uk might need new servers

i wanted to go to frozen today and found this
all servers were completely full!
maybe they should make more rooms :mrgreen:


~ by fanocp on November 1, 2007.

18 Responses to “uk might need new servers”

  1. lol funny!

  2. I saw UK full for about 4 times in 1 year!

  3. Fano There the yellow puffle exists it come to forets every 30 minutes but every 15 minutes it shows up at the mountain. P.S. I think the new mission is gunna be about yellow puffle Sir Foohy ( Was Mc Foohy before he was banned forever) :mrgreen:

  4. DUDE, your a non-member, thats what non-members always see, no matter if CP put 20 9999 servers, everyone would just log on and it will get full LOL

  5. No actually members get more space. There must have been LOADS of people on at that time! And I don’t think there even enough people in England to fit 20 999 servers lol

  6. I have two ideas:

    1. The Ice Berg starts “expanding”, eveuntually making a second island.

    2. Rockhopper island 😉

  7. I agreee. Now that I have my new comp I am able to post comment on this site without any errors. Also I read your comment on aguairs site. Hoping you cna visit mine. I am not sure if adverticing is allowed here on your blog but just in case Just click my name.
    ~Waddle On, Zune91994 🙂

    fano: if u put 1 link in ur post then thats ok , but only if ur name isnt clickable

  8. can you make a vid with ur buddy list i wanna see the lukiest ppls on earth that are u buddy plz make a vid

    fano: maybe some day 😛

  9. okay thnx. Thank you for visiting my site.

  10. yo my parents wont let me on on the weekends. whens ur party? did u post on site or just on miniclip forums?
    i dont got time to look tho. anyways very cool site!
    btw can u add me to ur blogroll? thanks
    also, every1 wants to be ur fan for some reason, how long hav u been on mc forums? i looked at ur profile and u only got like 200 posts and just started. wat made u so famous?

    fano: my party is a saturday , so i dont think u can make it.
    if u add me to ur blogroll and i get many views from ur site , then i automaticly add u on mine
    i went on miniclip since last month.
    i guess i got known becuz im friendly , have a beta and a good wordpress page

  11. Denhod: The UK server is for all of Europe! Not just for England! 🙄

  12. i kno there should be more servers there

  13. hi fano i was asking if u no anything about wat happen in the plaza

  14. I emailed the cp team i hope they add more.

  15. Yes I also think that UK needs more servers!
    Cya :mrgreen:

  16. hey fano awesome site!!!!!

  17. Fano, Watex asked me to add him to my blogroll, just say no unless he adds you.

    fano: watex asked u to add himto ur blog? or do u mean he wants me to add him?
    anyway if someone adds me to his or her bloglist and i get many views everyday then i add them back

  18. I’ll explain: He asked you to add him to your blogroll. He also asked me. He said he won’t add me to his blogroll. Even if I add him. So if he does not add you, don’t bother to add him.

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