the new mission is out

its called secret of the fur and you can play it at the secret hq
if you want to find out what the secret creature is or if u need any help
visit my club penguin missions page for a walkthrough

~ by fanocp on November 6, 2007.

18 Responses to “the new mission is out”

  1. lol cool.but i already found out that other penguin can play it earlier.I had to use a mini clip guide.THis gives you a pizza and a medel.

  2. dont listen to lego you dont get a pizza

    fano: yea u do its the gift under the medal

  3. Great site fano!!!!

    fano: thanks

  4. Fano here i made a video from mission 5 please put it on your site.

    fano: thx for making a video but i alrdy have a walkthrough
    thanks for your help and good job at the mission

  5. fano wheres is ur walkthrough?

    fano: at the club penguin missions page at ur right

  6. fano your site is GREAT

    fano: thanks

  7. hi fano how u doing?

    fano: im ok thx

  8. hey fano i think ur blog is awsome oh and the ninjas will be coming out soon(around the release of yellow puffles) when they do the ninja clothing will be available but only by a special manor(not released by club penguin yet) anyways if u want i can give u a lot of info about club penguins future thanks man again u ROCK

  9. i already did the new mission

  10. Hey fano nice site!
    Its Calculator and I was wondering if you could add me to ur Blogroll?

    fano: if i keep getting more views from ur site then ill add u

  11. Fano my membership will expire this sunday!Joao will be a non member!
    I have some free clothes can you tell me some good non member oufits?

    fano: sure if u lemme know what items u got then ill tell u

  12. I relly like ure site fano. I always see u. ure always wearing the beta testing hat rite? i used to have a cheat site but it didnt get anywhere. u are a great penguin!

  13. I like that its just a crab lol

  14. Fano I have the following items:

    fano: well u can go orange color , miners hat , sunglasses and orange water floaters and the belt if u want to look tough.
    or u could use the christmas scarf with the black or pink togue and the pizza aprom

  15. Can I add you to my Blogroll?

    fano: yea u can if u want to

  16. Thanks!

  17. cool blog

  18. Thanks fano!!!!!

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