the newspaper 20 december

brrr its getting cold in club penguin. christmas is almost near!
this weeks newspaper is about the igloo contests and they have picked 10 winners!
i havent won but i cant say im not suprised , u know having no furniture and all.
anyway the igloos look great and the theme is picked for the christmas party
its going to be a classic christmas and i can not wait till tomorrow!
make sure to dress warm , make yellow snowballs and drink lots of hot choco.
ps: today i was invited doodlebobs igloo who won the contest!


~ by fanocp on December 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “the newspaper 20 december”

  1. Can’t wait till the party!!!
    Its going be my first x-mas party!

  2. Hello fano! The Classic Christmas Party is coming today, but the annoying thing is I’m different times to when the party really starts, so I have to wait till like four in the noon! Cool site by the way!

  3. i have to wait 11 pm at night it stinks

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