the western party

yeeeehaa mateys the western party is out and the music is
of the buffalows shoe horn yeeha!
theres a free cowboy bandana at the plaza wich i alrdy had
also theres 2 background cards! one at the forest and one at the dock
not to forget the needle pin at the cove on the hay!
im Fano “Pickle-jar” Fano and if u want to know ur cowboy name
just click here. see u at the party yeeehaa!

~ by fanocp on November 23, 2007.

33 Responses to “the western party”

  1. the party doesnt really impress me 😦 , it seems boring

    fano: i agree Gesert “Giddy-up” Georgia but the music’s good

  2. i dont like the party! i was on cp ever since april 2006 so i already have everythinig from the party
    i am so mad!

  3. lol fano you sure can western talk.
    you could be the star of the the next clubpenguin play:
    “Fanos Western Pallooza”.
    lol well cya around fano!

    fano: thats sounds awesome! πŸ˜€

  4. Wow it must be boreing because you got all those items.

  5. Gjmc784 “Wild Aces” The Man

    fano: lol

  6. it’s the worst party! I cannot belive! A western party… when cp was a bit :S ?
    CP was better at the sports party!

  7. I voted for it and I regret nothing

  8. Me too

  9. Hi fano its elkevo im reyo613s friend and i was wondering if you can do art for my game club maple or maybe help the programmers? Please contact rey or me on club maple or contact us on his wordpress. Thanks~ the club maple team!

    fano: sorry i cant do art for other people , it takes rly alot of time and effort to make it
    thanks for asking tho , gl on the art section on ur site

  10. Hey, it’s Scotland “Pistol Harvest” Scottish. Incredible random!
    The party is really bad with only 7 rooms on western theme πŸ™„

    fano: yea the dock is aweful decorated

  11. my nickname was “The Bullet” it sounds sweet.

  12. yay i heard u came
    couldn’t find u tho
    wanted to buddy u

    fano: sorry i have a full list but we can be non list friends

  13. Mine is “Graser Outlaw 10”.

    ~*~Graser 10~*~
    The goofy goober! :mrgreen:

  14. Hey fano,
    Do you like the party? well, i don’t! And did CP release the Tipping the Iceburg?

    fano: the party could be better , and not yet

  15. Lol Gesert “Giddy Up” Georgia WOOT WOOT!

  16. hey fano when u gonna go on

    fano: i think today

  17. I wish sports won. I’m Two-Gun.

  18. fano im back πŸ˜€

    fano: wb man πŸ˜€

  19. hi fano i am sillycooper i am like 500+ days old. do you want to meet on cp?

    fano: cool im always at the dock at mammoth or frozen meet me there

  20. Haha my nickname is “Mac Ace 43′ Haha!

  21. its alright but no much effort only a few rooms were decorated

  22. I’m glad your back dop3boii

    We got to play on clubpenguin again and meet up soon.

  23. I’m Bluey “Holster” Master.

  24. im Sir “Tumbleweed” Jorge Bo. Lol it sucks to be me

    fano: haha i bet u wanted a cool name like pickle jar eh? :mrgreen:

  25. whos gesert1?
    p.s. cant u delete some random person u dont know on ur b list.
    i kept requesting buddying u at parties

  26. great party yesterday fano!
    let me know when your gonna have another one!

    fano: thanks see u at the next party

  27. Hi Fano,
    The western partys pretty cool although they could of done better! Also, we’ve been seeing eachother on Club Penguin a lot and I was wondering if we could add eachothers sites to eachothers blogrolls.
    ~*~Graser 10~*~

    fano: hi there , i look at how many views i get from ur site to mine , if its many then i add u to my bloglist

  28. Hi Fano,
    Getting new viewers yet? 😳

    fano: yea thanks! if its many every day ill add u πŸ˜›

  29. Hi fano,
    When you say “everyday”, how long might that be? πŸ˜†

    fano: around 10 views or more for like 2 or 3 weeks

  30. Hey fano,
    It’s been a week and a half or so now. Just letting you know!

    fano: yea if i get around 10 views a day i automaticly add u

  31. ok fano! i am usually found on frozen, but when almost no one is on frozen, id be on mammoth. ill see u on cp!

  32. this was the worst party ever! nothing much, it’s just boring!

  33. i wanted the sports party from the begining lets hope it will happen again :S

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