroll, I ADDED YOU! 😑

  39. its ok fano srry

  40. happy new year fano

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