christmas is club penguin!

hohoho it is christmas in club penguin and the decorations are beautiful
almost every room is decorated and there are 2 free items!
reindeer ears at the dock and the santa hat located at the snowforts.
the music is great and theres also a free pin in the attic at the ski lodge
my favorite is the christmas stand at the clove. skanda even called me fano clause.
a small secret is that u can click on the lanterns to make the lights go on
and if u click on the small train caves at the forest , choo choos come out!
also make sure to give the little christmas tree at the iceberg lots of water.
here are some pictures i made today , hope u like them! merry christmas everyone
fano snowman santaclause 2 snowmans christmas wish christmas fred


~ by fanocp on December 21, 2007.

29 Responses to “christmas is club penguin!”

  1. lol nice pics, merry christmas

  2. Hhaha they are soo funny! meryy X-mas fano clause!

  3. lol nice

  4. lol awesome pics!

  5. the old christmas scarf is also gonna be returning. sad for all the old penguins

  6. lol the pictures a funny

  7. I sent the idea of the reindeer antlers and the wreath pin. Even look at my wordpress for proof.

  8. I watered the tree on the iceberg with my pumpkin bucket!
    ps: The two snowman debating famousness is hilarious!

  9. Holla! Good post! And love the new header 😀
    Make sure to vote on THE NEW penguin of the week on my site

  10. I will come to your party and nice header

  11. Lol! Nice pictures!
    So which Christmas party’s your favorite?

    fano: i liked the first christmas alot

  12. Also where are people getting the Christmas Scarf?

    It looks really cool!

  13. It does

  14. Hello,

    Club Penguin accidentally released to the Christmas Scarf and took down Coins For Change early. We have mixed our mistake, so now penguins should be able to continue donating money to the good cause. The Christmas Scarf will return on its scheduled date of December 24th.


    Lindsay A
    Club Penguin Support

  15. I want the scarf but i dont at the same time. I want it so i have a scarf. And i dont want it cause its like brigning back the beta hat!

  16. x-mas scark is comin back on mon
    they released it early but took it off

    Hello, The Christmas Scarf was accidentally released early! It has been taken back down, but don’t worry – it will be made available once again on Monday. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know. Sincerely, Sean Club Penguin Support

  17. Did u tdraw that banner by urself? And merry christmas
    this website rocks

    fano: yes i drawn it and the beta james edited it for christmas

  18. Merry Chrismas Fano! I LOVE YOUR ARTWORK AND BANNER!
    Is the banner all done by the PAINT program?

    fano: thx merry christmas to u too , and yes its made in paint

  19. Hey fano! “Welcome to Club Penguin” Lol. I got the scarf when it was available for that short amount of time. If you havent seen the fuss about it yet, Just go to ski village on frozen and see.
    Foohy 😉

    fano: thanks you too!

  20. this is for cpfoohy if you recently check the site…
    FOOHY… what time in eastern time and where was the scarf when it came out?

  21. lol, great site. And nice header 🙂

  22. fano, i made some christmas funny pics (dont worry there REALLY different to urs) im just gonna run it though you is it allright if i put them on my blog?
    since you came up with the idea

    fano: ofcourse!

  23. cool thanks fano 🙂

  24. Hello fano!I have had some viewers on my blog,did u tell some ppl about it?!Thanx if u did!!!

    P.S. i no ur online rite now!!!!!

  25. hey fano waz up

  26. the Christmas Scarf is going to be released next week

  27. Hey fano, can I make you an Admin on my WordPress, and can you help me with It if your not too Busy? It would be Really cool if you can be a Part of It!

    fano: sorry im rly busy with this site alrdy but thanks for asking

  28. Hey dude sorry I missed youre party. tell gesert I say happy birthday!

  29. it is monday and still no scarf. do u know anything about it fano?

    fano: no club penguin said it would be today but maybe it comes out later or tomorrow

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