the newspaper 6 december

this weeks newspaper is all about christmas
u can choose between 3 different themes , a classic christmas , a white one or crazy!
i havent decided yet but im sure its gonna be 1 big party with lots of items
also a new play is coming up at the theatre which means new outfits for members.
ps: disney added their name when u log in on club penguin

~ by fanocp on December 7, 2007.

5 Responses to “the newspaper 6 december”

  1. This is kinda of early to say this but have a happy christmas! :mrgeen:
    Your friend, Sarge Dudles

    fano: u too mate

  2. Hey fano the admins on my site are having a secret santa and a christmas raffle. Do you play?

    fano: what are the prizes?

  3. fano i have a question how to u make it so u can click on the news papper and u can read the whole thing plase tell me how

    fano: u have to add a link to the image , just copy paste the link and change the date every thursday

  4. Do you go on clubpenguin anymore

    fano: yea but not that much anymore

  5. happy nearly christmas

    fano: thx u too

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