christmas wallpaper

i am making a huge christmas wallpaper and i need your help!
i was thinking it will be a great idea if everyone makes a part of the wallpaper
in their own way. then at the end when everythings done , i will add them together
and make it into a background. everythings welcome but try to make it your best!
i will post it here and send it to clubpenguin with all our names.
merry christmas eve everyone and to all a good night!

~ by fanocp on December 24, 2007.

22 Responses to “christmas wallpaper”

  1. wow fano, impressve

  2. I will get Started on It Right Away!

  3. Hey buddy. Whats up. See you around

    Chewy Pup

  4. here is mine:

  5. Cool. So do we tell you what to add on to it, or do we draw our own?

    fano: u draw or make ur own , and then i add all the pictures together

  6. Mines Bucaners74 Please put my name on it

    fano: sorry i cant put ur name on it if u didnt make anything

  7. Hey fano I saw you on cp today when i was on my spare (Flappy3004)
    then I got on sarge but you had left. Penguins are really mad about the scarf!
    Your friend, Sarge Dudles

    fano: merry christmas!

  8. lol im not very good at this.

  9. awsome picture

  10. Heres mine hope you like it im not that good.

    fano: looks awesome πŸ˜€ i like the penguin in uniform

  11. Here’s mine.

    fano: lol legoless u can do better

  12. lol

  13. ok..this is mine:

    p.s. Go Malta is one of the 1st penguins I made

  14. Hey fano, I got a meeebo today on my wordpress πŸ˜€ please leave a message if you want buddy! :mrgreen:

  15. here’s mine: have fun with it! πŸ˜‰

  16. Me and Fano thought of the idea while on Meebo, I have already sent is to him, and it is really awesome. I could make a t-shirt of it, and everyone who was part of it could buy it and all.
    That would be really cool, and, your not just donating money to not get anything, you would be actually getting a T- Shirt and helping Fano with his member ship!!

    ~a.k.a. Horsetrailer
    Awesome drawing Fano! Hope to Talk to you on Meebo again!

  17. hay I just saw you on cp! remember me? im red poppie. i didnt know you had a site! i saw you on somewones blogroll. visit my site if you have the time

  18. Hey fano, this is my latest X-Mas wallpaper for you! Check It Out:

  19. Sorry fano about my last post. I uploaded the wrong picture! Im so Sorry, here is my real 1:

  20. Ok, ill make it full size.

  21. Cool wallpaper!

  22. go here

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