the newspaper 13 december

howdy dear penguins the newspaper is out and its a good one!
as we all know coins for a change is coming and u will be able to donate tomorrow
also theres a beautiful christmas story on page 5 wihch i really liked.
the christmas party will be out 21 of december and i think its gonna be the biggest yet!
dont forget the igloo decoration contest , the judges will start look tomorrow till dec 18
the themes are classic white or crazy christmas. if only it was empty igloo christmas
then i could might win this time. ps: dont forget to check out the new stage
i think its gonna be in ancient times but let us know what you think its gonna be.

~ by fanocp on December 13, 2007.

6 Responses to “the newspaper 13 december”

  1. fano i just saw u on cp. How do u do that with the cp news (i mean like put it on ur site)

    fano: just make a screenshot , edit the picture and add the newspaper link to it

  2. I cant wait till Christmas! :mrgreen:

  3. Fano, want to affilate our blogs?
    ~Thanks, Hellopayton.

    fano: if u mean add on eachothers blogroll i look at how many people click on ur site to visit mine
    if its alot everyday then i automaticly add u on mine

  4. hey fano can you help get my blog stats up again. The stats are staring to fall. Can you please help.

    fano: sorry i cant do much , to get lots of views u have to keep updating it alot

  5. Hey Fano are you going to Make it to my 1,000 Veiws Party this Sunday?

    fano: if im online that day ill try

  6. i just saw u on u rock

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