the newspaper 15 november

yarr penguins , the newspaper is out for this week
the grand opening of the new building is tomorrow so be sure to visit.
also the yellow puffle is being mentioned , its said that further investigation
will be done next week. maybe thats when we can catch it and have it as a pet!


~ by fanocp on November 15, 2007.

5 Responses to “the newspaper 15 november”

  1. Also, Rockhopper extened his vitst to next monday! 😛 😀 😉 ❗
    Cya :mrgreen:

  2. Yay! Hey Fano, when will you be posting pictures of you Beta-Testing? I really want to see them! U ROCK! Cya L8r!

  3. I met rockhopper!!!!Hes really cool but he only stays for a while about two five minutes then he loggs off!

  4. I met Rockhopper too! He only stayed for maybe three minutes though.

  5. Hey fao my my birthday party is coming up. Check m y my blog to see the invite.

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