avatar the western air temple

the western air temple is out everyone! i waited ages for this
i was gonna think it would air in late january but its really out!
the episode is amazing , you should really watch it.
i will post the links here , and i would advice everyone who is going to watch it
to watch it first , and then read the comments so u dont read any spoilers.
feel free to discuss the episode here , but no spoilers for the next episode
or it ull get blocked right away. keep it nice for everyone and have a great time.

~ by fanocp on December 15, 2007.

15 Responses to “avatar the western air temple”

  1. I watched it yesterday!
    I live in Canada so I watched it on Friday.
    Can’t wait till the next episode!
    o yea I forgot 1ST COMMENT

    fano: thx yea i know! i cant wait for aang to learn firebending.
    with his raw skilz i bet he advances so fast and becomes a master in no time

  2. Same here but i live in Texas its so cool!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Fano, Do you watch Naruto Shippuuden or Bleach?

    fano: no only avatar when u talk about anime shows

  4. thnx for commenting on my site it means a lot to me fano

  5. When would it come out?
    I havnt seen any comercials on nickolodian

  6. Sweet

  7. the episodes were great thx for showing it to us fano

  8. yea i saw this on avatarchapters.com and Zuko is gonna teach Aang firebending katara threatened zuko :S

  9. I loved dat episode! I cant belive Katara! how she talked to Zuko.
    But oh well! Whats the next episode??
    I love this site.
    Avatar ROCKS

    fano: yea katara is still angry about what happened in ba sing se since she really cared for him.
    i dont know the name of the next episode yet but i will post the link asap , thx

  10. what if he becomes awesome so fast, remember last time he tried to fast?
    Dude I wonder what happened to the army when they left them to escape.

    fano: well he mastered all other elements now so he will do great on firebending.
    the amry dont know where they are so they will just continue their planet when sozin’s comet arrives

  11. Avatar Is my secong fav show…. but Naruto Really takes the cake. u should watch it fano. u might like it.

    fano: i seen 2 episodes but i dont like that its really violent and also its in japanese
    but thanks for letting me know cuz many people like it

  12. Thank you Fano so much! Your a really good friend! :mrgreen:

  13. sorry this is sorta late, but i saw the show and it ROCKED OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!! Avatar is probably my 3rd favorite show( My other fav’s are Naruto and Camp Lazlo lol) and I can’t wait for Aang to Firebend!!! Oh yeah you should watch Naruto sometime it rocks!!

  14. and its not that violent………and you can see it here in america dude!

  15. update: you have to get USED to it………..I mean. it looks violent, but it’s pretty funny

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