moving words trick

hi everyone i found a video of mine on youtube which showed a cool trick
its flashy words and to make it just simply type FANO untill u cant anymore
heres a picture of it. thanks for djtime for showing it to me


~ by fanocp on December 16, 2007.

12 Responses to “moving words trick”

  1. fano fano fano

  2. there is this one guy on youtube who has some vids of him logging on as you, and even showing off his items and stuff. it looks real, but i guess its a fake.

    fano: one guy guessed my password once so his are real but i changed it long time ago

  3. I love making words move

  4. I like your new header Fano! It is Cool! lol, and why can I not view comments on Make a Donation? Did I get Banned from viewing it?

    fano: no u should be able to view the comments.
    thx for liking the new header , i made the original and the beta james edited it for christmas

  5. I like the new header fano and that is a cool word glitch.

    fano: thx

  6. Fano,the glitch is so cool thanks for telling me that and it also work with JOAO!!!!

  7. Hey fano, you must be a great artisit becuase the work you did on the header is GREAT! Also, cool glitch!

  8. what was your old password? lol i know you probably wont wanna answer this though

    fano: sorry cant tell but it was easy lol

  9. hey fano I making a graph of people’s fav sports
    So what is your fav sports?

    fano: ill tell ya when ur graph is done xD

  10. u can do that with my name 2 keep doing HATMANHATMANHATMAN

    Hey it doesn’t seem to work?

  12. fano UR AWESOME NICE WORDPRESS CHECK OUT MINE I JUST STARTED lol so im not really good

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