new pin at the lounge

the new pin is located at the lounge above the nightclub
its looks like a ufo , maybe club penguin might go to the moon someday
also rockhopper is back and he brought a winged helmet 😛

~ by fanocp on November 9, 2007.

29 Responses to “new pin at the lounge”

  1. The helmet is sort of weird. The UFO, I don’t know. Might just be one of those random pins.

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fano talk to ya later.

  3. fano the yellow puffle appears at the plaza right corner of ACTORS NEEDED up post i think its shows up every 30 minutes

    fano: cool nice find thanks!

  4. fano is there a speacil website to go on betas?

    fano: no not anymore

  5. Holla!
    Did you notice at the Plaza the yellow puffle shows up at…
    7:45 8:15 8:45 9:15…
    At the top, right of the construction!

    fano: cool good notice

  6. Fano was that really you who came to my site last night? I think it was but just makin sure.

    fano: i dunno , ill leave u a message so u can check the ip

  7. Eh… i thin kthe UFO pin has something to do with the plaza new room. If you click the new rooms dorr it makes a UFO noise so you never know mwahahahaha!

  8. i saw the comment fano. thanks. ill check it and if anyone with ur name comes back ill ask them to comment. later

  9. LOL Greetings earthling

  10. how did u get ur name to start with a lowercase letter?

    fano: everyone that helped testing the game could decide their own name big or small case

  11. fano. its gjmc. right now someone with ur name is on my site. i asked to meet them/you on CP, he said he cant. i asked them to comment, he said his computer messed up. is that you or an imposer?

    fano: imposter

  12. hi fano. monkeys rock (m)

  13. fano when I upload my video to youtube can you please watch it??? maybe you can add it to your favorites if you really like it. it should be there by tonight. its called industry groupie

  14. fano, each time you go to the dance lounge, the UFO pin is in another side.
    look at this pic:

    This is everything…by now!

  15. Its alive!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Heyya fano!
    What is it like testing clubpenguin?
    I was only a few days away from being a beta tester.

    fano: it was pretty cool

  17. Fano hi, you rock monkeys

  18. fano its still gjmc, i just changed my icon

  19. poopie monkeys just own stuff man!

  20. fano do you think the yellow (or golden)puffle can belong to somebody ? I mean a really rare puffle like that one cant be just let in the wild….Thats my opinion Ive heard a rumor that it will be like the green puffle in the night club but it will just watch the acting

    fano: it may be wild but i think we will catch it soon

  21. Its going to be a nice twist if cp made the new room being abducted by aliens. I emailed them about making aliens but they didn’t respond. 😕

  22. Hey!

  23. hey Fano, can you post some pictures of you beta-testing?

    fano: i could but most of them are alrdy posted everywhere

  24. i see YOU ON CP 😀

  25. Hey fano, how is your name pronounced? (just wondering)

    1. fane-o
    2. fan-o
    3. fahn-o

    fano: just like it says fano aka ur number 2

  26. Heyya fano,
    What is your e-mail I am wondering if you want to be an editor or something on my site.

    fano: im rly busy with my own site so i cant help u but thanks for the offer

  27. fano you have nothin to post, this is why you should get an admin or somethin. 🙂 just some advice

    fano: yea i know lol but i dont think an admin would have something to post wich is unique either

  28. fano – can i meet you on cp some time.

    fano: sure im in mammoth or frozen at the dock when im online , just meet me there

  29. Fano are you telling people about my site?

    fano: yea ill try to make it to ur party

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