50.000 views party

hi everyone saturday is my 50.000 views party and the theme is christmas
i will be having it at the dock and then move around club penguin
the first party will be at frozen at 9 am pst located at the dock.
the second party will be at 3 pm pst at boots uk server.
also saturday is my friend geserts birthday , hes turning 15
so we will be having this party for him. happy birthday man.


~ by fanocp on December 20, 2007.

32 Responses to “50.000 views party”

  1. cool. i hope i can come 🙂

  2. Awesome! That sounds Really Cool! Sure I’ll Come!

  3. woah ive never seen your site b4, ill try to come but i dont know…

  4. thnx man, i will try to be at both of your parties, but i might have to go somewhere. i really appreciate this. 🙂

  5. most likely i can come to your first party

  6. Hey Fano,
    Did you make that picture becuase it is really really good!

    fano: thx yea i made it today

  7. ill make it to the 3PM one. CONGRAGULATIONS FANO AND GESSERT!!!!!!!!

  8. Congrats to both of you ❗

  9. what day?

    fano: saturday

  10. I’m going to come…
    I’m not very good at time
    Hey can we have a party for my birthday?
    Jan. 13, 2008?
    So? 🙂

    fano: u can have a party and ill try to visit

  11. what day is it? is it the 20 of december

    fano: its saturday 22 december

  12. Guess what?
    my b day is in 3 days!

  13. I will be there

  14. Thank you so much fano! :mrgreen:

  15. Already?! Whoa. I can’t make it though cuz it’s too early for me.

  16. Dude jaydude has the same birthday as me!
    P.S. Should we wear our party hats??
    I will try to make it to both

  17. HEY, what editing system do use, that pic OWNS!

    fano: its flash cs3 professional but it was my first time using it.
    thx i dun really know how it works but it looks pretty cool

  18. WOW 15!

  19. Hey fano I will try to make it.

  20. cool fano maybe would could play find four!

    fano: if we have a big party we sure make a stop at the attic

  21. :3 days ago was my b-day and no one came. my party was yesterday.
    I will try making it to the party. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

    fano: sorry i didnt know , happy birthday tho

  22. fano wheres the party?

    fano: today at frozen and mammoth and the party at frozen is at 9 am
    not at 9 pm , so it still has to come

  23. IM READY TO PARTY! Also fano, maybe can we stop by my igloo at one point?

    fano: sure can , also happy birthday!

  24. thnx, I GOT A LAPTOP. Its awesome.

    fano: wauw awesome! congrats again lol


    fano: i went to frozen at 9 am pst but u werent there
    sorry if u waited long for me , i tried to come asap

  26. i waited like 5 minutes, then i logged off, because cp was sooo laggy, you can barely do anything. thnx anyways

    fano: i know the lag was really bad , sorry but i hope u still had a great birthday

  27. The party started out to a hard start but it was fun once we went in your igloo.

    fano: i liked how we had to catch the fish lol

  28. how late is it going cuz im here and ur not!

    fano: the party lasted an hour

  29. Fano it’s almost your party! cant wait! also happy birthday Gesert!

  30. why arnt u here i was at boots and u wernet there

    fano: i was there

  31. Congratulations! I came to your party for a while. Thanks for the card you sent me! You and you site rocks!

  32. It was fun when were playing tomato and catching the fish

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