plaza is at a break

today the plaza looks like a construction place
where new things are being build
you can get free pizza and enjoy a chilly break.
theres also a sign about actors being needed.
who knows what is going to happen yet but its gonna be rly cool!
be sure to sign up if ur not camera shy! i know i will 😛

~ by fanocp on November 2, 2007.

38 Responses to “plaza is at a break”

  1. so, you know what’s going on?

    fano: ull find out soon

  2. do the mods u wts gonna happen?

    fano: no i dont know everything

  3. mee too, i wanna be up stage! i rlly wanted to be famous

  4. i think that the new tv in the hq is for that new room added

  5. kooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  6. Nice Post! If you want I am giving 100% so you can copy post like secrets if you ever want to.

    ~Waddle On, Zune91994 🙂

  7. fano by the way this is the guy that keeps posting fano vids 2 utube

    fano: yea i remember welcome to my page 😀

  8. I think it will be a theatre becasue of what it says when you zoom in on the blue prints.

  9. Fano do you want to come to my 500 hit party?

    fano: when is it?

  10. hey fano, wanna check out my site? you can send a comment if you like

  11. hey fano i saw u on cp about 2 weeks ago u said ur list was full but thats ok and checkout my site and plz leave a comment thanks! its

  12. That would be cool if there was a movie theater!

  13. I like the plaza i mean, I LOVE the Plaza! I was the boss, my workers were working and my job was to have a nice sit-down and a cup of coffee and a pizza break, all the time!I love my new job! 😉

  14. fnao check my site. There is a invite.

    fano: sorry i cant make it , today is my party aswel

  15. Fano when did your party end?? I went on at 10:44 Club penguin time and you wern’t there

    fano: my party ended at 10.30 becuz no one visited

  16. hmm yeah i think that the actors thing is mayby a christmas play or somethin cause i can see it now cp decorated with all this christman stuff and a play but thats just my opinion what do u think fano?

    fano: yea that might be it , however its coming soon and christmas is pretty far

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  18. i saw you in club penguin once! you have a beta tester hat!! its so cool

  19. fano can you come to my party for a little bit? A few minutes?

  20. Holla!
    Well, random comment but me, Kornareso & Chewy pup are on korareso’s bribble
    If you wanna chat I’m there!

    fano: cool but i dont have a bribble username sorry

  21. i have a question for fano. why do u use image shack to upload every single one of your pictures?

    fano: its fast , easy and saves space

  22. ok just asking. but i think it comes out a bit you no pixilated lol

  23. fano, i didint know you hack??? over at chewits chatbox, everyone was sayin you were fano and you hack???

    fano: no i dont hack and i dunno how either

  24. sorry for the spam everyone , i blocked the person that did it

  25. fano how do you block ip and I see you on penguinchat 😀

    fano: u can block at options – discussion and im not on penguinchat

  26. Holla!
    You don’t have a username? Just type one in!
    I’m having an editor contest. Join if you want.

  27. You gotsta see my new vid when its done. Also me and Mims713 teamed up with Gator360 on making videos now. We r gonna pwn.

  28. Fano can you add me to your blogroll please I am your really big fan of yours please fano please put me in your blogroll.If you put me in your blogroll I will make you get big hits.

    fano: i look at how many click from ur blogroll to view my site everyday
    if its many then ill add u to my list

  29. Nvm about the penguinchat. It was an impersonator

  30. Dang, spammer u need to chill. Fano get this dude.

    fano: yea i blocked him , many spammers these days

  31. yo i saw u fano yesterfay but sometin happend and everyone lost connection

  32. Fano I know exactly what is going on it is going to be a “Royal Party” and the entire actors thing is going to be a stage for plays. They are gonna have a bunch of penguins that aren’t real doing the same stuff just like in the parties when the bands play. Bye everybody
    ~Waddling Kid~

  33. Hello.
    Hey the mission on cp isn’t working.
    Just wanted you to know

    fano: cool thanks

  34. Can you add me to your blogroll

    fano: read the rules please

  35. Fano would you put your party in with us? It will be the biggest party ever. Its gonna be for my wordpress, our gang, your wordpress(if u want), and all my good friends.

    fano: ill try to come but im not having a party
    my 20.000 views was last saturday and no one showed up

  36. Hey! The new mission is out! The white fur is a….EDIT: sorry i cant let people see this yet

    P.s I did that for fun the edit is me lol.

  37. fano: keep it a suprise , go to my mission page for spoilers

  38. how do u sign up

    fano: u cant yet

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