my header

hey everyone i thought i show u all how i made my banner
i drawn it in paint and took about 17 hours but i like how it turned out
here it is


~ by fanocp on December 3, 2007.

26 Responses to “my header”

  1. cool!

  2. cool!
    Woot! i’m finally a beta tester for a new game! It’s called polor bear express. They say it will be just like club penguin!

  3. dude what about the new puffle?

    fano: whats with it?

  4. You are a good drawer

    fano: thanks

  5. wow thats awesome, and it looks very complicating

  6. good job fano

  7. sweet

  8. Hi fano,
    It’s been 2 weeks now. I hope I succeeded! πŸ™‚

    fano: hey graser , the minimum to get on my blogroll is around 10 views a day
    the highest i get from u is 3 sorry , u can take me off ur list if u want to tho

  9. sup fano!!!

  10. hey fano i would like to meet you

    fano: just go to mammoth or frozen at the dock , thats where i mostly am


  12. Hey Fano!
    What’s up? I’m Wobbleman29, the guy who always says “fano art rocks!”. And the guy who was at the cove with you. You were signing jiingle bells rock.
    PS You have a sweet blog!

  13. Thats pretty cool fano! :mrgreen: Do you ever draw in pencil? Thats what I do. :D.
    P.S. Is it snowing where you live? And if you celabrate Christmas( Me and my family do) I know this is kinda early and all but I hope you have a Happy Holiday! :mrgreen:

    Your friend, Sarge Dudles

  14. it looks like you didnt draw it because its different from ur penguin

    fano: i did draw it and me posting this is pretty much all the proof?
    what u mean with diffrent from ur penguin

  15. Nice. I am pretty good at drawing in Microsoft Paint too, but nothing like that!!

  16. That looks awesome!

  17. Great job fano

  18. That’s really cool!

  19. Very festive! The link is to imageshack. Paintshop is a cool program. I like it too. Nice job.

  20. Fano’s page
    Club penguin news , art and secrets
    Archive for December, 2007

  21. Cool Fano!

  22. dude thats awesome πŸ™‚

  23. i saw u on cp πŸ˜€

  24. you really drew all that? thats amazing ur a good drawer!!

  25. 17 hours! Thats ages! But you are a very very great artist!!! Amazing!

    fano: thanks

  26. Fano nice drawing but not really nice

    fano: nice but not really nice? what u mean

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