club penguin emails

hi everyone as u know we made that cool wallpaper a few days ago
and i sent it to club penguin. well they replied and they liked it alot!
just click on the picture to read what they said about it.
ps: they also sent me a comment back on the poem i wrote here.
goodjob everyone that made the wallpaper!


~ by fanocp on December 27, 2007.

15 Responses to “club penguin emails”

  1. I’m Flame 593 not Flame 539! Oh no!

    fano: ur right im really sorry!
    but good thing is that they can see ur real name on the cp wallpaper

  2. the bad thing is that somwtimes i sed things there and they say the same that they love it but they never put it lol

  3. You Forgot Mine! Im not in there! My name is there, but my penguin is not! How?????? Well, Check and you’ll see that mine is not in there! Please make another without all the mistakes! no offence or anything, but, you know.

    fano: yes u are there. i used ur wordpress name for in the list
    and they can read ur penguin name in the art. since the rest are penguin names
    they can clearly see that the last one whos not in the list ( horsetrailer) is cooldude

  4. HEY! you also forgot my name! and my penguin 😦

    fano: dude look at the picture man , it clearly says dallas39 next to hygt5
    and i only used 1 name , either ur penguin or ur wordpress name.
    at the end all penguin names are viewable in the wallpaper

  5. Cool!
    The wallpapers great!
    So as the poem!

    fano: thanks!

  6. Cool!

  7. Good job on the poem and wallpaper fano.


  9. cool, i really wanted to help.
    Well some words are together but who cares.
    good poem

  10. lol yeah they can see my name on the picture

  11. what are all ur guys names on and where is it?

    fano: the penguin names are on the wallpaper
    in the post below above the newspaper

  12. ohh i see. Thanks Fano, i didnt really see that.

  13. The Photo of me and you saying merry Christmas is not on the Version you sent to Cp. Just letting you know. It’s Blank there

    fano: yea i know its becuz i couldnt make 1 screenshot to fit everything on the picture
    so i made a screenshot of the cp reply , and retyped the post that i sent but i used the wrong link sorry

  14. That’s ok….. As long as my name is in the list!

  15. HI

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