new emotes

hi everybody club penguin added new emotes
and i made a picture putting them all together for u
the only ones missing are the ? and ! ones.
the bad news is that the heart and the skull are gone.


~ by fanocp on December 8, 2007.

20 Responses to “new emotes”

  1. Thanks for being nice to me dude

    fano: ur welcome

  2. why are always parents ruin some things in cp what wrong with the skull and th heart. cp is getting boring because they are getting out many

    fano: lol

  3. how come u wont buddy me. u have 100 buddy slots.
    ive given up now

    fano: im full list i told u that
    but u can be my non list friend

  4. Fano I havnt seen u on for a while. How much are you on? Your probely my best non list friends. So I would like to see you more. 😀
    Sarge Dudles

    fano: around 7 minutes a day so u gotta time good to catch me lol

  5. I think cp should put the emotes all like that

  6. lol fano funny stuff i c u almost every day ur at thye dock alot and ive seen u at the ice burg 2 lol love ur site fano!!!!!!


  7. Fano when ever I try to make an avitar it just says that it wont work and it just gives me this one to the right of this post. How do I get my own picture in there? What do I have to do to get it so it can work?
    Sarge Dudles

    fano: go to ur profile and upload an avatar.
    make it the right size with

  8. Hey Fano since your a beta-tester,
    do you have a picture from
    the beta-test party?

    fano: yea but most of them are alrdy posted on forums and sites

  9. One more question:
    Do you have a pictures of the first catalog?

    fano: no i didnt make one sorry

  10. fano, how did all the betas (like the ones on the pic of the beta party) get those cloths like on already had the black hoodie! were they the cloths from penguin chat 3 or something?

  11. hi fano,
    i added u onto my blogroll. could you please add me. also my site has nearly reached 100,000 hits. I want to have a new author to celebrate. I was wondering if you could take the position

    fano: hi mate thx for adding me to ur list , when i get many views from ur site everyday ill automaticly add u to mine
    sorry i cant help ur site , im rly busy with mine but thx for asking

  12. hey fano do you want to participate in my weblog’s christmas raffle? The rules are on my site. Second post down.

    fano: thx but i cant rly use the coins if i would win since im not a member. but thx for asking me

  13. Oh lol I though the title was “new emos” for a second.

  14. Hey I just had a idea while we were partying at my igloo. A club monkey website.

    fano: thats cool but club monkey is rly small and just a group of friends.
    a site would only work if we had daily or weekly updates , but good idea tho 😀

  15. How bout we try to make it world wide me and you have fans lets put them together.

    fano: well worldwide is alrdy available on this page becuz anyone who wants to is allowed to join
    its just having a website just for monkeys there wouldnt be any news to post except for the partys
    and that is something i already do here. but if u want to spread the word out u can advertise as much as u want

  16. Hey fano!!Awesome site!ill add u 2 my blogroll and advertise ur site 😉
    VJ The DJ 😉

    fano: cool i appreciate that

  17. Hey fano nice site and cool header

  18. hey fano i have a big question how do u wear the red sunglasses when ur not a member

    fano: they were a free item

  19. Hey Fano, It’s Hygt5! Thanks SO Much for Visiting my Iggy! You rock Dude! Hey can you Visit my WordPress, I made a Post About you, and added you to my BlogRool! Cya Later!

    fano: if u wanna be at my blogroll i look at how many views i get from ur side everyday
    if its alot then i automaticly add u to my list

  20. im ready for a new post :mrgreen:

    fano: ur lucky cuz the newspaper is out xD

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