the treatre is open!

greetings earthlings , the theatre is open and the movie is space adventure!
it looks really neat and there are some awesome costumes to wear
including an alien outfit! too bad theres nothing and really nothing for non members
no ticket seller hat or a bakcground but maybe next time they will.
also the minimap has changed a bit. check it out


~ by fanocp on November 16, 2007.

13 Responses to “the treatre is open!”

  1. hey fano! long time no see! i havent seen you in a while. i saw you today. cool. your cool man. i love avatar the last airbender! ive seen all the episodes! my favourite episode was the movie were the earth kingdom was lost to the fire lord. that episode was cool.

    fano: yea i love avatar the last airbender , i even see day of black sun today!
    the episodes were leaked and if ur fast u can see em on youtube

  2. lol “minimap”. 😮

  3. fano have u notice that since summer party the new tv on the hq appearn! how long does cp take the stage to built it wow lol

  4. fano can u please do an club penguin timeline with all the party pics please

    fano: i could but i dont have pictures of all the partys

  5. fano. sadly i can no longer watch avatar cuz i moved to pakistan
    its so unfair. they dont show it here in pakistan. i can still watch it on youtube but i get lots of homework 😦 so wanna be an admin?

    fano: i watch it on youtube aswel , sorry but im rly busy with my own wordpress but thanks for the offer

  6. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll fano.
    I like you as a monkey

  7. Hey Fano what do I need to do for you to add me to your Blogroll? Just asking. well Cya l8r! Awesome Site!

    fano: if ur blog is populair and i get many views from ur site then i add u to mine

  8. Hola!
    Where did you go? Did you run away from the truth against us when we attacked you at Mammoth Dock today? Hahahahaha…this is only a taste of things to come. Soon famous penguisn will no longer exist!!! My evil plan is working!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    FYLL =]

    fano: ill come back with my monkey army and paddle you down!

  9. fano make sure you let me know! im the biggest monkey in CP! ill bring back up too 🙂

  10. fanos happy face 😆 :mrgreen: lol

  11. Yeah, they should make free items like a ticket seller backround or hat

  12. Hola!
    We’ll see about that fano…hehehe. And don’t feel picked on, because we are going to do it to every single famous penguin who doesn’t join our side!
    FYLL =]

  13. Hey fano, the stage is pretty cool dont ya think? 😀 I go there all the time! I wish i could see you on cp more often, i always miss you, except for today at the dock. I yelled out ” FANO IS THE BEST BETA IN THE WHOLE WORLD” Then you said ” Sarge rocks”.
    Well C U on CP.
    Your friend, Sarge Dudles

    fano: thanks yea the stage is pretty cool but no free items. see u next time mate

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