happy thanksgiving

happy thanks giving everyone. have alot of turkey with lots of gravy
pumpkin pie , cranberry sauce mashed potatoes and all the delicious sweets!
let us know what ur gonna eat or what u did eat!
have a great thanksgiving


~ by fanocp on November 22, 2007.

23 Responses to “happy thanksgiving”

  1. stop making me hungry! lol.

  2. happy thanksgiving buddy!!

  3. You too fano, and don’t get 2 fat! lol

  4. You too!
    mmm turkey gravy, you make me hungry! -Antsrule02

  5. ya about what he said ablout the fat thing you might have to losin your belt for clubmonker lol

    fano: lol

  6. hey fano ur making me hungy its 10:30 in the morning ur making me hungry dont get to fat lol wen is ur next party i forget please tell me

    fano: dont worry bout me not getting fat. my thanks giving dinner is a twix and a kitkat 😦
    no turkey for me today. ps: my party is at 50.000 views

  7. This is the BEST DAY! first no school! Second, It is Thanksgiving! My mom is getting the Turkey ready and we are going to have corn, Freash, hot bread rolls, and MUCH MUCH MORE!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!

    fano: omg that sounds sooo good! i wish i could join u for dinner lol

  8. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! oh and fano go on my site

  9. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! Have fun and eat alot of food.

  10. Yeah, there right, STOP MAKING US HUNGERY!! lol. Happy thanksgiving, fano

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you two

  12. Happy Thanksgiving, I didn’t eat really anything but my family did. I’m a vegan,

    fano: sorry u miss out on all the turkey 😛

  13. im going to a resterant soon for thnxgiving!

  14. were having a quiet nice dinner with fruit salad a turky ,stuffing,cranberry sauce.and cheese cake sampeler(i call it a variety cake cuz it has like five diferent falavors)(yumy!!!)

  15. I had mashed potatoes, turkey, olives, and rolls. Yummy!!

  16. i had, tueky, mashed spuds, corn, applesauce, rolls, and pie! I had some of everything. Lol. It rocked poopie monkey butt man!

  17. I had every thing you listed! It tasted sooo good. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  18. sry this is a bit late but… Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

    I had it all. stuffed to the gulls 😀

  19. This comment is a little late, but man! I had to wash my flippers for half an hour after that dinner! lol

  20. i had turkey, mashd potatos, gravy! GRAVY ROCKS! peas, stuffing. and pie!!! and ice cream!! woot! ALL AT SCHOOL.

  21. i dont have thanks giving im australian LOL. sounds nice though

  22. well non of my family didn’t have any Thanksgiving so all i had was one turkey

  23. Hey fano I hope you had a happy thanks giving fano! I know I sure did. I had so much food like turkey, mashed potatoes, gravey, pumpkin pie, rolls and TONS of other stuff! I hope you had a happy thanks giving with your family and had lots of fun! 😀
    Your friend, Sarge Dudles.

    fano: awesome thanks its cool to hear u had all those foods im jealous and hungry lol

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