newspaper 29 november

hi penguins , the newspaper is out and it looks like the yellow puffle can be bought
tomorrow 30 november. it likes art alot and i think its gonna be for non members too.
the western party is over and theres 1 pretty cool topic about helping people
u can donate ur cp coins to the donation u want to receive the most money.
feel free to send ur club penguin coins to the cause u think needs it the most
but anything is ok becuz its all to help people.


~ by fanocp on November 29, 2007.

10 Responses to “newspaper 29 november”

  1. i hope they r for non members, they are so cute 😆

  2. I wonder how cp turns our coins into Real coins?

    fano: well they look at how many cp coins are being sent to each cause
    depending on that they will split the million dollars they will donate

  3. Fano,I didint show up at the monkey party becuse in Portugal the time is difrent so I didint came, sorry my igloo has so cool!!Try to check out my igloo ,I will invite you to my igloo whne your on

  4. fano are you going to add me to your blogroll.

    fano: when i get alot of views from ur site everyday ill add u

  5. I hope the yellow puffles is available to non member. All my non member penguin can get it then you can too fano! 😀

    Sarge Dudles

  6. not for members ur welcome fano for the yellow puffle tricks!

  7. I forgot to come to the monkey party

  8. fano I would really be happy if you came to my 1000 hit party today. The invite is on my site. Hope you can make it.

    fano: i dont see u there…

  9. dang fano u need a new post, ive been waiting for it
    are you gonna be on today, because im not goin 2 school and im bored

    fano: im out of stuff sorry lol , yea i think so

  10. I really wanted the yellow puffles but it’s only for members

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