avatar the last airbender

flameo hotmen! i have added an avatar page for fans that like the show
here u can discuss anything u like , fav episode , bending style and character
however dont post any spoilers at all on my page and no speculations either
i like to be suprised and im sure many of you who like the show do too.
i also posted a link to watch every episode so enjoy and heres a secret psst
im the avatar!


~ by fanocp on November 17, 2007.

8 Responses to “avatar the last airbender”

  1. fano i watch it to ur the avatar i want proof

  2. I think the episode “Day Dreams and Nightmares” is my favorite.

  3. I need proof you the Avatar. I’m not saying I don’t believe you, I just need a little proof.

    fano: sorry i still have to master fire bending , but after that ill face the firelord
    and let everyone know im the avatar!

  4. so that means avatar the ice bender are going to arrive in Club Penguin??!!!!!

    fano: well actually u can alrdy throw snowballs


  6. Watex I’ll be there! Would you add me there please? If you say no, its cool.

  7. yo fano sup! avatar rocks my favorite episode/movie is the movie with the atack on the norh pole.

  8. There is an episode of avitar on right now! :mrgreen:

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