club monkey party

the first official club monkey party is coming up! monkay
be brown and wear the belt if u have one , fling poo , eat bananas
pick cooties , dance like a monkey , in other words: go wild!
the party is wednesday 28 november at 4 pm psa server toboggan
we will meet at the iceberg and if everything goes well i will record this
and put it on youtube! see u at the party and remember no penguins are welcome.
this is monkey business!


~ by fanocp on November 25, 2007.

50 Responses to “club monkey party”

  1. fano on clocktower what is it and i met u today and your a member

    fano: 4 pm on the clock at toboggan and im not a member

  2. ill make the poster! right?

    fano: u can make the poster but its rly not necessairy becuz the party is wednesday
    its gonna be a small party just for an hour or so , no need to work ur art for it

  3. Is that monkeyey enough?? 😐

    fano: sorry i just keep the post organized , dont take it personal

  4. when the monkey party begins im dutch what is the CP time 4pm??

    fano: just look at the clock at snow forts and compare it to ur own time

  5. I would like to Join

  6. But fano you had a bow tie on today so how did you get it if your not a member

    fano: that was a free item

  7. Right. You know at this rate you’ll never be having a 1,000 comments party. jk!

    fano: lol

  8. wait before thx giving that wensday?

    fano: yea but i think thanks giving was last week

  9. hey fano i saw u yesderday a the dock intundra i was like its me fano gator hello its me please sdd me u said srry my buddy list is full i saw u 9 times

  10. That thing where the monkey faints is funny
    fano I might join.

  11. Sounds like fun…I’ll TRY to come ,idk- i have soooo much school stuff I SHOULD be doing, but aren’t 😀

  12. lol its just a monkey
    can u buddy me now

    fano: sorry im full and even tho ur known u still have to read the rules

  13. Where is toboggan anyway?

    fano: in usa server below tundra

  14. Hey fano my blog is starting to look better if you want to check it out.

    P.S there is a new episode of avatar this week called THe black moon or something like that.

  15. Last time I was with the monkeys in your igloo, it was alot of fun! I’m definitly coming 😀

  16. can you please enter my cpblog contest?

    fano: theres alrdy other cpblog contests being held , but maybe ill join next time

  17. Fano, Ive made my igloo in too a monkey center whit lots of monkey stuff!
    I will open my igloo in the party.

    fano: cool if alot of monkeys show up then we might visit ur igloo for the after party if its not laggy

  18. thanx

  19. fano…my site is gone…not forever i dont think.
    i took a break from the computer yesterday. when i got on today it wasnt there.

    fano: weird , if u havent made admins on ur site it might be wordpress problems
    if u do have other people as admins they might’ve deleted ur blog

  20. ur site is awesome
    go monkeys!

  21. I thought I mist it.

  22. I got a halareous idea, that thing you said about flinging poo, well we could use Snowballs for poo!

    fano: cool thats like making brown snow 😀

  23. hey fano im a huge fan o avatar i cant wait the black moon c ya fano

  24. I will try to come dude and remember im not a penguin 😉 lol im a monkey 🙂

  25. well fano. my site got suspended. well my site i back. i emailed wordpress asking why it had gotten suspended. no answer yet.

  26. Ok i will come! Do you think it would be a good idea if snowballs were poop?

    fano: only sometimes. we dont want everything covered in poo

  27. Hey fano go to my site and see for more info on my upcoming party!!!

  28. Hi fano,
    I’m gonna be there
    The goofy goober! :mrgreen:

  29. Fano my friend Whenpenguins was around when the Belt was out but he was a noob and didn’t even know how or where to get it.
    Can you please let him join!
    That is if he comes he might forget.

    fano: everyone can join club monkey even if u dont have the belt
    just be brown and enjoy

  30. I’ll be there for sure!

  31. I just remembered your party! And I also just got back from practice. Ouch I’m huring. See you there!

  32. yo , i went to the party but thats when everyone went to ur igloo 😦 next time can u send me a card?

    fano: yea sorry , i tried to send everyone an invite who was brown

  33. Hi fano!I did a whole post on The party!Check it out sometime if you can. :mrgreen:

    fano: cool whats ur site?

  34. i didnt see u there

  35. hey fano i went to the dojo and sent u a card but u didnt send me any back

    fano: sorry i got alot of cards and tried to send everyone a card back.
    the ones that stayed till the end all received a thank u for coming to my party card

  36. I saw u on cp 😀 !!!

  37. sorry I couldn’t stay fano my sister made me get off the computer I stayed as long as I could.
    P.S. When I see you again on CP can we finish that 2 out of 3 find four series?

    fano: sure just meet me in mammoth or frozen at the dock when im on

  38. Hey fano. I having a party for my 1,000 hits. Do you want to come. The invite is the second post down.

  39. dang i forgot man well i guess its ok if you dont go to my party either but it would rock 🙂 sorry again

  40. The party was fun, especially attacking the penguins.I liked it a lot, and I hope you can come to my party. When I figure up everything about the party info, I’ll post it, and tell you.

  41. A… I was there til the end ❗ I was at the dojo…there was like 6 of us left…and you bounced. Everyone said “where did he go”. So we all looked around. I even looked for for storeguy77 that said he would have his igloo open for the after party.
    I have been to 3 of your parties, someday you will possibly have time to say hi.

    fano: after we were in the dojo we went to the mountain for some sledding and find four after.
    i waited till everyone everyone went there but sorry if u came after. thanks for coming tho

  42. I was at the party and after when I watched the video it said Added october 16th

    fano: that was the old monkey video , new ones i still need to upload

  43. fano I added you to my blogroll so please check out my site

  44. Thank you for responding fano. I am just sorry I couldn’t find you. Maybe next time.

  45. I like monkey party

  46. 40.000 Hits!!!! you got COOl i got 14.000 hits 🙂 😉

  47. But bow tie isnt free item to me is it only for betas and members?and i see non members with the pizza apron that are betas how do you that?

    fano: the bow tie and pizza apron were both non member and member items but it was long ago.
    now only members can buy them

  48. thax for telling me fano

  49. i think we monkeys should talk backwards lol like rules fano

    fano: lol thats complicated

  50. I missed the party but make sure to have another one soon!
    posibly on a Saterday?

    fano: official monkey partys are really rare but maybe u can start ur own or we can have one
    when u see me waddling in cp sometime

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