merry early christmas

ho hoho merry christmas everyone. i know its still early but to get into the joy
i updated the header as some of you already noticed.
further more i just want to wish everyone the best holidays with lots of presents
tell us what ur getting and if its snowing in your country
merry christmas and let it snow yellow snow or even brown snow
ps: im getting soulja boy glasses , how they look?


~ by fanocp on December 18, 2007.

23 Responses to “merry early christmas”

  1. cool Glasses Fano! 😀

  2. hehe awesome job! fa no lol

  3. Cool Header!

  4. in malta it NEVER snows… the glass looks cool and YOU’RE AWESOME!

  5. Snowing? In Ireland? rofl! Last time snow was in Ireland was… Oh wait, 2 years ago… I forgot. Well, theres none this year anyhow.
    Oh yea, before I forget this too, merry xmas fano.

  6. Cool header!
    What you getting for X-Mas?
    I already got mine but I can’t play it till Friday…
    Well I got Super Mario Galaxy and
    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Wii version)
    Its not snowing right now bout it snowed a lot before…
    I hate snow now, I slipped and hit my head on ice!

    fano: im getting soulja glasses and teeth whitening
    u got great presents! enjoy playing them friday

  7. Hey!

    Happy X-Mas to everyone! I am in VA and I wish it will snow here! Also I think I am getting a Ipod nano.

    And as Soulja Boy says, Crank dat Fano! 😉

  8. Umm well where I live there is tons of snow….It snows in Minnesota every year.
    Merry Christmas fano!

    fano: sweet! merry christmas mate

  9. hey fano!cool header dude seems like alot of work.fano,can u help me with my advertising my site
    My site has zero hits,i really have zero hits.if u want,ill make u an admin on my site
    Merry Christmas, Icy

    fano: hi mate , ill try to tell people about ur site but just keep posting alot and u get views.
    awesome header that gibson les paul is my favorite guitar! merry christmas

  10. fano up in this oh! watch him crank and watch him roll! watch him crank dat beta penguin and fano dat oh!
    lol i know that was lame

    fano: lol

  11. Hey fano its Foohy!In Iowa, its snows EVERY YEAR! Lol me and Sarge love it. I like the glasses by the way too. Well Merry Christmas! P.S. Next time I see you we’ll have to get pizza!
    Foohy :mrgreen:

  12. hi fano when are you going on CP

    fano: im having my 50.000 views party soon so i think saturday

  13. merry Christmas fano

    fano: u too pengu

  14. Fano my birthday is Saturday! I’ll be 15.

    fano: cool! thats when im having my 50.000 views party.
    if ur online make sure to visit cuz ill throw the party for u
    happy birthday man

  15. Heheheh I know what I’m getting for Christmas ALREADY! hehehe I’m getting an Ipod 😀

  16. Yep. Sure snowin’ in the US here…
    merry Xmas!
    I have no clue what I’m getting but Im sure itll be good

  17. lol fano i wanted to kno when the blue sunglasses came out

    fano: october 2005

  18. Hey fano! Check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also, made one for you!!!!!!!!

    fano: cool lol

  19. idk i might be on, or i might just be partyin like a rockstar. lol, and i hope you have a good christmas man you deserve it

    fano: thx gesert, wish u have an awesome birthday and a great christmas! merry christmas

  20. Lol Guineapig19 I live in Minnesota too. Anyways fano, is the plant pin your favorite or what?

    fano: yes but atm im wearing the christmas tree pin with the christmas tree background

  21. Those soulja bay glasses are cool.

  22. 2 things to say:
    Those soulja boy glasses are cool.
    I saw you on ClubPenguin and you gave me a card.
    It was a penguin called, Broly ss10

    fano: thx ur welcome!

  23. lol Last person to post.
    I got IZ Pikachu Doll Action Replay
    I’m a boy who likes pokémon but it’s a plush doll.

    fano: cool merry christmas

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