club penguin news

today theres alot of new things going on. u can donate coins at the plaza or lighthouse
you will receive a thank you card from coins for a change , and you can also pick up a bell.
the stage is also renewed , its about fishing and the new costumes are really cool!
if you click on the clouds and the sun they will change into other things , have a look.
ps: there are 3 new christmas cards to send and they look awesome

~ by fanocp on December 14, 2007.

7 Responses to “club penguin news”

  1. Awesome! Hey Fano can I make a Post about your Site on my WordPress?

    fano: sure

  2. hey fano you can also change the moon left to the small balcony

    fano: yes i found out after i uploaded this , thanks for telling!

  3. O Hey fano thanks for addin me to your blogroll.

    fano: ur welcome

  4. You can move the lights in the stage and this will be my third christmas party!!!!!

  5. Hey thanks Fano. Seasonal Cards looks awesome. P.S. how often do you go online?

    fano: not often

  6. Fano I just noticed. In the picture of the western party u are waring the boe tie… Isnt that a Members item?

    fano: it was a free item but u can get it in the catalogue aswel

  7. How about the pizza apren?
    One of my old friends andy kohl has both of them and he is not member.

    fano: yea that was free too

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